Saturday, August 17, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 11

I'm back! Told you I'd be back. :p

I'd like to start by saying that I'm an idiot - I had some pictures taken but then I took more, and instead of saying Copy Both Files to the designated folder, I told the dialog box to Replace All Files with the same name, which they were all called Screenshot whatever, so now I lost a bunch of pictures. Damn it...

I'll tell what happened, but there won't be any corresponding pictures. I couldn't get the darn things back no matter what I did. Grrr...I think I better start saving them elsewhere.


Last time, Lana gave birth to a son, Dominick. And because she's still a young adult and capable of conception, I had her and Dax try once more to have a baby (or two or three). Were they successful? Well, I heard the lullaby, so that's a good sign!

How did they celebrate their post-coital bliss? With a shy kiss! They did that all by themselves; I didn't have to tell them to. :)

Then the twins were playing peek-a-boo with each other in the playpen, during which Harmony's legs were being swallowed up by said playpen.

So remember the party Richard got invited to not long ago, where he talked to a vampire named Tina Tanner? He got invited there again. Oh my...he has more of a social life than the kids do!

The Tanner home is full of vampires, but who was at the party? Werewolves. Seriously, there were like five werewolves running around on all fours throughout the house while the Tanners just looked around like, "Awesome, our natural enemies are in our house but we don't care."

Richard once again talked to Tina, and this time he showed her an Internet cats video. Unfortunately, she got heckled by several passersby.

Something you don't see every day: Some random fairy named Nelson Langley dressed up as a cowboy came up to Richard and whispered in his ear...probably telling him where to get some food since the guy's starving again.


So of course, Richard has to boast about his grandchildren again, who are actually just photos of EA-made Sims from the game boxes. Richard, seriously, it's like 3 in the morning; go home. Funny, as I typed that, the host of the party told him to go home. I don't care that a big scary thunder boom just struck; get your ass home!

I then got a notification that the twins are going to have a birthday in a few days. Yay!!! So exciting!

So, this is a moodlet I've never seen before:

That must have come from the food fryer. That's hilarious...

Look at this:

See that? No? The coffee machine is hovering above the counter. Piper is haunting random household appliances again...

So then Dax got the opportunity to take Lina Lancaster out to dinner because his boss cancelled due to a family emergency. Is it considered cheating if taking another woman out to dinner is job-related?

Excuse me while I go ponder that with Damon.

Now this is cute:

Harmony: "haha I'm not stuck in a walker like you, I'm in the toy chest that just showed up!"

Melody: "Shut up."

Oh dear God.

Richard, if that doesn't traumatize your granddaughter forever, nothing will.

What did I just say?

Lana: "It's okay, sweetie. My stupid father, your grandfather, can't scare you anymore. If he doesn't die soon, I'm going to shoot him with a silver bullet."

I just find it so adorable when they do this:

They hide in the toy box and peek out of it. lol So cute! And she really loves doing that because as soon as Dax brought her upstairs, she crawled into that one as well.

So Kenneth Hudson called and asked Lana to go on a date. Dear Lord, I realize she has the Flirty trait, but come on! I won't let her cheat!

Then I heard this funky music, and then...BOOM! It's official! Lana is pregnant for a third time!

Richard has officially lost it. He wanted to send a text to Dominick...who can't even move around yet because he's confined to a blanket. O.o

Another cute photo:

She's watching him in the swing. Aww!!! I'm melting in all the cuteness!

Speaking of Dominick, apparently it's now his birthday. It feels like he was just born! But that's okay, I look forward to seeing what he'll look like as a toddler. Time to throw a party!

Look what we have here!

A cute deer is hopping right in front of the front door. Meanwhile, Lana and Dominick are suspended in mid-air. Aaahhh!!!

Oh for crying out loud! I just picked a few random people to attend Dominick's birthday party based on relationship strengths, plus Clara, Carly, and Derrick, and one of them is none other than Miriam McCauley. Good grief, isn't she dead yet? I'm still baffled as to how she came out of the well as an elder when Piper was young adult, and yet Piper is dead and she isn't. Geez!

And I guess it's some unwritten law of this house that everyone has to eat ice cream.

Is it just me, or does it look like Donnovan Steel, who is also a the party (and he's the fairy that closely resembled Dax before he became an elder) is trying to kidnap Harmony?

Creepy!!! Creeper alert!

So anyway, this is Dominick's birthday. There's a party going on, but where is Daddy Dax? Participating in a magician's magic trick after entering normal quality mac & cheese into a contest, and somehow winning. Okay then.

The real magic is here is that the magician was invisible. Seriously, the swords were moving through the air but I couldn't see the magician.

Sounds like yet another EA glitch.

Derrick! Stop that!

That's not polite! Bad dog! And for God's sake do something with that face!

WHOA! What is this?! Between three people, not one of them can pick up Dominick and let him have his birthday party, but two werewolves, one half-naked, can flirt in the kitchen. Wonderful.

So then Derrick starts dancing with Marissa Ross, the old vampire who was Richard's old boss...

Marissa: "I still got it!"

Derrick: "I love me some cougar action! And that jester hat is hot!"

Carly: "I'm so glad we're no longer living under the same roof."

Though speaking of Marissa, she was the only guest who stayed long enough to see Dominick finally age up, because the idiot adults in the house kept cancelling their order to blow out the candles with him.

That got everyone to show up! At last, Dominick had his birthday!!! And here is the result:

He looks like his mom! So cute!

This is a good place to end the chapter, but next time the twins should have their childhood birthdays. Stay tuned!

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