Saturday, April 20, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 23

Welcome back to the legacy! Last time, the triplets aged up to toddlers, Lana began having a teenage hormonal crisis, and the family now has some playground equipment. Let's see what's in store for them this time.

Inu went outside to dig a hole and found a large space rock. Yay!

Richard: "I'm hungry, dirty/stinky, and now I have to get up and go to work."

You should have thought about that while you were doing...whatever you were doing.

The good news? Lana improved her cooking skill. The bad news? I had to force her to go to school. Tsk tsk.

So then I got a notification that all the adults in the house won a sweepstakes for two days away. You know what that means!

Lana is going to throw a party! Sweet! Oh, and FYI, that picture brought back a lot of childhood memories...who can tell me what show that's from? Dear God I feel old now...

Of course, the house should probably be cleaned up first...I did manage to make like $1,000 selling one of the spring gnomes. I don't know where they keep coming from but I better get that badge after all that.

I had Darian sign up for ballet. I'm enjoying these various aspects of the game I never really noticed before due to writing stories. Yay!


A baby-sitter is taking care of the triplets while Lana and Darian are in school, but two of the kids' needs are in the red. And the sitter is just standing there covering her ears, freaking out. YOU'RE FIRED!

Too bad that girl is also invited to the party. Lana only knows two other teens, so they're both invited and that's it. I made it a swimsuit party since it's now summer and we have the water slide. If only children in this game could also take care of toddlers to some extent, even as small as giving them food or a bottle and even putting them in their cribs or something. Good grief.

Good news? Lana's mood swing is over. Hallelujah!

EA really needs to change their settings for random outfits. I don't know where they come up with some of this crap. That's Khalilah, and the other guest, aka the baby-sitter, is Kyla. And no they're not sisters, though they could pass for it.

Of course, what's a party without your little sister crashing it?

Oh, this is nice. Someone obviously wasn't watching the kid.

The chair next to him is all beat up too. He must have clawed it when I (er, Lana) wasn't looking.

Awww, how cute!

A dalmatian is on the lot! Tearing up the newspaper but I never make my Sims read it anyway, so who cares? lol

HOLY SHITE SNACKS! Darian was playing with the dalmation when suddenly...

I totally thought he was there to take Inu. He's an elder now, and he even came outside. Nope, turns out Inu wasn't the reaper's target...

He took Darian's new friend! I did not see that coming...

Poor dog. :( It was a stray so it didn't even have a name. Grrr...The tombstone was on the lot, but then it disappeared. But eventually I'll start a graveyard on the lot. Then I'll get to be visited by ghosts! But none of them will be resurrected; not in this legacy anyway. :p

Speaking of Inu, I got him another lifetime reward - Alpha Pet. This helps him find collectibles easier and more valuable ones. Yay!

Yeah, that's creepy...

I sent him out to find collectibles, and he found something special - a third of a mini dinosaur skeleton! Awesome!

Well, not that kind of dinosaur necessarily, but that's still funny.

Yum, doing her homework admist a clutter of dirty dishes full of flies while sitting in a shredded chair. Well, whatever floats your boat.

Of course, that's just the start of the funkiness to come.

Yep, a cop showed up. First, he sneezed on her. Then, he lectured her.

Cop: "You can't throw a party while your parents aren't here! Your friend over there was outside wreaking havoc in her swimsuit on your water slide!"

Lana: "WTF! I didn't even know she was still here! I figured everyone going to bed would imply the party was over!"

Peaches: "I'm so glad no one can see or hear me right now..."

Seriously, I didn't know Khalilah was still there. Good God, go home! Geez, everyone I invite over to this house wears out their welcome!

So yeah, she got Lana in trouble and her parents came home in an hour. The verdict? She's grounded.

Richard: "What's wrong with you?! You have four little kids to watch and you throw a party while we're gone?!"

Lana: "OMG I invited two people and only one person showed up! The stupid bitch stayed over until like 3 in the morning! I didn't know she was still here! I went to bed! A normal person would assume me going to bed meant the party was over!"

Richard: "I don't care, you're grounded!"

Good grief, the baby-sitter, who was also invited, bailed and Lana had to take care of her triplet toddler siblings while trying to host a party, while the only guest got her busted by the cops. I'd be having a smackdown right about now if this was real life.

The real kicker here? Lana's negative grounded moodlet says it's from trashing the house...The house was trashed long before Richard and Piper even left. It seems no one knows how to clean up anymore. I guess I should try to invest in a Bonehilda coffin.

Okay, now this is new. Apparently being grounded and unable to leave the house means not even being allowed to go to school. Lana tried to go to school twice and her mother is all, "I don't think so, missy! You're grounded!"

In what universe does being grounded mean you get a free day off from school? Oh, right. The Sims/EA universe.

