Saturday, January 4, 2014

Generation 2, Chapter 19

I have returned! Sorry for the delay in the next chapter; I got caught up in Kenzie's latest story, and then I had to build all the Roaring Heights commercial lots. But I'm back!

So, what's going on this time? Well, Gizmo's battery was running low so I had her syphon power from the TV.

Gizmo: "I have the power!!!"

Yeah you do.

But speaking of the Plumbot, she suddenly glitched herself out. She started putting books away, and after like five real life minutes of her doing that, I realized she was picking up an invisible book on the floor and putting it away..the same one over and over.

Even after I cancelled it, she still went right back to doing it. Maybe it's from copying and pasting save files between two computers. I don't know. Geez...

But I will say that the house is so much cleaner now! I need to get another trait chip in her to help with the kids.

Which is why I sent Lana back to the future! Ha! See what I did there? :D

But as soon as she got there, I found a new moodlet I've never seen before:

Apparently one can get quite ill while traveling through time. Who knew?

Hmm...looks like someone had an accident.

Oh my...

Time to work on more nanites/trait chips for Gizmo!

Yes! I unlocked the RoboNanny one, as well as HandiBot and some others. So I had Lana make those two for Gizmo. Good, considering all the things that keep breaking in the darn house. Gizmo is coming in quite handy! I must not let her die! :D

And what a wonderful birthday present for Lana! She designed these trait chips, then went home just in time to celebrate becoming an elder! Well, first she installed the new trait chips, and apparently that's all Gizmo can have until Lana, or someone, gets a Bot Building skill of level 5 or higher. teehee

So then it was time for Lana to celebrate becoming an old lady. It's like 4 in the morning in the game, but still, even though everyone is awake for some reason, the only person who comes to celebrate with Lana is the Plumbot she just installed chips in. At least she's grateful!

Yes, blow the noise maker, Gizmo! And behold, Lana is now an old lady!!!

I don't recall ever putting the magic jelly bean bush in the house, but okay...maybe I'll make Dax eat enough to die so not every single ghost on the lot died of old age. Why? Because I'm just that evil!

LOL! He ate one and it made him Berry Blue!

Yep, as the game says, you are what you eat!

So he ate a few more, and one made him stinky while the other made him exhausted. Then he went to work. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to get him any bonus points with his boss.

I then got notifications that all the kids are having birthdays. The twins will become teens today, and Liam will become a child in two days. It's almost time to pick an heir for the third generation!

DAMON! Show a little more enthusiasm!

Well okay, that works.

Lana checked the newspaper, and Miriam McCauley, one of the three old ladies who popped out of the well for Piper, finally kicked the bucket. Good, now she can stop stalking the family!

In fact, that's like all the stories in the paper apart from some random sports stories and the like. Is there some sort of epidemic going around?

Now, this is what's wrong with society:

Even a child in THE SIMS has their own smart phone! I don't own a smart phone, but I see kids in real life (and now in a virtual game) with smart phones (or phones in general). I'm sorry, but I don't think they're mature/responsible enough to handle such an expensive toy. Especially if all they want it for is to play games on it. Just...gah!

Anyway, Harmony and Melody are now teenagers!!! Hooray!!!

Harmony aged up first, and apparently she had a good childhood because I got to choose her next trait! So the randomized one is...Born Saleswoman. Interesting...

And at that point, I got notifications saying a fluctuation affected Lana's and Dax's descendants! I guess I should check that out...

And while I'm at it, the Utopia and Dystopia futures are now unlocked. I want to play with one, but which one? That's why a new poll is now available! Which future should I play in with this family - Utopia or Dystopia?

Before Melody could become a teen, Dax's jelly beans caught up with him - he ended up passing out from exhaustion. Either that or he was just so excited that he couldn't take it!

So then Melody aged up, and I also got to choose a trait for her. The randomly generated one are you serious? Born Saleswoman! That is crazy!!!!! I pushed the Randomize button! :O :O :O

But anyway, here is Melody as a teen!

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off! Don't forget to vote for what kind of future I should play in when I send someone back to Oasis Landing! Thanks for reading!


  1. Finally caught up again! Love it. The girls are really pretty and Lana turned out to be a good looking older gal. You may have convinced me to get the future expansion pack. Not sure if I want it, Aurora Skies, or supernatural though.

    1. Congrats on catching up! I've been very slack on this legacy lately due to other projects going on. I'm an intern at two different Sim magazines now, plus I've got some other personal side projects I'm working on, and now I must prepare for TS4! Hopefully I'll get more of this legacy written before then. :D Thanks for reading and commenting! As for what to buy, that's a very hard decision! Aurora Skies has a lot of awesome stuff that comes with it, but I think you can now get it separately in the store (like the daycare center that has all the cute new toddler and baby items). I couldn't survive without Supernatural though considering all my other stories! :D But that's just me. Good luck and thanks again!