Friday, April 12, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 22

Welcome back! Last time, Lana became a teenager and I'm still trying to get her to discover the potion to turn her imaginary friend into a real person. They seriously shouldn't make that so hard and time-consuming to accomplish...

Anyway, thanks to Lana's birthday, the University llama dropped off another freebie from college, and then flirted with Lana by saying, "What's your sign? It's like we're meant to be!"

Okay then...I don't even know who you are or what you look like because of that costume. Good grief.

I bought the new EA theater venue, plopped it down in town, and decided to send someone there to check it out. I gave Richard and Piper a much-needed break from all the kids.

That was the plan, anyway...

She brought Clara with her. Good grief! So fine, Richard went to see a movie.

Cool venue, though of course players have made better ones. We just didn't have the cool items otherwise. That's EA for you.

So anyway, while Richard and Piper were enjoying their date (with a baby) at the theater, Lana decided to cook...bad idea. She clearly inherited her father's cooking skills, or lack thereof.

Funny, it's the imaginary friend who comes to the rescue...He was even able to completely put the fire out.

So anyway, the parents finally came home, took care of the babies, and went to bed. Lana continued to work and managed to discover the stink potion. That will be fun...

And then...BEHOLD! The triplets are having birthdays! So yeah, I changed the ages around some more; they're having a birthday like every chapter. That's a little too often. :D I don't want this story to go TOO fast. :p So here are the new lifespans:

Baby: 3 days
Toddler: 7 days
Child: 7 days
Teen: 10 days
Young adult: 15 days
Adult: 15 days
Elder: 15 days

They're all back to default except for teens and older.

But anyway, hooray for the babies!

And this is what happens when Lana doesn't know what she's doing with a potion:

Time to take that college aptitude test instead.

Of course, due to her low skill levels, she didn't qualify for a scholarship. She scored 818 out of 2,400.

I then got notified that Inu found something very special. What was it? A space rock. I wanted a rainbow gem, dang it! Though I think I'll probably give up on that...I'd most likely have to use cheats to get it and I can't do that in a legacy. No matter how tempting!

Richard: "Om nom nom."

Lana: "What the heck is wrong with you, Dad?"

Darian: "I don't know these people."

HA! Lana got him again!!!

Whoa! Get a load of this!

I have no genies on this lot at all and I didn't tell any of the imaginary friends to clean's a magic mop! lol No just kidding, it was totally Peaches. Of course, I didn't have Lana selected as the active Sim, so I didn't realize that at first. Still funny though. :p

So I figured since Lana wants to be a vocal legend someday, I'd sign her up for an after school activity. Which one? Music! Another Generations feature I haven't really played with. :D

Lana went to bed, so I thought maybe Darian would have better luck with the imaginary friend potion.

Snuggles: "I want to be real!"

Darian: "That's nice. If you become real and you're a boy, I'll marry you."

Actually that would be awesome. :D

YIPPEE!!!! The camera zoomed in on's his birthday!

I get to see him as a toddler! And Carly and Clara too, or at least I should. :D

Awww, he's so cute!!! He's got his dad's hair and his mom's eyes. *squee*

And now that he and his triplet sisters will be toddlers, I can dump them in the play pen and let them learn by themselves. Same with the walker. teehee

Clara is up next!

More blonde girls. Good grief, first all they can have is girls, and then they're all blonde! Sheesh!

Another of my favorite movies, FYI.

And now for Carly!

What a surprise, she's also blonde.

Yes, girls that will happen once you hit puberty. :p

At least the two girls have different eye colors so I can tell who's who. Clara has blue eyes, Carly has brown. Yay!

Derrick: "I"m hungry!"

Carly: "I'm lonely!"

Richard: "I'm tired. Geez I can only take care of one of you at a time! Why is your mother still in bed? Does she think just because she gave birth to you three that she doesn't have to help take care of you?"

Yes, yes she does. And yes I did change Derrick's hairstyle and the girls have different outfits too.

Oh, and never mind how bad Darian has to pee - eating brain salad is very important!

Like mother, like daughter.

Why did I post that picture? I don't know, I despise those people...I guess that's the best example I could come up with. Excuse me while I puke.

That's better. Although I'm not a fan of that series either. :p

Don't look at me like that. You're the one who keeps failing at the experiments. I just want you to come up with the potion to make an imaginary friend real. Shut up.

Richard: "How can I possibly put this kid into the playpen with a toy dinosaur in the way?!"

I realize the laws of physics are different in the Sims universe, but come on.

Good God, the family is turning into zombies! Run for your lives!!!

This is new - I got a notification that Lana's hormones are acting up and she's having a mood swing, therefore she'll be more rebellious than usual. Oh lovely...hormonal teenagers can't even be escaped in the virtual world.

Her first wish? To skip school.

I figured she might as well fulfill another wish she's had for a while...plant some stink juice!

That makes her look like a mad scientist. The gnome behind her is a nice touch.


Her imaginary friend throws up on her in response! Now that's karma!

Lana: "OMG wtf is wrong with you?"

Peaches: "What? Why did you plant that thing in an enclosed space?! The only ones who are going to get it are us!"

Good point. Make another one and try again later, Lana.

Richard rolled some wishes to buy playground equipment, so I splurged and got the kids something else to entertain themselves with.

Piper christened it by using the water slide at night.

Okay then. Well, this is a good place to leave this chapter off, but I will leave you with one last cute picture:

Until next time!


  1. YAY! The kiddos are super cute. If it weren't for the pain of having to still take care of their every need I would say toddler is my favorite life stage.
    Hopefully Lana doesn't get too rebellious.

    1. Thanks, Ckor! Yeah, I love seeing what they look like as toddlers. I never know what they'll look like as infants. :D Toddlers are cute, but yeah the needs need to be taken care of. Still, the new toddler items help with building their skills. And I also hope Lana doesn't get too rebellious. Thanks for reading and commenting!