Sunday, December 22, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 18

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Lana met all her descendants in Oasis Landing, and she managed to open the crash site and get a lot of money back for the family. Not to mention she got free virtual pets!

She'll be turning into an elder in a couple of days, so I sent her back home with her Plumbot, Gizmo. And what does that Plumbot do upon arriving? Well, she has no feet, but she glides into the house on a hover board.

But bless her heart (or microchips), she got right down to cleaning the filthy house! Now to add some more trait chips to her!

Dax, meanwhile, was outside, trying to pinch Dominick's cheeks, much to his dismay.

Yeah, Dominick was all, "Don't you dare pinch my cheeks! You creeper! If you had a plain white van, I'd call the cops on you and say you were a pedophile!"

So I had Lana assemble one of her Sims 4 Dream chips - apparently all it does is allow your Sim to dream about The Sims 4 in the Dream Pod bed.

OMG I don't believe it! I've seen Piper hovering around in ghost form like every time I play, but at last, I see Richard!

He's baaaack!!!

At this point, I officially have a new computer!!! It was my Christmas present, but last year I got a gaming laptop and spent the entire Christmas Day just getting it set up. I said nope to doing that this year, so I got it a little earlier. Sweet! A new desktop gaming computer! The specs should surpass the laptop, and I'm trying it out as I type this. No mods in the game whatsoever, at least not yet, so fingers crossed!

Of course, as soon as the game loads, I get the dreaded "Missing Objects Warning" popup. I have no idea what's missing; everything seems to be in place. I hate when that happens; I'm surprised I was able to get all the store content reinstalled in a day, but I always get scared that I missed something.

Anyway, away we go with screenshots on the new computer! Yes, I start writing chapters and then take a break, coming back in the middle of them (usually).

I don't know what this is. Harmony is talking to herself outside it seems; I see little thought bubbles and the like showing up right on the ground, like someone or something is there that she's talking to, but even when she's active I see nothing, so it's not an imaginary friend.

What the heck is that? O.o Oh wait, mystery solved - she's talking to her aunt Clara. But Clara is invisible for some wonder the game said some objects were missing. Objects? You mean people!

See? Look! lol

I guess the ground is thinking about ice cream. O.o

With the release of Roaring Heights, I thought it would be a good idea to put the roller coaster into the game. And of course, that means I had to try it out! One last crazy thing for Lana to do before she becomes an elder:

Oops, I spoke too soon. Since I moved my save file to the other computer, and the life spans were set back to default, changing them didn't put them back the way they were, so Lana now has seven days to turn into an elder instead of one. Oh well, more time to enjoy the new world and its goodies!

Okay...this picture:

Lana: "I am so tired. This is hardly fun but I'm going to throw my hands up in the air like I just don't care anyway."


That was the little roller coaster. Let's check out the big one! But first, here's brother Derrick looking just as thrilled as his sister for being at this awesome park.

So maybe the first coaster was too boring for Lana. She seems to be enjoying the big one:

And one final picture of that ride:

Lana: "OMG this plumbob is going to eat me! I don't even notice the seal!"

Okay then.

Now for some pinball!

Yes, she's soaked from that ride. Worth it! As long as it doesn't end like this:

Yes, I used a jar and not a real person - why? Because I can't stand vomit! Give me blood and guts any day!

And that's where I'll end this chapter! I don't know what will happen next time, but we'll find out soon enough! I'll leave you with this parting gift:

A picture of Gizmo with her digital pet, Percy!

Until next time!

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