Saturday, December 14, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 17

I have returned! Last time, Lana finally journeyed into the future and I got to experience Oasis Landing for the first time! Oh, and I made my very first Plumbot!

This time, I plan to have her meet her descendants. But first, she's still at the Erutuf lounge and she's trying to master the weird futuristic music thing.

New day, new adventure! Lana is visiting her descendants at 234 Intrinsic Way. Let's see who we have here...

Well, first, she rang the doorbell, changed into her swimsuit, rang the doorbell again, and embraced her long-lost descendant  Deshawn Plumbob!

He sure has a nice house! Love the rock and pond

Also in this house are Rex and Amit Plumbob. Here's Rex:

I guess he likes that music thing (can't remember the name of it)!

And here is Amit:

Like I said, the entire family lives on ice cream in Lucky Palms, so it's no surprise that the first batch of descendants I find is husky.

Okay, next batch of descendants! We have the ones that live at 1504 Desolation Drive...sounds promising.

We have...Kristian Plumbob!

I definitely see some family resemblance there! The house, however, is appropriate for the name of the street these guys live on. I guess this line of descendants isn't doing so well.

Here is Jeremiah Plumbob:

Another fat descendant? I think the entire family needs to go on a diet! lol

I don't know where all the female descendants are. So far I've only seen males. But surely females were around somewhere. I realize science is pretty advanced in the future, but I don't think EA programmed artificial insemination into this game.

Oh my, who's this? Some more people just showed up! I see one female, and I guess school is now out!

Here is Tucker and Debra Plumbob:

Okay, two more households to go! First up, 490 Precipice Parkway!

Oh, and by now you're probably wondering where the heck Gizmo is. Well, her power was going down so I had to send her back to Nuts n' Bolts to recharge. :D

This looks like a farm house, and LOL! Here's the first adult female descendant I've found. Her name is Natalia, and talk about a family resemblance!

Same hairstyles! Can you tell which one's which? :D

I wonder, do all descendants get the same houses? Like, every time you send someone to the future to find descendants, are the same houses occupied? Because it seems only one batch of Lana's descendants have a very fancy house. That last one, on Desolation Drive? It had one bedroom. Where the hell did everyone sleep? There were three guys and a little girl there!

And here we have Harrison, a teenager who is probably Natalia's son.

Man, the entire family line is obsessed with the virtual Furbys!

Oh, look! Another descendant! I take it this is Natalia's husband. This is Nathanial.

Again with the virtual pets! Harrison's looked like a rabbit; this one looks like a chicken. Good grief!

Now this is funny: Natalia is telling a ghost story (Lana is sleeping on the couch, as there are no extra beds), and it's even freaking Gizmo (once she was charged I sent her over) out!

Now she's syphoning power from the fridge:

Nathanial: "Hello Mr. Chicken. Shall we do the chicken dance?"

Gizmo: "I'll just get some of this ancient fridge's energy here..."


Awww look, Natalia is, for unknown reasons, saluting Gizmo!

Okay then. :D

Okay, one last batch of descendants! We have Helen Plumbob here:

Wow...the same hairstyle again! We know which futuristic hairstyle is favored among females in this family!

Oh, and the woman behind Helen? That would be Samantha Plumbob.

As if I'll be able to keep track of all these people. :D Though I wonder, are those two twins? They sure look like it! No, never mind, based on their heights while talking, it's mother and daughter. Definite family resemblance!

I wonder how these descendants are figured. Is it based on the current family and their spouse/children? Are their parents a factor (Richard had dark hair but I haven't seen many of those descendants)? Who knows?

Helen is a mooch! She totally asked Lana for money! Yeah okay, the entire family in Lucky Palms has $84 to their name, but sure I'll give you some!

Oh nice, Lana. Sit there and eat while you fester in your own filth.


Meanwhile, where is Gizmo? Recharging.

Well, at least she doesn't let herself die!

HEY! THIS IS NOT COOL! Lana's stink cloud is bugging me so I told her to go use a tub. There are three bathrooms upstairs, each one with a toilet and tub. Some fat chick (not a descendant; a random guest named Racheal) runs right past Lana, cuts her off, goes into the very bathroom I told her to take a bath in, and sits down on the toilet. And then she shoos Lana out!

Her face is priceless: "Bitch, you stole my hair AND shove me out of the way of the bathroom when there are two others up here you could use?! Get your fat ass out of here!"

Yes, even EA makes all of those, like me, who aren't a size two look bad.

Well, something else that needs to be done is to check out that crash site I keep hearing about in Oasis Landing. Lana found the four required key fragments surprisingly quickly, so here we go!

At first glance, I seriously thought nothing was in there really apart from this giant hologram screen:

I was quickly proven wrong when I discovered one of the digital pets, along with a llama statue, book about the Internet, and a money bag that I could collect! I can now have a virtual ITF pet without having to pay for it!

Apparently once you exit that crash site, you're locked out until you collect all four mysterious fragment key pieces again and unlock it...but each time you do, you get more goodies! Do it enough and you should be able to assemble a gnome with all the llama statues you get. Awesome!

Also, I just made like $6,000 for selling all the money bags I got. Epic!

So after finding and assembling the fragments and entering the crash site about five times, I was notified that Lana's birthday is approaching. I think it's time for her to go home and see what happened in her absence.

And that is where I shall leave this chapter off! Which is just as well, considering I Just tried to save the game and got stupid Error Code 12. I thought that was fixed a long time ago. I even tried saving the game in a different name, but that didn't help at all. So I went to quit and then it crashed.

Ugh! Damn EA...(the poor horse is playing EA in the above photo)

Next time, Lana will become an old lady and the rest of the family will meet Gizmo. Plus I'll be playing with all the digital pets I got, and I even got a Sims 4 Dream program chip (no idea what that is yet). Stay tuned!

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