Sunday, July 21, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 7

I have returned! Vacation was great, and I've spent a lot of today uploading all the pictures on my Facebook page. I'm also glad to be back home though, back with Sims and having a couple of days off work to do nothing but Sims, or whatever I may want to do .:D

I've also disabled the celebrity system for the active household; that was winning in the polls anyway and I don't need a bunch of paparazzi following all my Sims around. :D

So anyway, last time, Piper, the founder of this legacy, kicked the bucket due to old age. Her grave is now in the cemetery outside. I guess that means she won't have her wish of becoming a grandparent fulfilled. :(

Shortly thereafter, Richard got a promotion at work. He's now a Yes-Man in the politics career.


How does he mourn Piper's death? Taking out his frustrations and turmoil on the whack-a-gnome machine.

No idea what's up with his outfit, but okay then. Oh, and I just realized those gnomes are vampires. What is with this family and vampires?! Isn't it enough that half the pictures I use are of Damon? Though seriously, you can never get enough of him. :p

All right, back to the main point of this story...

Carly, you're a little bitch. Your dad's wife, your mother, just died and you're going to antagonize him by scaring him? God...

And Derrick, for God's sake, take a shower because your stink cloud is evident even from here in the non-pixel world. And put your lip away until you grow into your werewolf face.

Someone named Kitty Price then died, which made Derrick go into mourning again. His portrait sure isn't green now (yet everyone else's is despite the -50 mood from Piper's death). Must be the Day of the Dead in this game.

Oh, look who came back!

Inu returned, just to sleep on the couch and dream about lobster. Awesome. :D

I then got a notification stating that because this fiscal year was terrible, Dax didn't receive a holiday bonus. Well, that just sucks. Sounds exactly like real life.

Of course, Richard received a $1,687 holiday bonus...yep, again, just like real life. Depends on who you are and who you know to determine what bonus you may get.

Oh well, it means more money for the family, so I won't complain.

Remember how Derrick kept dressing up in princess clothes and I was worried about him? The only option for him to take a shower was to take one with flair. Uh...what?

Speaking of Derrick, I then got a notification that he, Clara, and Carly all have birthdays today! They'll be young adults, and therefore kicked out of the house. I have been remembering to read the paper though to see if Darian does anything interesting, and I'll do the same for the triplets.

All right, tell me this isn't messed up:

Richard is sniffing his very pregnant, married daughter inappropriately...and his wife just died. Well, his second wife, that is. Stop please!

Lana wanted to throw a gift-giving party, and since there is actually some room with the playpen put in the family inventory, I figured why not. She, of course, invited Darian, and some random other people (though they were mostly Richard's friends lol).

Ugh, explain how Miriam, one of the potential female well-mates for Piper from the first chapter, outlived my founder when she became an elder first...seriously, how?

The random EA dress on the werewolf is perfect for this party (it's so wintery), but the jester hat on Miriam? Good God no...someone call the Fashion Police!

I don't know what this family keeps eating, but they keep getting the nauseous moodlet, caused by disgusting food. Where? The ice cream? Perhaps I should get rid of that thing then...heck that's all they live on and it's always dirty. Gross. I'm not that much of a neat freak but there's a limit to how much food I can stand on the counter.

So Clara opened her present first and she got the pretty Frosty Waves picture. Hooray, something to spice up the walls!

I'd exited the game at this point, and when I came back, I was greeted with this:

I guess Clara would rather pee her pants than use that filthy toilet. She's still in mourning over her mother too. Okay then.

Derrick wanted to pull a prank, and prank the school, so I did both by having him release the frogs from science class (turns out there are 50,000 of them). Run for your lives!!!


Richard! Your wife just died, you're still mourning over her death, and you become romantically involved with someone else?! Ugh, at this point, I'd kill him myself if I could figure out the best way to do it (and make it look like an accident)!

And who is the unlucky lady? Here you go, Lola Lancaster:

She's an elder fairy...dear Lord I hope they both croak.

Carly has been grounded twice already (and had privileges revoked) for setting booby traps. What does she decide to do? Set another one, with her father right there!

God this family is nuts.

On that note, the baby is coming! I then got that notification, so I promptly sent Lana to the hospital. While she was on the way, another event happened: Clara had her birthday and became a young adult! Wow, so much activity!

Clara: "Never mind that my sister is having her first baby; I'm going to eat this sparkle and age up!"

Dax and Richard: "Hooray!"

Derrick: "I'm just going to stalk in here all creepy-like, hoping no one notices me and the fact that I just released 50,000 frogs into the school."


Clara was apparently very successful in school, so I got to choose her trait. Randomized one is...Shy. Okay, so she's Evil and Shy. Seems legit.

Clara is the first child I've had who didn't pick out a lifetime wish in their childhood or teen years, so I get to pick one. I believe legacy rules state we have to go with the first one, so that's what I did. The verdict? Alchemy Artisan. Okay sure, since we have no alchemy station on the lot.

Here she is:

The camera than zapped over to Carly, who also had a birthday! Wowza!

She apparently didn't do as well in school, so I didn't get to choose her trait. What did she get? Genius.

OMG she's an Evil Genius! Save me!!!

And yes, she looks like a 90s rock star. Oh well, I can see it, even though she got chubby somehow. Probably all the ice cream she kept eating. Didn't I tell you this family was going to get fat eating all that stuff?!

And then...BOOM! Lana had the baby! And the verdict is...

A girl!!!!

YAY!!! I had a name picked out for her, and I love lots of the new Island Paradise goodies for girls, so I'm eager to play her out! I named her Melody, since Lana hopes to become a vocal legend so that seemed fitting.

Her randomized traits are: Clumsy and Loves the Outdoors

I was ready to list the favorites, but then...POW! Another baby! OMG! Thanks to Lana getting the fertility treatment lifetime reward (I should probably stop that) and she and Dax reading lots of pregnancy books, they are the parents of twins! Yay, more multiple babies to play with!

This one was also a girl, and I named her Harmony (same concept as Melody).

Her randomized traits are: Light Sleeper and Friendly.

Melody's favorites are: Latin, Firecracker Tofu, and Violet. Harmony's favorites are: Rockabilly, Frogs Legs, and Sea Foam.

Hooray for babies!!!

And on that note, this chapter is concluded! Time to get the cribs back out of the family inventory, along with the swings, playpen, etc.! Stay tuned!


  1. Babies, babies, babies!!! I love the twins - perfect names too. :D

    1. Babies indeed! :D Thanks Ckor, I'm glad you like their names! Funny story, I had Melody picked out and Harmony surprised me. That name literally just popped into my head, like she surprisingly popped out of Lana. haha Thanks again!