Saturday, July 13, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 6

Greetings! This chapter will not only be early, but also a bit shorter than usual. This is on account of two things: 1) I'm leaving Saturday for a week-long vacation and don't know for sure when I'll get around to playing this legacy, and 2) it's 1 a.m., so I can't write as much as I'd like due to having to get this awesome thing called sleep. :D

Oh crap. He caught me...

Anyway, last time, we found out that Lana is indeed pregnant with the first potential heir for the third generation. Hooray!!!

Someone named Shon Rogers called and asked Lana out on a date. Dude, she's married and pregnant! Shut up!

Yes, I love Damon. So sue me.

So Lana rolled the wish to have a girl, while Dax wished to have a boy. Either way, someone's going to get a fulfilled wish! I have a name picked out for a girl already but I will not use cheats to determine the gender. It's more fun when I get surprised. :D

Speaking of surprises, Dax ages up in two days...I think elder males can still have babies but not elder females. But worst case scenario, we only have one choice for generation three's heir. Oh noes!

This looks highly suspicious:

Clara: "I'm so much better in bed than my sister. You totally should have married me."

Dax: "Kid, 16 will get me 20. Now please go to school."

Seriously. And I guess this family doesn't care for healthy food:

Carly went right for the ice cream maker for breakfast. And seeing how dirty that counter is further proves my point. No joke, Lana and Dax both got up and headed straight for the ice cream maker.

Pretty much. This whole family is going to be fat before too long...

I don't know what it is about Piper and her formal attire, but she's always wearing it.

Piper: "Don't judge me."

Too late.

It donned on me that I should probably create some sort of venue for Lana to perform in if she's going to have any hope of achieving her lifetime wish of becoming a vocal legend. Plopping down Showtime pre-built lots now! Well, the ones that will fit on empty lots because I'm OCD like that and don't build whole new lots without addresses. :p But I must say that I like the new ability to move builds to different points on the lot.

So the Lucky Palms legacy town now has Port-A-Party Warehouse, Flying V's Coffeehouse, and Performance Park. I may add more later but that will suffice for now. :D

Like mother, like daughter. And since I was tired of trying to find the book store in town, I went digital and bought the family EA's version of the iPad (or any tablet for that matter). Buy some pregnancy books because your husband wants to read one! Oh, and while browsing all the books to buy, one was called Why Do Vampires Suck?

I don't either. And I seriously tried to find an Edward or Stefan picture, but there were none. O.o But come on, Damon is by far the best vampire. <3

I then got a notification in the corner about Derrick; he and his triplet sisters are on a field trip to the police station. The teacher (or a cop, whichever), who happens to be a werewolf, just said, "Derrick, only adults can use that!" I'm afraid to ask what, exactly, "that" is...

Of course, it seems I bought that tablet for nothing because I couldn't find one pregnancy book on it. What the crap is that?

I then promptly found the book store, feeling like a complete imbecile in the process because it had a book icon above it...but so does the library so I kept thinking that's what I was seeing.

Again, sorry if I've used any of these pictures before; I go through so many it's hard to keep track of them all. :D

I scrolled through those books and found one called The Vampire Blogs. Coincidence? I think not! I then realized I could have sorted the books by name all along...but oh well, at least I found the books. But come on, $500 for two books? What universe are we living in?!

And then I got another notification on the field trip - "Derrick, let the nice police officer out of the cell now." And his sisters are the two with the Evil trait... O.o's one way to do homework:

Outside, buried in the snow, while more snow falls from the sky. Okay then...

WHOA WHOA WHOA! What's this?!?! The game camera suddenly moved into the kitchen (with the messy ice cream maker again), and this is what happened:

My founder, Piper Plumbob, has died of old age.

Lana: "OMG Mommy, no! This stress is too much! I'm going to go into early labor from this trauma!"

Grim: "We meet again, idiot who once died of starvation while eating."

Piper: "Hey, great to see you again, buddy."

Yep, that lowered everyone's moods to yellow and red...only Carly and Derrick's portraits stayed green.

So yeah...that's the end of my founder for this legacy. The good news? Her death means the household won't be too full for Lana and Dax to try for another baby after this first one is born. :D

Of course, Dax rolled the wish to resurrect Piper, but that's not how I'm going to play the game; I'll hopefully see her ghost but that's it. muhahahaha

So here is her tombstone, outside in the snow with Inu's.

Surprisingly, I'm not as upset as I thought I'd be. Maybe I was getting tired of seeing her always in formal wear raging at video games. Or maybe it's because I didn't want the house to be too full to try for more babies. Meh. Though I wouldn't have minded seeing Richard die first considering he's such a player...

Yeah...I need to find some more pictures, I know.

But anyway, I think that's a good place to leave this chapter off. Rest in peace Piper, and may your family's legacy live on!!! Stay tuned for Chapter 7!

Sorry about the short length, but again, it's late and I'm going to be leaving. But I've got the next chapter started, so stay tuned!


  1. So sad to hear about Piper's passing - I always get so attached to my founders... At least there's a new baby on the way!
    Oh... and have a safe trip.

    1. Thank you very much Ckor! Yes, I was sad that Piper died, but I am happy that Lana's baby is on the way. She should be having it any day now considering how big she is. lol Thanks for the safe trip wishes! :) Oh, and for reading and commenting! *hug*