Sunday, May 12, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 26

Welcome back to my (very long) legacy! I think I need to start picking up the pace here...of course, after I've experienced almost everything with my first generation family, it will most likely become repetitive for each following generation, so lowering the age spans once again will probably be beneficial.

As for now, where were we? Ah, yes. Darian playing a game in a compromising position regarding Richard. Yikes...

The triplets have only two days left until they age up into children. At that point, I'll lower the age spans again and put up a poll on who you guys think the next torch holder should be.

Undo that - I'm tired of waiting and I don't want this legacy to be too long. Twenty-five chapters for one generation is too many. :p So here are the new lifespans and they'll hopefully be satisfactory and can stay this way:

Baby: 3 days
Toddler: 4 days
Child: 5 days
Teenager: 7 days
Young Adult: 10 days
Adult: 10 days
Elder: 10 days

Of course, as soon as I did that, I got a notification that a fight broke out at work between the pastry chef and saucier over who used the last of the catsup. Hmm...should Piper watch or try to help? What the heck, let's see if she can help.

And the verdict is...

She broke up the fight! Her co-workers and boss were impressed, even though she got the catsup everywhere. Yay!

Apparently this was also Piper's one-year anniversary working at the diner, so her co-workers threw her a party. Awesome!

That means it won't be too much longer until she and Richard celebrate their wedding anniversary, and I should get a badge for that. YES!

And of course she also got a promotion. I mean, how could she not - she's been there for a year (though half of that, if not more, was spent at home with five kids on maternity leave) and she broke up a fight. Epic!

On her way home, Piper got invited to a party, but I thought it would be more fun for her to check out a unicorn that spawned!

The unicorn's name is Knight, and it was all cranky with a wild horse. Kind of reminded me of Charlie the Unicorn.

Don't know that series? Look it up on YouTube. :p

But Piper managed to show it some affection. I guess it's a male considering it has a beard.

I spoke too soon - he didn't like when she tried to rub his neck.

Ah, that's better...apart from the horn almost stabbing her in the eye.

Piper: "You're such a pretty unicorn, and you're so sweet! I want you to be my pet!"

Knight: "I could really go for a drumstick right about now. This weird chick's legs would probably work."

Now he's begging her for carrots. lol Okay then, that works.

So then I got a notification that Piper and Miriam, one of the old ladies who popped out of the well way back in chapter 1 as a potential mate, were no longer friends. And then it said that Miriam is getting old and won't live forever so Piper should probably visit her.


So then this random fairy comes up and this happens:

He turned into a little sprite and flew around, playfully pestering Piper. The unicorn is like, "How is he even moving...?"


(That picture totally brings back memories...)

So Piper decided now would be a good time to go home...maybe she'll make that unicorn a pet yet!


Aww, look at the two teen girls sleeping in their new room!

Oh how I love the bed-assigning feature!!!

So, changing those lifespans put the toddlers right at the point of having their birthday! YES! Of course, the downside is that this also prompted every single other person in the house except Darian to have birthdays too! I guess I should have left a one-day leniency for the triplets...Oh least next time I'll be more prepared.

Clara: "I'm hungry! Let me out!"

Piper: "OMG I can't get over to the crib! The imaginary friend doll is in the way!"

>.< EA really needs to rethink their physics...

And the object is apparently in use so I can't even pick it up to move it. I had to resort to the move objects cheat...

Okay, now this is a family picture. Piper failed to potty-train Clara, Lana failed at another experiment, Darian is the one coming in to once again clean out the dirty potty chair, and Piper is just standing there doing nothing.

Piper: "Oh thank God you two are here! Please, shut her up!"

Darian: "Mom, maybe if you'd feed her, she would shut up. It smells like ass in here."

Lana: "Tell me about it. Clean out that toilet, too and stop making your kids do it!"

Okay then...and I guess Lana was in there because she had to use the toilet. What, is the downstairs one broken or in use? Nope, I just checked.

Hmm...this looks safe.

Let's leave your toddler at the top of a staircase, and a winding one at that, while you go off and...I don't know what the hell you're doing...but you're doing it wrong!

