Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Generation 2, Chapter 20

I'm baaaaaaack! Can't believe it's been almost two years since I last updated this site! I got busy with real life, and since I last wrote, I've gotten engaged and married, bought a house, moved into said house, and still have my full-time job. So yeah, been super busy!

I already explained what's going on with this legacy from now on in this post, so rather than go through that again, I'm going to jump right into the story!

Harmony joined the Powerhouse social group, which is big on exercising and things like that. She has the athletic trait, so it seemed fitting. The group met at the gym, so Harmony decided to try to impress the members.

Work it, girl!

Of course, working out too much can take its toll.

Harmony: "You like what you see?"

"No, and I like what I smell even less."

Let's take to the pool, shall we?

Nice dive, but upon trying to impress her fellow club members by doing a cannonball, she did a belly flop. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that, but here's a perfected cannonball:

Nice effect, if I do say so myself. :D

So then Harmony rolled the wish to star gaze with club member Clara. Interestingly enough, she has an aunt Clara from the Sims 3 world. Coincidence?

Harmony: "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, plus you're really smelly like I was not long ago, but would you be into star gazing with me?"

Clara: "Hmmm...Okay..."

Clara: "...even though I have to pee really bad now."

Paolo: "I'm totally going to follow these two chicks and see what they're up to. They'll never notice me wearing this towel outside."

Okay, yes, let's go outside and star gaze with Clara for about five seconds before you leave her laying there on the ground and converse with the creeper who followed you outside in a towel.

Paolo: "Hey, new club member. Welcome!"

Harmony: "Uh...hi. You're very...touchy."

Paolo: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"


Harmony is a teenager, though you can't tell that in Sims 4 since for some stupid reason, they're the same height as adults. But yeah, Harmony, being the curious teen, asked Paolo about woohoo.

Harmony: "So, can you tell me how woohoo works? Or maybe even show me?"

Paolo: *totally forgets he has to pee, but thinks "16 will get me 20."*

Okay, now to star gaze on the concrete!

Because nothing says fun or potential romance like a major back pain the next day. this a friendly hug or a more than friends hug?

Well, here's one way to eat:

Paolo: "Here, I'll explain and demonstrate woohoo to you by using our dinner plates, which seem to have somehow fused together."

Yep, I'd be worn out, too, if I'd spent the night socializing with people I'd just met and become very touchy-feely with a guy in a bath towel whom I'd also asked about woohoo.

Harmony: "Wow, that was amazing. What a great night."

Okay, I'll stop now. And I'll also end this chapter here. Thanks for reading!

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