Saturday, June 8, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 1

At last! Generation 2 has begun!!! And this one should be much shorter than the last one (28 chapters, yikes!).

This was a very close match too, between Lana and Derrick. As soon as I thought I knew the next heir, someone came up and voted for the other one! Insanity!

Speaking of Lana, she and her parents still haven't returned from their trip. So I had to break my own vow and make Darian throw a party in the hopes that she'd get caught and the police would be called, thus bringing the adults back home. Even though Darian will undoubtedly get grounded, at least I can work on this legacy with the torch holder.

So as the party gets started (Darian only knows two other teens, one of which was already in the house, so that's all that got invited), Derrick, being exhausted, asks one of the guests (Jessie) to read him a bedtime story. Yeah, that's a way to get into the party mood.

HEY! What's this?! Just because your sister isn't here doesn't mean you can sleep in her bed! I use the bed assigning feature for a reason!!!

Geez...I guess that feature only works when the Sims are in the house...But he did get his bedtime story!

I'm getting worried about him...first he dresses up as a princess, he had a butterfly rug in his room, and now he's in a pink bed in a pink room. Again, Damian!

He did, however, roll his first lifetime wish - Leader of the Pack. So that's what he's getting. Woot!

Oh, and if you guys don't know what movie that is, get off my blog. :p Just kidding. hehe

Poor Nancy...both girls ganged up on her to ask for a bedtime story. Good grief, their parents are gone but it's pointless to ask their big sister...

Clara: "Can you read me a bedtime story?"

Carly: "Yeah, me too!"

Nancy: "Sure, that sounds fun...just what I came over here for! Non-paid baby-sitting!"

Darian: "Pay no attention to the person dancing two feet away from you."

Creepy! Derrick sleeps with his eyes open (at least in werewolf form)!

Okay then...

So of course, then I got the notification that the adults were returning early...but the cops didn't get called so there's some good news. Hopefully the parents will just look at this as a baby-sitting help day. Come on, one teen taking care of triplets? Who could do it?

Very funny. Anyway, I also got a notification that Miriam, one of the women who came out of the well and tried to seduce Piper, is getting old and won't live forever so apparently she should be visited.

So Darian kicked everyone out of the party. Jessie was like, "You call that a party? Whatever! I'm leaving!" No, you're leaving because I don't want Darian to get grounded and start sneaking around everywhere like her big sister (which I may have to move her out and back in to fix).

The good news is that it worked. The guests left and the house was clean, so yay!

YES!!! Going on the trip made Lana stop sneaking around! I don't have to move her out after all!!!

Of course, she and her parents lost their wishes, but that's okay, it's a small price to pay to have Lana walk normally.

Oh, and behold, another rare sight of the whole house sleeping again!

Although Darian woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had a mood swing. Well, I'd have a mood swing too if I woke up like this:

Tired, hungry, and smelly. What a combination. Hope she doesn't get as rebellious as Lana seemed to get.

Speaking of Lana...I'm slightly hesitant considering her mother's luck, but I'm going to try wishing for love at the well for Lana, the second generation's torch holder. I better not get a single female mate this time...I need babies!!!

Maybe she'll even get another car out of the thing, or a lucky coin. *crosses fingers*

Oh, that went well. A frog didn't even jump out this time. No mate period, not even one of the wrong gender. Wonderful.


Lana: "This is so gross. I've heard horror stories about my mother doing this...if I get a female mate, I will go on a killing spree."

Yeah, I may make her a criminal on top of being a singer. lol


The verdict? Not a female mate...

Shea Corona!!! He's an old man!!!

Shea: "Hey, baby, I can be your sugar daddy. There's a lot of miles left in my tires."

Lana: ""

OMG! Well, I guess elders can still reproduce...but I may try again for the heck of it. Heck he'd probably croak (pardon the pun) before she gave birth to their first kid. Oh man, this well...


Frog #2, Bachelor #1 less than five feet away...this should be good.

