There are many different ways people have played legacies, but here are some of the most common rules seen that I'll be following for this challenge/project:

*No cheats. No money-making cheats, career cheats, relationship cheats, etc.
*Aging and story progression must be turned on and life spans must be set to default.
*The legacy family must be the only active household.
*A new game must be created with the sole purpose of being for the legacy.
*No ambrosia or death flowers can be used. If a Sim dies, they aren't to be resurrected, but their remains can be put on the property or in the town cemetery.
*A Sim can't be the heir until they reach Young Adult age. If something happens to that heir, he or she may be replaced with a sibling.
*All children should have a bloodline leading back to the founder of the family. No adoptions.
*The same house must be used for all generations; it can be redecorated as time progresses, but it can't be moved and no one may leave unless they become a Young Adult and aren't the heir (at which time they must leave but not become the active household).
*You must promise the first wish that pops up if the wish list isn't already full. This helps add to the challenge! Also, don't un-promise a wish; it must be fulfilled!

To find out how I'm going to play, click here!

I think that sums it up for now. Enjoy!

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