Sunday, November 24, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 15

Hello everyone! I have returned!

I apologize for my absence these past several weeks. I was in the midst of finishing up Ensorcelled, both the writing and picture aspects, so I put this legacy on hiatus. The biggest reason was due to all the custom content I had in my game for the story. It always lags my game, and if I had to play my legacy like that, I probably would have pulled my hair out in frustration. The only time I use custom content is to take pictures, not play. And really, the only time I actually "play" this game anymore is for this legacy. :D

So thanks for being patient! The legacy is now back in full swing, and even if I start another story or project, it shouldn't be as big as Ensorcelled, so it shouldn't interfere with this legacy. To read my second 18+ story, click here!

On that note, where were we? Ah, yes. Lana finally got a singing gig, and I promised pictures of it. Here you go!

Her stage name, again, is Cherry Flame (I still laugh at that), so of course I went nuts with the Katy Perry-themed stuff. Of course, once that was done, I could hardly afford anything else...stage props are expensive!

And look who was in the audience, cheering her sister on!

Her little sister, Darian! Hooray!

And here is Lana's review!

Fair enough, though I swore all singers got some special singer stage light thing in their inventory, and Lana seems to be lacking hers. Maybe I sold it and don't remember.

Seriously, I almost can't remember half my characters. That is downright sad. I can hardly remember what's even going on, and we've had a lot of new stuff come out since I left off. Into The Future is the biggest thing, and I can't wait to test it out. I've had it, but I haven't actually played it yet; I've just looked at the new items that came with it. I haven't even touched Oasis Landing. I'm slacking!

So yeah, I opened the game back up, and look what happened!

I wonder what that could be...

LANA! What is this?!

She wants to flirt with someone else!!! You tease!!! You don't get to flirt with other people! Who the hell is this Joshua?!

Like mother, like daughter here...

Melody started throwing up (out of her eyeballs even), apparently from eating rotten food. Well, that doesn't surprise me, considering the only thing that gets eaten in this house is ice cream!

That smell is the stench of vomit mixed with the rotten food that seems to accumulate in this house.

Dax has still got it! Look what wish he rolled:

Of course, their feet are at the TOP of the bed. Dear Lord, what kind of kinky position are they in under there?!

So today is Liam's birthday. He'll be turning into a toddler! Yay! The other kids will also be having birthdays soon too. Once that's done, I fully intend to send Lana into the future. We may get a glimpse of Generation 10 without me having to play through it all! lol

Speaking of Lana, she is completely obsessed with her wrinkles right now. She's checked them out in the mirror twice. So I sent her outside to fulfill a wish - play Smack A Gnome!

So Lana invited her half-sister, Cricket, over for Liam's birthday party. In case some of you have forgotten, she was the first daughter of Lana's father, Richard, to a different woman. Yes, he was a real dog (and he was a werewolf). My question - what the hell HAPPENED to her?!

I'm not entirely sure who Jaycen Hendrix is (I think Lana visited him a while back), but I'm pretty sure he shouldn't be giving flowers to a married woman and a mother of four.

Right after that happened, I got a notification saying that Jaycen was trying to flirt and wants to improve the mood. Okay, sure, Lana will sing for Jaycen to help him flirt...with HER! She's essentially singing to herself.

Here we go!

Uh...Cricket? What are you doing on the counter? I have my game's sound on, and the rhythm of this song doesn't call for that kind of dancing.

I was half-expecting her to throw her hands up in the air (like she just don't care!), resulting in them going through the ceiling. Ouch.

HEY! NO! That is NOT how you thank me for performing a flirty sing-a-gram for you! You do NOT claw at my table! No cake for you!

What the shit?! Lana went upstairs to get Liam, so he could bow out his candles, and this is what I see:

Some werewolf named Romon Tanner clawing at the skateboard end table in the boys' room! Not cool man, not cool!

So Liam aged up, and look at him! Just look at him! He's adorable! He looks like his daddy!!!

It's this cute!

And I think I'll leave this chapter off here! Hopefully that will hold all you patient (?) fans over for a while! I'm suffering from writer's block for other stories, so I expect to be playing this legacy more assiduously now that Ensorcelled is finished, and there will still be polls.

I've decided to start taking pictures and putting words to them and then putting that on Tumblr, like I've seen a lot of people do. I can still tell stories that way, but I don't have to worry about all the fillers that come with them. I can get the pictures I want, tell the story I want, and still stay up to date on everything. It'll be easier and less time-consuming for me. I'm not saying I'm done with writing novels/short stories, but I am saying that I'm taking a break from them for the time being. Thanks!

If you want to check out my Simblr, click here! Until next time!

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