Poll Results

To help keep this legacy going, I've put up several polls to see what people would like. The results will help shape the entire legacy. Here are the results:

Q.) What town should the legacy take place in?
A.) Lucky Palms

Q.) What type of creature should the founder be?
A.) Human

Q.) What season should this legacy start in?
A.) Spring

Q.) What will Piper's first child be (gender)?
A.) Boy (3 votes to 2 girls, 1 for multiple - it was a girl!)

Q.) What species will Piper's first child be?
A.) Werewolf (3 votes, 0 for human, but she's human!)

Q.) Should Piper become a werewolf?
A.) No, surprise babies are better!

Q.) What gender will Piper's second baby be?
A.) Boy (It was another girl!)

Q.) What species will Piper's second baby be?
A.) Werewolf (Human again!)

Q.) Who should the second generation's torch holder be?
A.) Lana

Q.) Should the legacy household have the celeb status off or on?
A.) Off

Q.) Lana is pregnant (again)! What do you think she'll have?
A.) Multiples (It was a boy!)

Q.) Lana is pregnant with baby #4! What will it be?
A.) Tie between boy and multiples (It's a boy!)

Q.) Should Lana and Dax have more kids, or should Lana focus on her career?
A.) Either way

Q.) Should Oasis Landing have a utopian or dystopian future?
A.) Utopian

More to come!

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