And then Lana took a bath, after which her father barged in to scold her again.

Richard: "I'm still super pissed at you."

Lana: "OMG you're a fricken psycho! I was taking a bath, in this tub you left a filthy mess, probably with all your body hair! You won't even let me leave the house to go to school! If I end up a homeless idiot due to lack of education, it's your fault!"

She was already grounded and he just grounded her again. What the hell is going on here?!

Yes, insanity. That sums it up.

Oh, apparently it's from skipping school. Uh...she couldn't go to school! Her dumb mother wouldn't let her!

Also, someone seriously needs to clean that tub. Gross.

Now here is a picture:

Inu came into contact with fleas while hunting, and he then went into the consignment store and fell asleep on a couch for sale in there while dreaming about baseballs with his eyes open. Ooo I hope no one wants to buy that couch....

So during this party, Lana ordered pizza. The delivery person showed up and took the money but I never saw the pizza anywhere. Well, I found it.

Outside on the one took it inside where it might be a little safer and more edible. The Ninja Turtles would be appalled at this lack of respect to pizza.

Yeah, the person made me pay for the pizza and then they just left it on the ground. I think I'll file a complaint with the manager.

How did a stray dog get IN the house? Just...I don't even...

Piper was outside, chasing Inu in her formal dress (again), and Richard went out there to complain about the dirty toilet.

Richard: "The toilet is absolutely filthy! Clean it up!"

Piper: "Excuse me? I just pushed out three kids, BY MYSELF, like thee days ago, and they're already toddlers! I've paid my dues! You're the one with the problem, so YOU clean it up!"

Inu: "Don't mind me, I'm just pooping...I don't get a toilet, even a dirty one. I have to do my business outside."


Although I can see what Richard means...

Now this is cute - the triplet girls are playing together!

Time to potty-train Clara!

Meanwhile, Carly is learning how to walk.

Piper then checked the mail and found TWO love letters to Richard from his vampire boss. Seriously, no!

And then I try once again to get at least one of the two older girls to learn the potion to make their imaginary friend real, and this is what I see:

Darian, you're doing it wrong!

Lana: "OMG I stink, I need a shower, but my toddler sister is in my way playing with my doll!"

Yes Lana, you're grounded so walk around by sneaking everywhere, even though your mother is literally RIGHT THERE.

Good girl, Darian!

She started doing her homework all by herself! I didn't even have to tell her to! :D

And look what someone else did all by himself without me asking!

Richard: "You've been good despite failing your chemistry experiments all the time. So I'm letting you off the hook. You're no longer grounded."

Lana: "Gee, thanks, Dad. You grounded me for not going to school, yet when I tried to go you wouldn't let me leave the house because I threw a party at which a guest overstayed her welcome, getting us all caught. But yeah, cool."


Of course, one relationship slightly improves, another messes up. Apparently Lana bored her imaginary friend...

Lana: "Thanks a lot for having my back during that party fiasco. I got grounded for something that wasn't my fault and then grounded again for not going to school, because they wouldn't LET me!"

Peaches: "Could you be any more dramatic? Is this the kind of behavior I can expect from you if I become real?"


I then got a notification saying that Richard's skills would transfer well to politics. So I could either let him stay in the business field at level 3 or move him to the politics field in level 2. I decided to give him a change. Look out politics, here comes Richard!

So Piper rolled the wish to redeem some of her festival tickets. Doing that finally got me the Prize Winner badge, though I'd already earned that a long time ago but never got credit for it. Whatever. Anyway, while at the festival, I came across someone else in town...

This is Francis Plumbob.

No relation whatsoever. Must be one of the townies that EA made. I had no idea there was another family in the game with that last name! lol

Okay, Piper, I realize your husband is a dog, but that doesn't mean you randomly start dancing with someone else...

Okay, I don't know why, but Lana is sneaking out despite no longer being grounded. And where is she going? To the prom!!!

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off. Will she get prom queen? And Darian's birthday is in a few days, so we'll get to see what she looks like as a teenager too. Stay tuned! Until then...


  1. I love your GIFS! Bear in the Big Blue House was on when I was in middle school - my dad would let me watch it or Murder She Wrote and Columbus - so BitBBH usually won.
    I haven't had a sim get grounded yet - of course I rarely play until someone becomes a teenager... but I think there's a mod to fix the no school issue/ (I think there's a mod for that..., nevermind!)
    The toddlers are still too cute - and Inu is adorable. I'm glad Grim wasn't there for him. That will be too sad.
    Can't wait for the next one.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, I'm glad Grim wasn't there for Inu, too. But unfortunately he'll eventually show up for him, as well as everyone else in the house if I manage to survive through ten I'll have to look into that mod too! Thanks!