Monday, July 1, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 4

Well...that was an interesting turn of events. I don't know why, but Lana's fiance, Dax, seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. I couldn't find him anywhere in town, either in Live or Edit Town mode, every time she called him he just said he was working and didn't know when he'd be done, and the Reset Sim option seemed to do nothing (and was unavailable via Master Controller in the relationship panel, which was the only place I can see him). So, in order for this legacy to progress, I almost gave up on Dax.

Lana seems to have a major thing for vampires, and she was flirting at Darian's graduation with Shon Rogers, so I thought I'd see if I can fix those two up (after sending a break-up text to Dax). But then, in a last-ditch effort, I had Lana invite Dax out rather than on a date or over to the house, and that seemed to work. They met up at Drinks at Diamondbacks and sang karaoke.

I just now noticed that Dax also has a tattoo. So he's a daredevil Frodo-looking guy...interesting.

After they finished singing karaoke, Dax presented Lana with some flowers, all on his own!

Dax: "For you, my love, whom I've avoided for the past week!"

Lana: "OMG my mouth is going to split my face in two! Thank you!"

I then had them take some romantic photos together in the photo booth, and while I was at it...

teehee I'm so naughty.

WHAT...THE...SHIT?! I send them both back to the house to get married and this is what I find:

Nasty! I called a repair technician for the broken TV and kitchen sink, but I'm going to need a maid at this rate. Ugh!

And I have no idea why, but Richard suddenly stormed in there (you'd think a party was happening in that bathroom) and scolded Clara.

Richard: "Whatever you just did, don't do it again!"

Clara: "Dad, you're so ugly...just looking at you is punishment enough!"

Carly: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and because I'm evil, I'll totally steal them if no one gives them to me."


I guess she apparently set a booby trap. Okay then.

So I set the wedding party for Lana and Dax, and they both went back to the Plumbob house. They began building an igloo until Piper stormed out and berated Dax for his ignorance. What?

Yeah...that's a great way to start a wedding day. Of course, two seconds later, she enthuses to him about comic books. Right...

So the party finally starts. Dax tries to leave and go back to work, but Lana calls him back...good God it's your wedding day, dumbass! Of course, three love letters came in the mail, two for Lana and one for Richard, then some random werewolf started flirting with Piper, and it's just like...what the heck?

So finally it was time for the wedding to begin! And yes, it's a winter wedding and everyone is wearing sleeveless, short dresses and the like. :D

I see Frodo didn't change even for his own wedding. Good going.

Interesting, there's a dead snowman, an annoyed sister, and a nerdy vampire in the aisle. Not to mention the second-oldest child facing away from the happy event. Well, Darian knows she's going to get kicked out after this because I need room for babies. :D

And here we have the wedding kiss!

So hooray, throw the confetti, they're married!!! Finally, I can keep an eye on Dax!!!

I did solve the mystery of his tattoos though - he's a tattoo artist. No wonder they seemed to show up randomly. So anyway, then everyone booked it inside for the wedding cake. So exciting!

Interesting...Lana cuts the cake while Dax faces the guests, several of which are trying to leave. Okay then.

HEY! Stop it! This is not your house to destroy you bastard!

This damn werewolf named Ezekiel Reid just randomly started clawing all the furniture. No wonder the family had the "rude guest" moodlet...*grabs newspaper*

Piper: "Imma smash your nose in! Stop clawing up my furniture! I don't care how much you want that ice cream, you're not getting it!"

Ezekiel: "Zomg an attractive person is beating me up, awesome! That's so hot!"

Lana's piece of cake: "I'm the creeper in this shot!"

Of course, that sparked a bunch of people being all "Nice party. Not! I'm out of here!" and "You call that a party? Whatever, I'm leaving." Well up yours too, dickheads!

So now that Dax is officially a part of the family (note to self: update family tree), the first thing I'm doing is giving him that makeover! He's getting a haircut and a wardrobe that doesn't scream Lord of the Rings.

Where was Richard during this happy occasion/milestone of his daughter's life? Outside building an igloo.

He's having a hard time with his baby girl (not his first though since he had Cricket as well) getting married and starting her own life.

Dax, however, thought this was a great opportunity to help his father-in-law feel better because he came outside to help build the igloo. Sure, that's more important than breeding for this generation...:D

And that vampire Lennon Sosa who I originally tried to fix Lana up with started throwing confetti, ignoring the (setting) sun that was scorching him. How sweet and sentimental. hehe

So on that note, it was time for Darian to get out on her own. I'll miss seeing her around, but I need the space. And I guess there is a "Kick Out" option, which moves her into a random lot in the town, so that's what I went with. Bye bye Darian!

Okay, that was a little too much of a kick.

Now I have to remember to check the paper and see how she's doing...*crosses fingers that I don't forget*

And now the big moment - Dax's makeover! Okay, so that's just one big moment, but at least he'll look better now. Behold!

Nice look, Dax. You look like you're guilty of just cutting a big fart as you leave that crowded room. Oh, and he has a lot more tattoos than just on his arms...good grief he's like a muscle man adrenaline junkie!

So on that note, let's get this party started!!!

They don't have their own bed yet, hence the shower. :p

OMG...right as they started doing that, right then, this happened:

Lennon Sosa, the vampire who was throwing confetti earlier, apparently got himself stuck and starved himself to death on the lot. What the crap...?

And yes, Lana did go running out there post-coitus to see what was happening. She sure got her clothes on quick!

I don't know how the rules work if a Sim dies on your lot and they aren't a family member - should the tombstone go on the lot or in the cemetery? I was going to keep it interesting for now and put it in the graveyard I built, but all that was left of Lennon was a curled up corpse with the only option to clean it up. So Dax got rid of it. :D

The good news? I heard the lullaby! Lana should officially be pregnant with potential Heir #1 for Generation 3! Hallelujah!!!

And on that note, I shall say good night! Stay tuned for the next chapter and thanks again to everyone who's been reading it!

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