She has a naughty reputation from kissing a frog now, but the next bachelor is...

Dax Whiteman! wtf, Did we walk into a Lord of the Rings set and not realize it?

Oh well, I'll give him a makeover but I like him. So Dax is the one I plan to get Lana fixed up with!

Of course, Shea didn't like that too well if this reaction is any indication:

No idea why Lana has the broken heart thought bubble above her head, but whatever. Sorry Shea but I need someone young enough to give me lots of babies. hehe

Lana got a cheater reputation but Dax hugged her all on his own. Shea is still pissed off though.

Speaking of Dax, he is a Sagittarius with the Hopeless Romantic and Family-Oriented traits. There are more but Lana and I both still have to learn them. :D

Shea: "You cheating skank! What is wrong with you?! I gave you the whole two minutes of my existence as a human and not a frog! How could you choose that Frodo wannabe over me?!"

Dax: "Dude, I'm right here."

Lana: "I don't want to breed with you! You're probably all shriveled up!"

Yeah, he yells at her while Dax flirts. I can live with that. :D New trait discovered about Dax - Snob. Oh joy.

So Lana asked Dax to go steady with her, and he accepted. Hooray!!!

Shea: "You filthy, cheating piece of garbage!"

Lana: "Oh just shut up and die already. You were a frog once - go croak for real. Besides, every part if you is probably all wrinkly and shriveled. Not a turn-on."

Hmm...guess he's digging for the coin that Lana threw in that well to wish for him. lol Nice...

Lana: "God I'm hungry."

Shea: "Eat garbage you piece of crap!"


Of course, then Lana tried to flirt with him! I cancelled that interaction quick! Instead, I sent Lana and Dax, who are now on a date, to the theater (La Cinema Plumbob that is) to see a movie.

They're watching a romantic comedy and apparently that puts them in a romantic mood. hehehe

OMG Lana, stop! She keeps spawning the interaction to flirt with other people, all by herself!


Derrick, get out of your parents' bed. I told you to sleep in your bunk bed!

Aww, how sweet! They're watching the stars the rain. Whatever works. Except...I don't know why but Dax said the date was bad and quoted Pink's "U + Ur Hand", they were doing fine and flirting all on their own! That's it!

Some good news? Darian's teenage mood swing is over and she didn't kill anyone. Hooray! Another hooray - today is Spooky Day! Now there will be more kids to enjoy it with!

I guess Piper hates that gnome and it's annoying her as much as it has me for a while:

And apparently she's such a nerd that she can now communicate telepathically with others. Oh my.

I told Derrick to do his homework and this is how he reacted:

He raged by attacking the furniture. I guess he doesn't want to do it.

Lana invited Dax over, but his future mother-in-law was less than inviting.

Piper: "No one has proposed yet but you won't take my baby girl away from me!"

Dax: "What have I gotten myself into?"

Okay then. Richard started debating politics with him until finally he and Lana went to the fall festival, where they entered the apple bobbing contest.

Aww, how sweet!

He gave her flowers, yay!

Let's get this party started. Never mind that it's dark and pouring down rain...

Lana: "Dax, I've known you for maybe 24 hours but you're my soul mate and I want to marry you and have kids with you. Will you be my husband?"

Dax: "OMG shiny! I can't resist the shiny!"

That works. So yay, my second generation's torch holder is officially engaged!!!

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off. Next time, the triplets should have their teenage birthdays, and a day after that, Darian will be a young adult, and therefore kicked out to make room for more babies. :D Stay tuned! And sorry this is a week late - time, I need more of it! Until next time!


  1. He can't resist the shiny? Uh-Oh! You may truly be recreeating LOTR right now.... watch out for orcs!
    Love it! Can't wait for the wedding.

    1. HAHA The funniest part is that I'm not a Lord of the Rings fan at all. :p I like Leonard's version of Frodo, though. :D Thanks for reading and commenting again!