Sunday, June 16, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 2

Welcome back! Last time, Lana proposed to Dax, the guy who is dressed up as Frodo. He said yes, so I have another bachelorette party and wedding to plan!

But for now...

Trick or treat time!

Derrick was an alien, Clara was a tiger, and Carly was a cow plant. Oh goodie.

And speaking of the's now their birthday!!!!

At least teenagers can also dress up for Spooky Day and go trick-or-treating. hehe

Here we go!

Clara went first, and she developed the Grumpy trait (oh lovely, she's evil and grumpy).

Carly was next, and she had her birthday while trick or treating, so she wasn't even home. She ended up celebrating with a stranger...stranger danger! But here she is:

She developed the Daredevil trait. Another interesting one partnered with Evil...

And last but not least is Derrick, and his random trait? Natural Born Performer. What are the odds? He was tied with Lana for torch holder, and her lifetime wish is to be a Vocal Legend. lol They both would have gotten the same thing!

So Carly has taken on kind of a rocker image and Derrick is looking nerdy with that outfit. Three llamas howling at the moon (or whatever weird noise llamas make) with purple pants and a calculator belt buckle. Reminds me of Howard from The Big Bang Theory. In fact, a lot of those nerd outfits that came with University remind me of that show...

Moving on...did you see the mess behind Derrick? No? Well, look at this filth:

Good God what happened? There are seven people living in the house and no one can clean up the mess. Someone call a maid!


I just zoomed out and saw that! That is horrible!!! Just...ugh!

Why does this not surprise me?...This family is full of nothing but lousy housekeepers.

Okay, what the hell is this?

I thought I told Richard to retire, but he apparently had other plans. He's now a ballot counter in the political career, yet he's dressed like a chef wanting to be the mayor. And he's talking to Lennon Sosa, the vampire I tried to fix Lana up with who kept rejecting her advances. Although, unlike his daughter, Richard managed to make friends with him...and he's a werewolf!

Right...Plus, Richard is talking about cooking (despite being in the political career; it was Piper who used to be in the culinary career), and Lennon is obviously tired. And wow, what the hell happened to him? He should demand his money back if he got a makeover...that Mohawk could put someone's eye out! I don't even want to know...

Clara and Carly both started having mood swings, and I got a popup saying that today is Darian's birthday! Hooray!!! Of course, that means she'll be moving out because I need to make room for Dax and Lana's future children...but I'll wait until after the bachelorette party.

But this house better be cleaned up first! OMG!!!

What the shit?! You could go swimming in that leak!!! This family is obviously getting ready for the release of Island Paradise with all this water floating about. One of the triplets was playing with a toy dragon just days before Dragon Valley was released. Do these Sims know something...? They can see what comes in the future!

Clean it up!!! Not only the puddles, but also those nasty dishes! Blah! I finally broke down and called the repairman.

Lana, it's not time for your bachelorette party just yet, so stop looking at the repairman's butt please.

Darian's first lifetime wish popped up, so I got it for her. What is it? The Animal Rescuer. Probably a good thing she's not the founder because if she has to adopt six strays to get that wish, she wouldn't be able to keep up with feeding all of them and getting a high enough relationship for the option to even be available.

It's now party time!!!

I finally witnessed the champagne spray, and she did it all on her own! And we've got the stripper!

Piper's stripper was an army guy; Lana gets a cowboy. lol Hilarious!

Whoa, what's this?! Two cowboy dancers!!!

Lana looks as dazed as I do. roflmao Nice!

OMG! Really? Now?

NOO!!! What a way to ruin a party!!! Poor Inu! I knew it was coming, but it's so sad that the time is actually here...the Grim Reaper is taking Inu away. :(

Inu actually started licking him...and OMG his voice is so creepy! Normally I have the game muted but this time I didn't and I heard Grim's voice for the first time. Yikes!

Well, that's one way to crash a party...everyone was all excited about the two strippers and then Grim showed up uninvited and took the family dog. That killed the mood...and yes I know, bad pun.

Piper recovered pretty quickly though - she went into the kitchen with one of the strippers and started doing the smustle.

Looks like she's going to throw out her back. Or like she's walking around pregnant (again).

So Inu's death prompted the promised cemetery for the family on the lot. This way, I can be visited by ghosts, but they won't be brought back to life, as that isn't how a legacy is supposed to work (or so I've read).

Just one lonely stone right now, but Piper and Richard will be joining it before too long...oh boy...

So this is Lana's bachelorette party but she got a gig...for two of the guests! Well, that works. But while she was doing that, Piper decided to mourn Inu in a different way:

OMG Piper, stop it! You're too old for that, plus your precious dog just died! What is wrong with you?!

Lana then peed herself. I probably would too if my dog died at my bachelorette party and my mother started dancing with one of the strippers while my dad was upstairs asleep.

Meanwhile, across town, the triplets all got opportunities for a one-day after school job. Derrick must have had a bad day because he got out and transformed into his werewolf form, and it isn't a full moon yet.

Ugh, why do they never grow into their faces, especially their noses?

So since a party was going on anyway, it seemed like a good time to have Darian blow out her birthday candles to turn into a young adult.

Look at all those people! Good grief.

And here she is in young adult form:

Hooray! Now I'll have to remember to make them read the newspaper so I can keep tabs on where she goes after she moves out...her and the triplets and all future descendants who move out. I want to know who they marry and if they have kids. :D Now if I could just figure out how to take a screenshot of the little popups that say the news...

Anyway, since Darian did so well in school (I knew I did right by dressing her as a nerd!), I got to choose her last trait. But I always randomize those, so she got...Good. I can live with that. :)

And on that note, I shall end this chapter! The next one should have Lana's wedding to Dax, and Darian should move out then and hopefully Lana will even get pregnant to begin the next generation. Stay tuned! And as always, thanks to all the readers and people who comment! :)


  1. Yippy! I was just so bored this morning and then pow! You solved everything with another chapter!
    Now if only you could post one an hour for the rest of the day so I can have something to read....
    Maybe? :D

    1. Yay, I'm being helpful! :D I'm glad I solved your boredom, at least for a little while. :) Yes it would be nice if I could upload a chapter every hour...darn time, I need more of it! Thanks for reading and commenting!