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Generation 2, Chapter 10

It's time for another chapter! Last time, Piper visited the house as a ghost for the first time, Richard almost burned the house down, and Dax became an old man before Lana gave birth for the second time. What will happen this time? I don't know, but I'm ready to find out!

Still waiting for Richard to bite the dust, because I'm evil like that. :D The twins should have birthdays soon, and Piper is due to give birth at any moment...

Speaking of Lana, some old man (not her husband) wrote her a love letter. Wow, her mother attracted women, she attracts old men. And both scenarios began at that wishing well. I'm getting superstitious...

OMG Dax, really?

You're in the bathroom, two feet from the toilet, and you pee yourself?! WTF!!! And right after you took a bath to get clean! And of course it stinks, because so do you! Good God! There is so much fail in this event that I can't even find a picture to describe it. So instead I'll go with this:

Apparently Derrick and Melody are no longer friends...well, duh, she's a baby! How is she supposed to socialize with you if you never visit?! Geez!

Hmm...I thought ghost spawns were random, but Piper is there all the time lately.

Okay she's sleeping in Derrick's old bunk bed. Seems legit.

So I finally got the notification about the twins' birthday, so I had Lana throw a birthday party for them. Oh, and FYI, I just noticed that Funeral is now an option for a party type...that doesn't sound like a party-worthy event to me, but this is the Sims universe. Weird...

I then told Richard to retire, because, well, he should have done that a long time ago. I'm going to keep Dax working for a while though, as the family needs another sort of income. :p

Richard's reaction to his retirement:

He cheered. Yay...

Ghost Grandma!

Piper: "I can still hold my granddaughter! She's just precious!"

Melody: "Get this scary transparent person away from me!"

So anyway, all of Lana's siblings showed up to the party, and the first thing that happens is she and Richard get a negative moodlet due to a rude houseguest. The guest? Clara...they had to ask her to behave. I don't even know what she did. Everyone is outside bringing delicious treats though!

See? Someone brought deep fried onion fingers.

Yummy! And I saw Carly carrying a tray of cupcake-type things. She brought the good stuff. :D

Unfortunately, this day isn't a good one for Dax - he had to file envelopes, and he got bored doing the tedious task, and ended up with a bunch of paper cuts for his efforts. That put him in a bad mood. Oh dear...

But now, it's party time! Harmony is up first!

Grandpa Richard decided to do the honors.

Harmony: "Grandpa, your armpit is smothering me."

Richard: "Stand back! Or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow these candles out!"

Yeah, meanwhile, Carly's face looks terrifying. And just think, that's her happy face. O.o

I guess everyone thought that only one twin had to age up for them to get not many stayed to see Melody age up. Poor thing.

Anyway, we have results!



Aren't they adorable?! They both got Dax's hair, while Harmony got his eyes and Melody got Lana's eyes. She looks like Piper! lol

Oh, and guess what happened right at that second? Oh yeah, Lana went into labor. I knew that was going to happen!

Lana: "OMG the pain! My twins just turned into toddlers, I'm trying to eat cake, and now I have to squeeze out a watermelon!"

Piper: "Dear God, did you learn nothing from me?!"


Not only is she in labor, she's also in mourning because someone named Yuna Tanner died. No idea who that is; must have been a friend I didn't know about. Even in this game, when I'm in full control, I'm a hermit crab.

So Lana heads to the hospital, and while she does that, Piper is still hanging around the house. I guess now I know why...

How can they be engaged when they were married? I know the relationships vanish once a Sim dies, but I haven't been playing this legacy for a week, and somehow they're engaged? And Richard doesn't know two of her traits. What...?

So I finally got the notification that Lana gave birth. The verdict?

A boy!!! Lana and Dax both got their wish!!! Meet Dominick!

His randomized traits are Neurotic and Good. His favorites are Disco, Egg Rolls, and White. No multiple babies this time, somehow!

Someone left deep fried maple bacon ice cream on the nightstand in Dominick's room, where Piper insists on sleeping...

Okay...I love bacon and I love ice cream, but having them together?

So how does Lana celebrate the birth of her new baby, her first-born son?

Yep, she eats more ice cream. I'm about ready to take that thing out because it's all the family eats. They're going to be a family of fat asses!

Excuse me while I shudder at the stupidity that is that show (if you don't know it, you're lucky), and then vomit.

Did you see the dirty cake back there? I told Lana to clean it and all the dirty dishes up. What does she proceed to do?

She breaks the damn sink.

And this, Dax, is why you don't eat ice cream past its expiration date, or out of a dirty ice cream maker.

I did, however, invest in the deep fryer, so let's see how they do with that...

OMG Piper, what the hell?

Why does she keep coming, even during the daytime? I thought ghosts only randomly appeared at night; she's here all the time! Inu is a random, and rare, spawn, but Piper is there constantly.

Here we go, Lana using the deep fryer. Now I know where the deep fried bacon ice cream came from...someone else must have it in their house. lol

Yum, deep fried candy bar! It looks tasty!

Speaking of food, I thought it was time to take at least some of the family to the new restaurant I plopped down in town. Away we go!

She ordered an extra cheesy slice of pizza. Yummy!

So apparently you can ask a ghost how they kicked the bucket. Even though I know the answer, I had Richard ask that of Piper.

Dax got a promotion at work; he's now a Ballot Counter. The only thing I can think of is the big Florida recount of 2001.

Here's a cute picture:

Melody is in the walker! Almost looks like she's practicing to be a runway model. Awww!

Newspaper update!

Yay, he was 7.5 pounds!

Everything else was random sports stuff, someone named Indiana getting promoted to Master Acrobat, and a couple of women dying. I wondered why the heck I never see any of the other Plumbob siblings mentioned...then realized I don't have Story Progression turned on.

Yes, fail. That was horrible. And of course, having that disabled meant no supernatural creatures randomly appearing either. I fixed it!

It's The Claw! The Claw!!!

I was going for a Liar Liar picture but couldn't find a gif of it. I forgot about this one. :D

So I just realized that Lana isn't an adult yet; she's still a young adult. That means she's still capable of reproduction. So...let's see how many more potential heirs I can give her!

Also, am I the only one cracking up at seeing Dax with his pants and shoes on, at the wrong end of the bed, under the covers? Look closely.


And on that note, I shall end this chapter! Next time we'll see if Dax was successful, or if he's too old to plant the seed.

Bye for now!

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