Saturday, August 31, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 13

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Harmony and Melody aged up to children, and Lana is pregnant with her and Dax's fourth baby. The answer was revealed sooner than I thought.

The second I got back into the game after its save point, this is what I was greeted with:

The baby is coming! No wonder Lana cancelled her order to take a shower and clean up the messy house. Time to go pop out another kid!

What the shit?! Who left the toddler outside in the cold?!


So then Lana gave birth to...


Liam's random traits are: Heavy Sleeper and Virtuoso. Favorites: Geek Rock, Ratatouille, and Violet. Hooray! Except Dax rolled the wish to have a girl...darn it.

Harmony received her first lifetime wish: World-Renowned Surgeon. Funny, as this happened, she was talking to the ghost of her grandmother.

Harmony: "Yes, Grandma. I know you're a ghost who keeps showing up at this house every day even though ghost spawns are supposed to be random. Can I go to sleep now?"

I guess I spoke too soon. Piper isn't the only ghost present all the time:

Richard: "I thought I'd drop in and haunt you all! HAHA!"

Dax: "Awesome! I love you, man!"

So Lana rolled the wish to buy a tree house and Dax rolled the wish to buy a trampoline. Too bad they can't afford either since somehow they only have like $600 left. I think I'll stop getting Lana pregnant and have her actually go out and make some money by working toward her lifetime wish of becoming a vocal legend.

Speaking of Lana, today is also her birthday, and she'll become an adult! Seems like she's been a young adult forever. Grow up already!

Since today is Saturday in the game (and in real life for that matter), there's no school, so I sent Melody to the ballet studio to try turning her into a dancer! Of course, she takes a bike to get there, not a cab...

Meanwhile, Lana auditioned for another singer gig at the park, and this time she should be able to fulfill it and not get pregnant, having to cancel it.

Lana: "I'm going to look behind you and sing to the air, but please give me a chance to perform at your park. I promise I won't get knocked up this time."

Proprietor: "Of course I'll give you a chance! Your singing is beautiful with your face looking behind me!"


Here's Melody warming up at the barre!

I can't believe there are no ballet outfits for children...good going, EA.

Explain this: Lana has the nauseous moodlet from eating rotten food (probably more nasty ice cream), but it's Dax, without the moodlet (the only negative one he has is because of Richard's death), who's puking out his eyeballs.


So then I set Lana up with a career outfit better than the silly bellhop one. The first product? Like a psycho fruit vendor.

I changed the hairstyle, and yes I went with a Katy Perry-type thing, but her career name is Cherry Flame. So here we go: we have a vampire, werewolf, and old man practicing ballet in the same room as Melody. Right...

Dax began reading the paper, and Liam's birth was mentioned. But I detect libel because the family did NOT purchase a car with Richard's inheritance money, because he didn't leave any! As for leaving a legacy of love? More like a legacy of loves, considering all the love interests he had, the dog...

Okay, what are the odds? The old guy I literally just mentioned at the ballet barre? He died, right in front of everyone.

Grim, you really need to learn to be in the same room as dead people that you take to the other side.

I guess seeing someone else die prompted Melody to spawn her first lifetime wish - the exact same one as her twin sister (World-Renowned Surgeon). Okay then. So the twins both have red hair and the same lifetime wish, which popped up after they saw a ghost. Makes sense.

Time for Lana's birthday! No party this time, as every time I throw a party and try to get someone to blow out the candles, it doesn't happen.

So here we go, Lana as an adult!

She looks just thrilled, doesn't she? Melody is kind of freaking me out in her celebratory stupor:

She's all stinky and it looks like she has blood coming out of her mouth like a vampire.

Yikes. So the second Lana aged up, what happened? She started having a midlife crisis.

Wonderful. And that's where I shall leave this chapter off! Next time should have some shots of her performing at the park. Stay tuned! And thanks to everyone who reads and comments!

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