Saturday, December 7, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 16

Welcome back! I'm updating more frequently now, yay!

Last time, Lana finally had her first singing gig (she couldn't before because apparently a pregnant Sim can't sing), and Liam aged up to an adorable toddler.

This time, I hope to actually partake in some Into The Future activities. I think this family could use a Plumbot to help with the kids and chores.

So, the birthday party is still going on for Liam, and I find the werewolf Lina Lancaster engaging in less than mannerly activities at the table while ghost Piper (where is ghost Richard?) just drinks her coffee.

Okay then.

And just like that, it's time for another birthday! It's time for Dominick to become a child! And what was his randomly generated trait due to his difficult upbringing? Never Nude. I guess he won't even take a bath or shower unless he's wearing a swimsuit. Nice.

But here he is!

At this point, I don't care how tired Lana is; I'm sending her...INTO THE FUTURE!

Finally I'll get to actually play that part of the game!

But before I got her to the portal, here's some good news - Miriam, that creepy old lady who first hit on Piper, is now dead! YES!

I'm so bad...but at least she can't hit on the family anymore. Why is Lana morning her? I can't imagine.

Dax then checked the mail and found FOUR love letters for Lana! Two from Shon Rogers, two from Romon Tanner. Both are saying "You, me, together, how does that make you feel?" and "Do you feel something for me?"

How does that make me feel? You don't want to know. Do I feel something? Yes, I feel like Lana should stop being such a flirt!

So then Time Traveler showed up (I'm sorry,  Emit Relevart, which is how the former is spelled backwards in case no one else caught that) and whisked Lana away to the future. Yay!

Of course, unbeknownst to me, I had to fix the darn portal first...this is what happens when I get so excited that I don't do my research.

So anyway, finally Lana arrived, and my first notification stated that some of her descendants had been located at 234 Intrinsic Way, 490 Precipice Parkway, and 538 Precipice Parkway, and 1504 Desolation Drive. Sweet! Does that count as cheating at a legacy if you find your descendants in the future?

Hmm...what should I do first? Probably the jetpack since Emit gave it to me. Or well, I was going to, but Emit whipped this out:

It's one of those virtual pets!

Emit: "Look at this awesome thing!"

Lana: "OMG it's the Furby of the future! They still exist?! SAVE ME!"

OMG her face is priceless:

Lana: "Uh...I don't know about this."

Then she landed and got nauseous. lol

Next step: Purchase some futuristic attire!

Yeah, that looks sexy! Or it was, until she ran into the all-in-one bathroom and puked.

Off to the Nuts n' Bolts Bot Emporium (previously in the EP-XI Imports Gallery). Since this family is (always) low on funds, I think Lana should attempt to make her own Plumbot to take home with her and help the family out. Surely Dax can manage things while she's gone, right?

Oh, and I went nuts with the ITF makeup and hair too:

half the new hairstyles and makeup options with this expansion pack make me think of The Hunger Games Capitol people.

So exciting! Lana was able to make a Plumbot! Everyone, meet Gizmo!

Is the name unoriginal? Perhaps. Does she look like a lot of other female Plumbots I've seen? Yes. Do I care? Hell no! I JUST MADE MY FIRST PLUMBOT!

LOL! Lana started working on getting a trait chip made for Gizmo, and she ended up going over to another Plumbot and checking it out!

Gizmo: "I'm so much more fit than you are! I'm so fit my legs are nonexistent!"


So after that, I figured Lana should check out one of the two lounges (The Erutuf). She was hungry, so she ordered synthesized teppanyaki pepper steak. What is the difference between synthesized and regular food, except the former is free? I have no idea.

Now, last time I checked, water and electricity were a horrible idea. But what does Gizmo do?

Apparently it doesn't hurt her though. Okay then.

Well, that's where I'll leave this chapter off! Next time, Lana should meet her descendants before returning home with Gizmo to hopefully make the Plumbob life easier! Stay tuned!

Oh, and one last picture of Gizmo with another Plumbot named Daisy who randomly showed up:

Yes, they're robots who don't breathe, having a breath-holding contest. :D Until next time!

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