Sunday, July 28, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 8

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, despite Piper's death, Richard became romantically involved with some old fairy. Clara and Carly both became young adults (Derrick is still waiting his turn even though they're triplets), and Lana had her baby...or should I say babies since she had twins!!! Yay!!!

Looking at the house, I realized there are still gifts on the ground from the gift-giving party I forgot I even held. So it's time to open them to clear room for the baby stuff!

The best part? Since Clara and Carly are both young adults, they can be kicked out and the new twins can have their room. Yay!!!

So anyway, I've kicked Clara and Carly out, so Dax and Lana were able to put their twin daughters into their cribs. What does Dax then proceed to do?

Gross, what did you eat? Are you on a leafy green diet?

What did I just say?! You broke the toilet!

Okay, I was having troubles with the Island Paradise badges - I did what was required but they wouldn't trigger. I found out that deleting the Downloads folder might help, and it did! I don't know if that affected anything else in the game or not, but all the memories are re-triggering like they were never there, and the same with lessons. That's no big deal, but I did wonder if it altered Derrick's aging timeline (aging is turned on). So I just bought a birthday cake for him, threw a birthday party, and had him blow out the candles to age him up that way. I want more babies, so I need more space!!!

Before the party started, Derrick decided to eat like this:

The waffles are burnt but he doesn't seem to care. He has veins in his face and his tongue is hanging out...tell me that isn't one of the most disgusting pictures you've ever seen. I don't know how Dax can stand to sit there and eat in such close proximity.

Derrick, stop that! You're going to replace that couch! I think for the next generation, if I go with a supernatural, it will be something besides a werewolf...and I love wolves. O.o

What the hell is this?!

It looks like Derrick already aged, but his age meter says he's still a teen. He now has a mustache though and his adult werewolf face is even uglier...guess he didn't grow into it.

Richard: "Yay, I'm not the ugliest werewolf in the house!"

Shut up, you're both hideous. EA's design of a werewolf is a disgrace to the species.

Clara didn't like the birthday party for her triplet brother - she's all, "Nice party. Not! I'm outta here!" Well up yours too, bitch.

So yeah, Derrick finally aged up, and I didn't get choose his trait, so he got Daredevil. Oh joy.

I can't believe that is the only animated picture of Daredevil on the entire Internet. I spent 30 minutes trying to find one and that's all I came up with. Good God. We know which super heroes are loved and which ones aren't.

Anyway, here's the result of Derrick becoming a young adult:

I don't know what's up with his face, especially since he's looking at his infant niece in her crib. That's very creepy.

He seems to have developed more muscles, but meh. Get out!

He's now kicked out, and I think I'm going to try to get Lana and Dax to have at least one more baby before Dax turns into an old man. haha

I didn't realize it, but this household has gotten significantly smaller since Piper's death. The triplets are all moved out, and with the exception of Richard, only generation 2 is living in the house. Wow.

I had Lana check the newspaper - Melody's birth was noted but not Harmony's. I'm sure she feels the love.

Oh goodie..

I heard the lullaby! *starts dancing*

Aww, this is so sweet!

I just now noticed this...

What the crap? Someone stomped the gingerbread house toy to shreds. Hey, that thing wasn't cheap! Whose ass do I have to kick?!

Lana got invited to Jaycen Hendrix's party, so I sent her there. The bedroom caught my eye:

Tell me that isn't awesome! I may use that in one of my future builds. :D

Okay, just because the house is full of hideous female werewolves is no reason to start heckling them, Lana.

And the duck face isn't appropriate either.

Oh this is a pretty picture:

A werewolf and a fairy, who aren't married, are skinny dipping in the hot tub while the snow falls. Right...

So Lana then goes up to the party's host and starts flirting with him...and learns that he also has the Flirty trait.

Wonderful. Lana, stop being such a tease!

...Yeah okay, so start chatting with two guys instead, ogling one of them (Donnovan Steele) who looks eerily like your husband (with wings).

Lana! You shouldn't be drinking while you're pregnant (even though you don't know it yet)! Geez!

Didn't I tell you? Now you've got morning sickness and a hangover. It's so bad you're puking out of your eyeballs, nose, and mouth.

I then got the notification that today is Dax's birthday. He's going to turn into an old man! Aaahhh!!!

Dax, if you're so hungry, eat the waffles you just burned. Good grief, they're right there.

Anyway, I think deleting the Downloads folder and some of the files inside messed up a few things, like Lana's career. She hasn't gotten a single request for a sing-a-gram, when normally she gets at least two or three during the time I play. Richard still hasn't croaked either, but he is a werewolf so I guess they live longer. I should look into that.

But Lana managed to audition for a gig (she got promoted somehow)...

I guess that's one way to get a gig. But at least it worked!

I also invested in an alchemy station and bee hive. I think the next generation's torch holder will be a supernatural, but I don't know what kind yet. I'll have a poll up when the time comes...I want to play with each of them at least once and see what will happen. :D

I plopped down an elixir consignment store, as well as a few of the new store commercial lots. Then I better check them out!

I proceeded to do so with Lana - I sent her to the new ballet studio. It's even more spectacular when seen in-game!

Warm up!

And now the fun part:

Ballet is cool, but I can't resist the chicken dance!

Of course, the chicken dance requires more grace and coordination than I realized.

Look who else is there!

Carly showed up, and I didn't realize it but she and Lana have the exact same workout outfit, just in different colors. hehe

Now here's a good picture:

Lana is online gaming while Melody sleeps in the swing next to her. That seems to be the norm for a lot of people these days.

I sent her outside to clean out the bee box, and then...

Lo and behold, she's pregnant! Yay!!! Apparently pregnant Sims can't sing, because she gets the next four days off for maternity leave and lost her gig in the park. Sweet!

I have a poll up, which I forgot to do last time - vote now on what you think Lana will have! And that concludes this chapter! Thanks for reading!


  1. Well I voted, multiples - but it didn't show up.
    That's okay though, I'm like a Madagascar penguin who was never here. Except I was. And I giggled. Pretty much the whole time. :D

    1. That darn thing...I don't know why the polls don't work half the time. :( I'll mark you down though so I can keep track. :D lol Madagascar penguin, that's funny. Thanks for reading and commenting (and giggling)! :)

  2. I voted multiples as well and it didn't count either :/
    But anyways nice chapter. Didn't know pregnant sims couldn't sing lol
    Maybe they loose their singing voice or something lol :D