About This Legacy

This is my very first legacy in any Sims game. The name is because of the popular green diamond (plumbob) spinning above all the Sims' heads in the game. I think it's creative! Plus, I've decided to name my founding family Plumbob, so the name will make even more sense.

This legacy originally began in The Sims 3, and after a long hiatus (almost two years), I've decided to bring it back to life in The Sims 4. This will give me a chance to further explore the newer game, and it loads much faster, so it's a win-win.

Here is how I'm going to play this legacy:

*No cheats will be used whatsoever.
*A new town will be created just for this legacy.
*Aging and story progression will be turned on and all life spans will be on default for the first generation. After that, they'll be shortened to prevent repetitiveness and so there aren't as many chapters (I can't believe how carried away I've gotten!).
*Sims won't become heirs until they reach Young Adult age.
*There will be polls available to my readers and the general public to choose things such as the next heir, name themes, etc.
*The same house will be used for all generations, but it will probably be redecorated accordingly based on the current heir.
*Torch holder mates will be acquired via the wishing well, online dating, (Sims 3) or if they're lucky enough to get someone by actually meeting them.
*Any Sims that die will have their remains placed on the family lot so I can get visitors from ghosts. However, none will be resurrected.
*Promised wishes will all be fulfilled, no matter how long they take or how asinine they may be.
*Children whose traits I can't choose will be randomized.
*If I don't like how a Sim turns out after aging up, I'll give them a makeover (appearance only such as clothing and hair style/color; not traits, skills, etc.)
*I won't be controlling only one Sim for the duration of this challenge; I will control the heir most of the time but I will check on the others to see what they need and try to help them along a little bit. Mostly I'll control the non-heir to make sure they go to school, work, etc.

I hope that sums it up. Enjoy!

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