Saturday, May 4, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 25

Greetings! Welcome back! I loaded the game back up waiting to see Darian age up into a teenager. As soon as the toddlers become children, I promise to have a poll up to vote for the next torch holder. They'll age up before Lana becomes a young adult, so that's some good news.

So uh...yeah, remember when I said I was waiting for Darian to become a teen? It apparently happened in the shower.

She's walking around naked and she didn't grow into her body. Okay, I seriously thought I'd never have that glitch since I don't use custom content. I'm beyond freaked out right now.

So then I bought a birthday cake and tried to age her up that way. It still said she was a child, so...yeah. Hopefully this works. *crosses fingers*

YES! It worked! Thank God!

So since she did her own homework and was a good kid, I got to choose her fourth trait. However, I've stated that when that happens I'll randomize the traits, so behold, Darian now has the Night Owl, Heavy Sleeper, Loner, and Snob traits. Interesting...A snobby teenager, how appropriate.

Better, right? I think so.

Though due to her studious habits, I decided to make her into a type of nerd, at least wardrobe-wise. Because, well, why not? :D

Here she is:

Yay! Word to the nerds!

At that point, somehow Darian got out of going to school. In fact, I think Piper called her in sick. I got a notification saying "Sorry you're feeling ill." Okay then...

The university mascot showed up again, so why not have Darian give the aptitude test a try?

Well, that's one way to take it - outside with the mascot.

Oh, and what is this? Did anyone catch what was happening in the background? No? Well, here you go! Adorable!!!

Derrick is clawing the furniture! Not good for it, but it's cute to see a toddler do it. :D I made him stop and told him to practice hunting, not knowing what it did. Again, cute!

I'm melting because of the cuteness!

Inu: "What the hell are you doing?"

Derrick: "I'm practicing hunting! And I hate this carpet! Imma tear it up!"

Oh my.

Darian didn't do too hot on her scholarship despite always doing her homework; she scored 681 out of 2,400. Darn...Oh well, maybe I'll send both girls to college anyway. Get them out of my hair. :D

Clara, that isn't how you play the xylophone.

Piper got an opportunity to settle an argument, apparently because one woman is deathly afraid of technology. Okay then. But she did it and got paid for it, so more money for the family!

And who was afraid of the horrible technology? A female werewolf, and after she paid Piper (ha, she paid the piper!), this is what happened:

OMG Piper, that's so wrong on so many levels!!!

*shudders* Thanks for that image permanently burned into my retinas...

Derrick, you little stinker! You're going to buy new furniture when you get older! Can't leave you alone for a minute. Your mother left but your older sister is home...why can't she watch you? Gah...At least that's a better image than what your mother is currently doing. O.O

Speaking of surprises, I found something in Darian's inventory that I didn't know she had:

She apparently got a trophy for being the best ballet dancer. Awesome!

Oh, and you probably noticed the new room...since the triplets will be growing into children relatively soon and there are now two teenagers in the house, I figured one more bedroom was in order. I have the twins sharing a room right now since I'd like Derrick, the only boy, to have his own room, but I don't know if that will happen or not. But awesome for bed assignments! I love that feature!

But yeah, here are the new bedrooms:

Seems every time this family gets some money, I end up spending it. But I've been contemplating a third bedroom for quite some time, and I did add some windows and rugs, but...yeah. Bite me.

Oh, and yes, I did put a butterfly rug in the boy's room. It's still blue!

Lana then got an opportunity to get a part-time job. Why not? The family could always use more money.

Speaking of work, holy crap Piper is actually going to work!

She hasn't gone in forever...I guess that's what happens when you have five kids, three of them at the same time. Darian is home today to watch the kids but tomorrow they'll need a baby-sitter. Good grief...yeah Piper, go earn some more money for me to spend! :D

And here's Richard, home from work, geeking out about comic books to his teenage daughter.


Derrick, meanwhile, was playing in the playpen and learned to talk all by himself. Yay!!!

Uh...yeah...I'm going to leave off at this point, because my mind is going straight to the gutter in a very bad way with this picture.

That looks so wrong...good night!


  1. Darian is cute! An Derrick... I don't have supernatural so I get my werewolf fix here. Too adorable.
    LOL at the last picture - another great chapter.
    By the by, if you know what you want the girls to study you can have them get more prepared by leveling up skills related to that major. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

    1. Thanks, I'll have to get them going with some more skills! And figure out what I want them to major in. :D Awww, you don't have Supernatural? I'm sorry. :( That's one of my favorite ones! Thanks for reading and commenting again!