Monday, June 24, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 3

Welcome back to my legacy! So sorry about the delay; I had a very busy real life weekend with hardly any time to play Sims. But let's get started!

Last time, Lana had her bachelorette party, which unfortunately ended on a sad note due to Inu finally passing on. :(

Lana is outside mourning his death while Clara decides to mourn in a different way:

Clara: "BOO!"

Lana: "Shut up. I'm trying to mourn here."

In the event that the family does get another pet, I saved onto all of Inu's items. In doing so, I found random stuff in the family inventory that I didn't know I had. Sold and made more money, yay!!!

Interesting...when Richard is in his werewolf form, his hair isn't gray, but its natural black color.

In other news, today is Darian's graduation day! Hooray!!! After she gets her diploma (and witnesses Lana's wedding), she'll be moved out of the house to start her own life. Must remember to check the newspaper to see how she's doing...anyone know how to take pictures of the little interface things in the game (like the notifications in the upper-right corner)?

Woohoo! I then saw that Piper and Richard celebrated their one-year anniversary, so I got that badge! Yes!!!

But anyway, here's Darian graduating! Yahoo!

This isn't creepy at all - it's her graduation day and Carly wants to see Darian's ghost. Uh...she's not dead but considering Carly and Clara both have the Evil trait, I'm getting scared...

The good news? Darian graduated with Highest Honor! Oh, and her classmates voted her Most Likely to Never Leave the House. Uh...does that mean never leave the house to party, or to never move out? Because if it's the latter, I digress.

This is a nice family picture:

A happy occasion scarred by starving family members mourning the death of the dog. Okay then...

Oh, and the icing on the cake? Lana, who is engaged, starts flirting with a vampire who's carrying a rain umbrella around in the sun!

Stop that! And no, that's not the same vampire that I tried to fix her up with earlier that her father was later talking to. /facepalm I guess the game really wants a vampire in this family sometime, but it won't happen with Lana. At least, not yet...who knows what may happen to Dax. hehehehe

It was pouring down rain in the game, much like it is here right now (it's so dark outside I feel like I'm in a cave), but at least with The Sims, I can change I thought I'd give the weather stone a try for the first time. :D The only supernatural creatures I have in this family are werewolves, but hey that's all right. I don't remember what the stone does for all the creatures except fairies make it rain flowers.

Apparently the werewolf ability is to summon a Hunter's Storm, and it can be done with more than one Sim. So Richard and Derrick both went over there to see what they could do.

Richard and Derrick: *howl*

Weather Stone: "Who are these freaks and what are they doing to me? And what's with that kid's zebra print shoes?"

Dear God, those two look horrible as werewolves...this coming from an avid wolf lover. Get it away!

The good news? I think the stone wanted to get rid of them because their howling totally worked! The stone lit up like a Christmas tree and BOOM! Gems everywhere! Awesome!!!

Too bad I don't still have Inu - he could go hunting for all this stuff and collect it faster than his half-canine counterparts. But I did have them form a pack, so now they can hunt as one.

Carly then got her first lifetime wish option - The Emperor of Evil. Oh joy...

I had Lana call Dax and invite him over, but apparently he was at work and didn't know when he'd be done. Uh...I find that suspicious. I bet he heard about his fiance's flirting and doesn't want to see her. Which I wouldn't blame him for, but I need babies!

I can't believe that scene wasn't anywhere on the whole Internet as a gif! What the shit?!

So thanks to the guys collecting all those gems, I broke down and remodeled the house again. I've added a shed/work room to the side (no garage considering they don't have a car lol) with a gem cutter. I moved the chemistry table in there too and threw in a Whack-A-Gnome game. :D More might be added later since the space is pretty empty, but at least it leaves room for expansion.

I also redid the exterior of the house - got tired of looking at the wood walls. I like this a lot better. :D Oh, and everyone has been wishing to play hopskotch, so I got one of those too (although since it's now winter, you can't see it under the snow).

Lana apparently isn't socializing with her imaginary friend, Peaches, enough because she just lost him/her as a friend. Tsk tsk.

Look who we have here!!!

Inu is back, as a ghost!!! Awww, he's so cute!!!

Back to Lana - it's time for that wedding! If I could just get the stupid groom over here...Lana keeps calling him and he keeps saying he's at work and doesn't know when he'll be done. I'm about to resort to cheats to get his ass over here! What is with this legacy and the torch holders being unable to get their partners to cooperate? It's making me mad.

And Lana too; she destroyed the snowman Darian built. Yeah, I know the feeling.

Lana then got a job to perform a sing-a-gram for yet another vampire (what the crap?). At this rate, I may get a vampire in this family yet...but anyway, this performance didn't go as well as Lana had planned:

Clark Bellamore is like, "OMG crazy lady, can't dance without twisting her ankle; how is she going to make it as a singer?" Good question.

So I had her engage in conversation with Clark, and it turns out they both have the same alma mater.

Okay it's now 6 p.m. in the game and Dax is supposedly STILL at work. I wonder if the latest patch messed something up. I think I'll have to use Reset Sim to fix this.

But I'll do that later. I'm going to end this chapter here because I've got some real life things to take care of and I was going to watch a movie as well, so I'll come back to this game later. Stay tuned! I hope I can get this sorted out, but if not, back to the drawing board...when Lana is turning into an adult in two days. lol Stay tuned! The next update shouldn't take as long. ;)

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