Sunday, September 8, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 14

Time for another chapter! Last time, Lana gave birth to a baby boy, Liam, and she also aged up to an adult and began having a midlife crisis. Let's see what's in store for the family this time...

Harmony is really taking a liking to her ghost grandmother who refuses to go away...I guess she desperately wanted to be a grandmother! She did roll that wish, but died before it was fulfilled. Now she's spending eternity bugging me.

LOL! Okay, so Lana got invited to Marissa Ross's party. Marissa was Richard's old vampire boss who has lately been showing up in a jester hat. Well, Lana never got a chance to attend that party - Marissa died. Unless the party is a funeral, in which case, why is that classified as a party in this game?

Yay, more honey for us! I really need to get started on that alchemy skill...

Okay, so it's 10:18 at night, 48 degrees, and Melody is partaking in this activity:

Really, Lana? Really?

She's having a midlife crisis and the first wish she rolls for it is to flirt with someone besides her husband. Maybe she's tired of looking at her husband's old, wrinkly butt. I don't know, but good grief.

So then Dax got yelled at by his boss for never keeping that dinner arrangement. Well, I couldn't ever find the stupid woman to ask her!

Speaking of Dax, he already has a saved wish to have a daughter. Well, here's a new wish:

Dear God, man! I'm surprised you're still spry enough to do what's required to make a baby! Lana's career is never going to get off the ground if you keep pumping babies into her.

And that's why I've opened up a new poll - should Lana and Dax have more babies, or should they stop at the four they have now?

Piper: "OMG, there is no possible way for me, a ghost who goes through walls, to get past this table right in my way! What will I do?!"

Lana, this is not the type of "wiener" you should be looking at if your husband wants more kids.

Piper, you're just a wall today rather than a transparent ghost.

Harmony: "Grandma, move! I'm trying to put my toys away and you're blocking me!"

Piper: "haha"


Oh, here's a nice picture:

Lana triggered this action, yet she looks less than thrilled to be holding hands with her husband. Cheating, fickle skank.

(Note: That picture was literally taken in real life. It was in front of a dry cleaner's, and I think it was supposed to say SUITS. I submitted it to and it actually got published! :D)

So Harmony once again tried to put the toys away, but she went outside. I don't know how, but two toys got outside somehow:

Here's some local news, and it sounds eerily like real life:

Summer has finally arrived, so I am finally able to play with one of the premium store items!!!

Of course, he didn't do very good...

Harmony wanted to visit the pool, so I sent her there as well.

Meanwhile, Melody was practicing her ballet some more.

I was going to get some pictures of Lana's first performance as a singer, but for some reason her career outfit didn't save, and when I went to add it to her career wardrobe, the stupid game just said "Entering Create A Household" for like 10 minutes before I had to end the game via the task manager.

That would be me and my computer at this point. Or rather, me and EA. Hard to tell who's winning.

So yeah, that's the end of this chapter! Stay tuned for next week's, when there should surely be some photos of the performance!

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