Saturday, August 3, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 9

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Derrick finally aged up to a young adult and got kicked out. Lana is now pregnant again, and a poll is up for you to guess on the baby's gender this time!

Lana and Dax both want to have a boy, so I hope they get their wish fulfilled!

In the meantime, Richard was invited to a party. He got there via flying vacuum.

Always interesting to see that thing...even more interesting? The party in question was actually a pool the dead of winter. The temperature is 33 degrees...

But this doesn't seem to bother Richard at all; he just strips down to his swim trunks and dives in.

The camera then zapped back to the house...what the heck?

Oh, guess what time it is? It's time for Dax to become an old man!!!

Dax: "Yay, I'm about to become an old man! I'm going to swing this noise maker around and roll my eyes in excitement!"

That sucks, I was just getting used to him looking handsome instead of like Frodo. He may croak before his wife gives birth again! Noo!!!

Lana, meanwhile, desperately has to pee, but she's holding it in to celebrate her husband becoming senile. Okay then.

And here we have the final product:

And as I suspected, those tattoos look wonderful in his old age...

And in case you're wondering, that's Harmony in his arms.

What was Richard doing during this? Showing off his werewolf teeth to a vampire, Tina Tanner (I almost typed Tina Turner lol).


Tina: "Pssh, my teeth are better. I'm a vampire for crying out loud. Mine are pointed. SEE?!"

So Dax and Lana both want to have a boy, but as soon as he became an elder, Dax then also rolled the wish to have another girl. So either way, he'll get his wish fulfilled. I doubt he'll be limber enough to pump out a third batch though, so it's possible one of those baby wishes will never happen...

It's a good thing Sims can't die from bad hygiene, because Lana's bar is way down in the red.

Lana: "Ugh, I smell like ass, but I have to feed this kid."

Melody: "I'm about to pass out with this bottle in my mouth because of the stench."


All right then...

Richard: "Look at my grandkids! They're twin girls and my daughter is pregnant again!"

Tina: "That's...nice."

Richard, those aren't your relatives; they're the ones featured on the EA box and website. >.<

I finally sent his butt home to clean out the bees and harvest some honey. Eventually someone in this family is going to be good at alchemy!

He got stung, but it serves him right for being a dog since I've met him. :D

Well, look who's here to see her grandchildren!!!

She picked Harmony up out of her crib, but I don't think she liked that too much.

So Piper left her granddaughter on the floor to go haunt Derrick's old bed.

Right...Then she went outside and did the same thing to the jungle gym. It was almost 8 a.m. at this point, so surely she was about done and ready to return to her tombstone.

And always with the ice cream.

Never mind how filthy it is and that the salad you made two nights ago is still on the counter with flies buzzing around it. The same thing is also on the kitchen table. Just fill up on the ice cream.

Yep, so Lana ate the nasty ice cream, and what happened? She made herself nauseous. Who knows how the baby(ies) will come out if she eats that badly during pregnancy.

Yeah, pretty much. Sexy in some places, not so much in others. Could be a major birth defect in the making. O.o

Apparently spring arrived, and I forgot to have the family do anything during the winter festival...oh well, thanks to the new surfing set in the store, I'm waiting for warm weather. :D

Richard transformed into a werewolf because he was so hungry, not to mention disgusted by all the dirty food, and he got stung by a bee. How does Dax react?

First it looks like he's trying to rip his nose off...and then, yep, he faints out cold. Bravo...

What did I say about rotten ice cream?! It's like talking to a wall!

Or the hand, because the ears definitely aren't listening. Looks like she's barfing up mint ice cream. Blech.

I then had Lana read the paper to see if anything happened with her siblings, only to get the notification that a fire started in the house!

Richard burnt the food he was cooking, and that's the result. I'm so glad I invested in that smoke alarm. And what's the result?

Richard: "Why isn't this thing working?"

Lana: "Because you're spraying it at your face and not at the fire, Dad!"

Piper: "This is what happens when I die..."

And seriously, who was calling Richard's cell phone at this time? He's busy! So then what happens?

The fire somehow jumps from the stove to the floor, and Piper joins in the panicking. Wonderful. The fire then got put out, but before the fireman actually showed up. Wow, way to be timely, guys. So then I had to spend $500 to replace the stove. Blah...

So as punishment, I sent Richard outside in the hail to harvest some honey.

I'm really beginning to wonder if Richard will ever kick the bucket...I don't see anything in the settings about the lifespan of supernatural creatures...guess I better do some research. I guess I could always starve him to death or something...maybe a cow plant can eat him. teehee

Well, according to some research, werewolves have a 50% longer lifespan, so I guess eventually he'll die out. I'm so evil, waiting for someone in my game to die and even planning for it to happen...

Piper was still in the house haunting everything at this point...I think she's trying to scare her first-born daughter into labor.

And on that note, I shall end this chapter, as it got much longer than I anticipated it would. I'll leave you with this final sweet picture:

Awww...:D Until next time!

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