Sunday, July 7, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 5

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Lana and Dax finally got married, and right as they were trying for a baby, Lennon Sosa died on the lot...good job. But anyway, I did hear the nursery lullaby, so Lana should be pregnant with the first potential heir for the third generation.

Speaking of Lana and Dax, considering they're now married, they should probably have their own room. So I threw a double bed into Lana and Darian's old room so they could have their own bed.

Shortly after, Lana went to sleep in there and Dax was on his way to join her. I don't know what this is but it's creeping me the hell out:

Richard: "I'm howling at you, daughter! I know what you and your husband did in that shower!"

Lana: "Shut up, I'm trying to sleep."

This isn't turning into much of a honeymoon...

Lana: "OMG Dad, get out of here! My husband and I are trying to sleep!"

Richard: "Yeah right! I know what you're up to! I wasn't born yesterday!"

You would know, you player! Dear Lord how many kids did you father? At least seven between two wives!

Dax, meanwhile, is all like, "I'm just going to sleep and stay out of this."

I have no idea who this freak is, but he's been here since the wedding and it's now 2 in the morning (game time) and he hasn't left yet. What the shit?!

Clara apparently set a booby trap I didn't know about, and Carly was the unfortunate victim:

I had no idea you could pull a prank in a toilet! Guess you do learn something new every day. :D

Oh, nice look Derrick. That's one way to eat a cake...with your eyeballs!

He's eating like a pig, so eager to savor the sweetness that he's trying to stuff it through his whole face instead of just his mouth.

Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O's! I wonder what this means!


So then I decided I was tired of the wood paneling inside the house too, so I switched it up and added some wallpaper. I completely redid the kitchen by upgrading the fridge and adding more counters and a microwave and ice cream maker.

And yes, I used the new Island Paradise palm trees wallpaper. Lucky Palms has palm trees too! :D

I remembered to have someone read the paper to keep up with the news in the event that Darian gets married or something. In doing so, Piper read, like five times, that someone named Judd got promoted to Master Magician. Congratulations, but you don't have to publish it in the paper five times. I work at a newspaper in real life, and I know you don't report the same thing more than once unless it's some major story with new developments. So ha! God I sound like some psycho editor.

Oh, here we go:

Lana: "I feel sick but I'm going to be frisky and tickle you!"

Dax: "I like this game! That's hot!"

Okay then.

HAHA! Look what Piper read in the paper:

Hooray! And also YES! I figured out how to take pictures of the notifications! Such an easy solution...go me!

Well, these two didn't waste any time christening that new bed. I didn't tell them to do this; they did it all on their own.

Dax has the Hopeless Romantic trait, and he was going to hold Lana's hands. But she killed that moment when she went to the toilet to throw up. Three guesses why she did that. teehee

Lana rolled the wish to get a tattoo, so I sent her and Dax to the salon to fulfill that wish. Before, when I couldn't locate Dax anywhere, it kept saying he was at work, which I then learned to be a tattoo artist. But now it says he's unemployed.

They went anyway, and some other woman named Piper (Piper Sparks to be exact) started mocking Dax. Uh...why?


So meanwhile, Lana was inside getting her tattoo. Here's what the finished product is supposed to look like:

Here she is getting it (my reaction would be far worse than that):

The tattoo came out right, but the crazy old lady with multiple tattoos thought it was funny for some reason:

Tattoo artist: "HAHA You're so lame, this is your first tattoo and you got a music note!"

Lana: *not amused*

I chose a music note to signify her singer idea why the old lady did that. Crazy people, I swear. You can't escape them in real or virtual life.

Dax wanted to fall in the footsteps of his father-in-law I guess, because he rolled the wish to join the political career. So be it! Now he's got a job too!

So then someone called Richard and asked him out on a date.


The ice cream maker is quite popular, and apparently that's the place to be in the kitchen.

Carly: "This tastes so good!"

Piper, Dax, and Richard: "Get out of the way so we can enjoy some too!"

Lana: *in the bathroom throwing up again*

Oh my...look what happened to it!

Dear Lord! That didn't take long!

Carly: "BOO!"

Richard: "Holy shit! Are you trying to kill me?!"

Yes. You look ridiculous as a werewolf wearing glasses...and your hair is supposed to be gray because you're old.

Richard wanted to woohoo in an igloo with Piper...behold!

Dear God that igloo is about to fly off into the stratosphere. They're going to melt the thing! Plus, again, old people having sex!

Hmm...explain this.

Carly is throwing up, into a dirty toilet no less, but I have no idea why. She doesn't even have a nauseous moodlet. But come on, after puking into the dirty toilet, how could she feel good at all? Yuck.

And I shall leave this chapter off with one final picture:

Lana is officially pregnant! She rolled the wish to have a girl, but we'll see. Stay tuned! Yay!!!

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