Oh, all that Lana and you BREAK the toilet?

Oh, now here's a shot:

Darian: "OMG would you move?! I'm standing here holding a sack of crap because our stupid mother won't clean it up, and you're in the way of the only trash can in the house!"

Clara: "I'm hungry and Mommy won't feed me! And why don't you throw that in the big toilet rather than a trash can?"

Good point...why is she taking it downstairs? O.o

Oh, because Lana is unclogging the toilet she broke. Wonderful.

Oh for God's sake.

They're all stuck at the top of the stairs because no one else will move. /facepalm

That went on for like another five minutes until I finally had to use MOO to fix it. Good going, ladies...

So then my game zapped downstairs to Clara, who is ready to age up!!!

There she is! And she got a randomly generated trait apparently due to her limited upbringing. Right...but yeah, her new trait? Easily Impressed. That's on top of Evil and Brave. Yay!

I think I found a glitch though - when Clara was a toddler, she was playing with Darian's imaginary friend doll, and it's now stuck in her inventory. Even with MOO on, I can't get it out of Clara's inventory, and she won't play with it either. So I guess it's permanently trapped in there.

Richard rolled the wish to woohoo with Piper, who was at work. But I don't think he'll be physically able to after...

Yep, my first elder in this legacy! My, how time flies!

And I knew this would happen - I go to save and the screen zips to another birthday person - this time it's...

Lana!!! She is now a young adult, old enough to move out on her own or go to university! But I can't do anything with her until a new torch holder is picked in case she has to stay. :D

And due to her "indifferent study habits" I didn't get to choose her last trait - what did she get? Flirty. Just what she

Wowza, I barely got a chance to take that picture before the camera shuffled slightly to Piper, who's having her birthday now!

Piper: "Ugh, this stinks."

No, that's just you. Take a bath!

I then told Lana to get the rest of the triplets out of the playpen so they could also age up...

...only to discover that she's STILL walking around by sneaking!!! What the hell?!

I thought once she was out of her teenage years, that would go away! That's so annoying! I may have to move her out and back in quickly just to fix it...I hope it doesn't screw up any relationships or anything but that's ridiculous. birthday triggered!

YAY!!! And due to his "modest childhood development" once again the trait wasn't an option for me; he got Computer Whiz. Good, now maybe he can hack us some money!

And last but not least...Carly! She was the last to age up, and here she is as a child:

Carly had a "difficult upbringing" and got the Unlucky trait. Oh great...of course, her mother had the Lucky trait and that didn't always work out for her. So maybe this trait will have the opposite effect on Carly.

And good grief, what is with Carly's outerwear?

She looks like an Oompa Loompa gone drag.

Okay...So that's the exciting news for this chapter, and that's where I'll leave it off. But that's not all - a poll is now up!!! It's time to vote for the next torch holder!!! I fully intend to make all future generations shorter than 26 chapters...good grief, that's insane.

Anyway, here's how this will work: The winning torch holder will assume the position when they become a young adult. All siblings will be moved out elsewhere in town when they reach young adult age. Other than that, things will stay the same - the torch holder will get a mate, start a family, etc. and the cycle will continue. Generation challenges always seem to go through 10 generations, so I'll try for that...I apologize for my lack of updates, as I do have other projects in the works plus a full-time job and social life to keep up with. :p But anyway, thanks to everyone who reads and comments! Cast your vote now! A more detailed post is going to follow this one to show pictures and information on the possible torch holders. Vote now!


  1. YAY! I totally voted (although the vote is split straight down the middle now...) and can't wait to see who bears the torch. Piper looks good as an elder too - my legacy Sim is about to die (any day now...) and I'm going to be sad to see him go - just as I will when Piper goes. Although I'm not as attached to Richard.
    Can't wait!!

    1. Thanks, Ckor! Yeah I don't know what's going on with that poll. That bites...I'm sure I'll be sad when Piper dies too. Richard, I'm not as attached to him either; I totally used him for breeding purposes. hehehe I can only imagine what will happen in future chapters! I'll have to build a graveyard outside for the dead family members so I can have ghosts on my lot. That will be exciting. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!