Thursday, April 25, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 24

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Lana was heading to prom and Darian was getting ready for her teenage birthday. Let's jump right back in!

So how did it go at prom for Lana? Well, I got a notification saying that she begged everyone for the honor, and it worked. So Lana became prom queen by groveling to her fellow students! And here I was afraid prom would be something like this:

Meanwhile, at home...

Clara is sleeping on the floor. Okay then.

I then got a notification that Lana was challenged to a dance war. She won, and the other student was a sore loser so a fight broke out. She then got a negative moodlet because of it, which said that instead of getting into a fight at prom, she should keep her eyes on her own date. She didn't even take a date.

Also, yay for more Vampire Diaries gifs!

She then asked a loner classmate to dance since she felt sorry for him. How does he respond? He throws his drink in her face. What a dick!

Oh, and that gave her yet another negative moodlet (the first one was -20, this one was -50). Grr...

And then she apparently spotted a three-eyed llama. WTF is that?!

I didn't realize I got lots of notifications while a teen was at prom. Awesome! Now if only it wasn't a rabbit hole.

The final notification: Lana thought she was going to have the time of her life but her crush showed up with a date. Wow, despite winning prom queen (even if it was by begging), her night kind of sucked.

Like I said before...

And here is her prom picture:

And here's her queen's crown:


Hmm...Piper apparently got enough nerd reputation to join that social group. How? She was playing video games on the TV.

Okay, well whatever works.

I had to get a shot of this too, just because I thought it was cute:

She's on the playground! Yay!

And now to attempt to train the last of the triplets:

Piper: "There's no need to be uncomfortable, we'll get through this. You can do it!"

Derrick: "Yeah, okay. I'm on a pink toilet that hasn't been cleaned since you potty-trained my sister. This isn't awkward at all."

Seriously, that toilet is still dirty.

Lana managed to fail yet another science experiment...and she's still sneaking around the house. Five days are left until she becomes an adult. I hope I can stand it that long...

It's now Leisure Day, so what better way to celebrate than by blowing off Piper's fireworks that she got with her festival tickets?

Piper: "OMG it's not making any noise, just spinning around with sparks, but it's so scary!"

Okay then. Also, if this were real life, surely she'd know better than to put that so close to the house...the evil gnome with the fire on his hat is a nice touch.

I still get those every the snakes! Though they're much bigger in this game...

Darian: "Mom, what are you doing? Those snakes won't make a sound, and FYI, I'm cleaning out the potty chair that you once again abandoned."

Piper: "What? I can't hear you over this awesomeness I just created."

I think it's Darian's turn for some fireworks after that.

Oh, this is nice. Both parents have turned into nerds, and they're now gamers. They play video games all the time. Never mind that they have five kids to take care games are serious business!

Now this is a picture for Grilled Cheese Month (happening now on the Sims' official Facebook):

Darian: "Dad, what are you doing?"

Richard: "Eating grilled cheese, what does it look like?"

Lana: "Maybe I should make a potion to make them both sick..."

Funny, as Lana (or I) was thinking that, Darian suddenly started to feel ill. What are the odds?

And here's Richard growling at me (me, as no one else was in this line of sight) because I dared look at his grilled cheese.

Oh, and then he broke the sink:

Good going.

Oh, really, Lana? You couldn't stop conducting failed experiments long enough to pee?

Don't look at me like that. I didn't make you NOT go to the bathroom. And once again, it ends up clear behind you, not even in the appropriate vicinity. Dear God...

Just for that, I think it's time Lana uses her stink juice again (I'd have Darian do it but I guess children can't). But that's Lana's punishment for peeing herself, and Richard's for growling at me and breaking the sink. Let the games begin!

Not those games, but okay.

Of course, there is a side effect to that...and apparently I didn't take a picture of it, but Richard started yelling at Lana.

Richard: "What are you doing?! I just un-grounded you and you're planting a stink bomb in here?! Don't you stink bad enough after peeing your pants?!"

Lana: "Uh...yeah but you don't you filthy mongrel!"


I guess it won't work if an adult is in the room...I better try it somewhere else...

Upstairs hallway, that's better!

Though it seems to be affecting Lana more than the intended target...and poor innocent Derrick got caught in the fray.

Now this is more like it:

Of course, the point of a prank is to GTFO when you're the guilty you don't experience the side effects.

Yes, really.

Time for a big rocket!

That's all it amounted to was two big shots. Okay then...ripoff!

Again, not that type of ripoff, just like not that type of game (see above). Seriously though, type in ripoff in Google images...that's all you find! O.O!

So Derrick woke up really hungry and with a dirty diaper. What does Richard do? Changes Derrick's diaper, puts him in the high chair...and gets himself a carton of ice cream to eat (even though one carton is already on the table) while Derrick shrieks like "what is wrong with you?"

Some people...

I then got the notification that it's Darian's birthday! Congrats, she'll soon be a teen!!! And that's where I'll leave this chapter time, we'll see what she looks like as a teen! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay! I guess I didn't realize this had been posted when I said I couldn't wait - or maybe your just knew I wanted another chapter! Poor Lana, prom can be a rough time for teens - but I've never had one go as poorly as hers.
    Can't wait to see what Darian looks like as a teen - I bet she'll be gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, even though she won prom queen, her night was horrible. The Carrie pictures were fitting for that. :D I look forward to seeing what Darian looks like as a teenager as well. Guess I better get back to writing! Thanks again for reading and commenting!