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Generation 2, Chapter 12

I have returned! I'd like to start this chapter off by saying that I'm currently working on another project - my second 18+ story! My first one was a big hit so I'm eager to share this one as well. I'm still working on writing it and taking pictures, but I do have the blog set up. If you'd like to check it out, click here! To read my first 18+ story (the very first adult story I've even written, even outside of Sims), click here!

Now, on to the main point of this post!

Last time, we discovered that Lana is pregnant with baby #4. Dominick also grew into a toddler. What will befall the family this time? I have no clue, as I'm playing it as I'm typing this. The joys of having two computers!

Yes, especially when that happens, though it seriously sucks.

Here we go!

Lana wanted to teach Melody to walk, so what better way than to put her in the walker so she can learn herself?

Richard wanted to kiss someone, so how about his dead wife? Apparently she learned how he's now romantically involved with an old fairy...

Richard: "Come on, baby. Just like old times."

Piper: "You're creeping me out. And considering I'm the ghost, that's pretty serious."

This family is addicted to ice cream! Lana just made an ice cream cone while Dax is making deep-fried ice cream.

Good God, even with the deep fryer in there, I can't ween them off ice cream!

Yes, worship the ice cream god.

What the hell...?

Okay, so apparently Piper is Richard's fiancee, despite rejecting his kiss, and she's rubbing his belly in front their toddler grandchildren. Creepy!!!

Oh, and I love Harmony's face behind them. She's like, "OMG you guys get a room. My innocent eyes are forever scarred! Plus I'm trying to walk here!"


So then the camera randomly zoomed in on Richard. What's happening here?!

Oh my God, could it be? Is it...?

IT IS!!!

Look, Piper is coming to comfort her now-dead husband as the Grim Reaper shows up. How sweet!

Hmm...this seems legit.

The Grim Reaper is in Dominick's bedroom while Richard died in the girls' room, and Dax is all, "Dude, you finally died. Now get the hell out of my way."

Lana: "OMG why is it when I'm about to pop with a kid one of my parents dies?"

Piper, why are you crying? He's going to be with you now! I get why you're crying. My condolences.

Dax: "hehehe Finally, that annoying mutt is out of here."

Richard: "Oh please Mr. Reaper, let me live! I'm too young to die! I have so much more womanizing to do!"

Grim: "Haven't you heard the song Don't Fear the Reaper? Well, don't fear me, and shut up because you're coming with me!"

I should be sad that Richard is dead, but all I feel is:

Is that bad? Meh, I don't care. Back to the story!

Here is his grave, right next to Piper's:

I find it hilarious that the bunny gnome is mooning it. And also that Richard's stone is smaller than Piper's (but then again, she was the founder; no idea how stones are determined size-wise).

So now I may have two ghosts running around. Piper is there all the time but Inu is a rare spawn. I guess I should "accidentally" have a Sim killed by one of the other types of death, because I don't want the same boring colored ghosts floating around. I'm so bad.

See? I'm bad. :D

So everyone finally went to bed and Piper once again showed up. She just won't leave me alone! I could take her to the cemetery I guess, but I prefer to keep all the legacy family members on this lot. Anyway, Piper came back, sobbing up a storm.

Yeah, I guess the fact that Richard died is still haunting her (pardon the pun), even though she can now technically see him whenever she wants, in life or in death. Maybe that's why she's crying...that she finally has to put up with him 24/7 again. That would freak me out too considering what a player the guy was.

So I then got a popup notification saying that it's Melody's and Harmony's birthday! Yay!!! I can't wait to see what they look like as children! I still haven't seen the children's Island Paradise stuff either. :O

Really, Lana? You go outside when you're five feet from the bathroom to puke? That's what you get for eating rotten ice cream!

She literally pulled out her umbrella after going out that door, grabbed her stomach, and puked. Just...what?

I don't know what Lana's siblings are doing, but apparently they have no lives because they're never in the newspaper. I keep hoping to see them getting married or something, but nothing. :(

At last, it was time for the party to begin! Melody and Harmony both aged up, and here are the results!

Harmony went first (and actually Donnovan Steel helped her blow out the candles because, again, I couldn't get her parents to do anything; I kept telling them to have the twins blow out the candles but they just kept cancelling that interaction to use the toilet or put them in their crib...):

I didn't get to choose her next trait, so she got Dog Person. haha Nice, I can live with that!

Next up was Melody!

I didn't get to choose her trait either, but she got Artistic. Woot!

There you have it! And with that, I shall end this chapter! Considering how big Lana is, she'll probably give birth next time to the fourth baby. Stay tuned! Oh, and the new poll is up regarding the fourth baby's gender; don't forget to participate!

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