Monday, December 21, 2015

As the Plumbob RE-Turns!

After a VERY long absence, I have returned!

This Sims 3 legacy is back! But it’s been resurrected in The Sims 4!

I’ve been debating this for quite some time, and I decided to bite the bullet. I haven't really played TS4 yet, and there's only so much I can do in a household with one Sim (meaning my Sim Self, Kenleigh), and I have no plans for her to be married or have kids (at least not right now), so she's somewhat stuck in limbo. This seems like the perfect opportunity to resurrect my legacy that was last updated Jan. 4, 2014. Yeah, almost two years ago. :O Plus, The Sims 4 loads so much faster, and again, I want to be able to explore all aspects of the game, and I can't really do that with Kenleigh because I'm OCD about her family life. lol

All characters have been re-created in The Sims 4, though with some exceptions such as no supernatural creatures or robots since they aren't available (yet). The town is Oasis Springs, as it's the closest resemblance to Lucky Palms that we have right now, and any toddlers have been aged up to children. I won’t single original sibling, however, and I'll just resume where I left off rather than recreate current ghosts.

The house is brand new; I used a pre-built EA one like last time, but I didn’t try to replicate the Sims 3 version. For one, I was never completely satisfied with its weird architecture and layout, and two, I’m too lazy to do that, especially since we don’t even have Create A Style now.

Each chapter will be written in the same fashion, including funny gifs to help emphasize my points.

If you'd like to read what the legacy contains so far, click here!

And now for the photos! First photos are from original Sims 3, followed by the Sims 4 remakes.

Torch holder, Lana Plumbob:


Dax, Lana’s husband:


The twins, Harmony and Melody (Harmony has short hair, Melody has long):




Liam (he was a toddler where I left off but has been aged up since we don’t have toddlers in TS4 - thinking I need to make his hair red though lol):


Stay tuned for story updates!

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