Saturday, April 6, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 21

Thanks to Lana's opportunity to make her invisible friend real, I got a chemistry table and had her start practicing to make that potion. Also, I think Piper's career is bugged, because she hasn't gone to work in forever yet she keeps getting paid for "personal time off". I won't complain, I think that's funny. I realize she's on maternity leave a lot but still. hehehe

So anyway, here is Lana working on a potion.

The floor. Now that's an ideal place for any infant. I don't know if she's more upset about how uncomfortable it is or because the scary gnome is right next to her.

Poor Clara...

And this is how Richard feels, though I'd say the feeling is mutual:

Richard: "I'm so tired, I just want to go to bed, and now the damn dog is in my spot, dreaming about sea monsters!"

Sounds like Sheldon - "You're in my spot."

Well, I then went to check on the kids and heard this God-awful noise. I paused the game and zoomed back to Richard...

Richard: "If I can't have my bed, no one can! RAWR!"

Inu: "Dafuq just happened?"

Okay then. A slight overreaction but whatever. The funny part? That actually fulfilled a wish.

Also, he rolled another wish - to throw a birthday party for his daughter from his first marriage.

At this point I thought it would be a good idea to get that darn TV repaired and give it back to the werewolf that keeps stalking Piper. Talk about lousy service.

That's from the movie The Cable Guy. lol How fitting. :D

Of course, why she put on a formal dress to do that, I can't imagine. So she finishes the TV, invites the bitch over, and she's all, "No, it's too late to come over."

Well up yours too.

Lana then wanted a bedtime story. Piper thankfully ignored how tired she was and went with it. How cute!

So then I thought I'd check everyone's lifetime rewards. Richard had enough to get the family no more bills. Sweet!

Lana: "OMG I'm trying to sleep! Shut up!"

Piper: "You're trying to sleep? I'm exhausted, filthy, stinky, and I haven't gotten any sleep in like three days. I should strangle you both. No, I should strangle your father. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have had to get a fertility treatment."

Well, then I got three notifications - today is Lana's birthday, and Piper and Richard will both have birthdays in a couple of days. Hooray!!!

Another show I'm really into now. Know what it is? It's awesome! :p

I must admit, I'm liking the shorter age spans so far. :D

And no idea how, but I randomly got a badge - Prettiest Sim at the Dance. None of my characters in here are teens, therefore not old enough to attend a dance. The notification said Piper won it. I guess that's either a glitch or it's from her and Richard slow dancing at the spring festival in the park. But okay, I'll take it!

So never mind that it's pouring down rain outside. Darian decided to spend her Saturday playing in the puddles.

Don't even ask what's up with her outfit because I have no clue. That's her formal outfit and it looks like she's wearing every possible color she can. O.o

And apparently since the terrain is sand, the kids can play in the sand without having to buy a sandbox. Awesome.

Heidi: "Did you know you were supposed to be my kid? Your mom and I totally had a thing but she dumped me for your dad. Who, by the way, has another kid with another woman. You know you're his third kid, right? At least."

Darian: "Someone save me from the crazy lady."

Seriously, get out. You got your dang TV back, now stop watching theirs.

Speaking of weird relationships...

Richard: *sniffs inappropriately*

Heidi: "OMG, Piper seriously chose YOU over ME?! Get off!"


Well, here's Richard's reaction:

He growls at her. But that didn't go as planned.

He's literally a dog, she's literally a bitch. God, she's beating a fellow werewolf with a paper. What happened to wolves all being there for each other? Dear God.

Richard finally told her to GTFO, and then it said that Darian's imaginary friend wants to come out and play. Awesome! Lana, get to work on that potion!

Lana also set three more booby traps but unfortunately I once again missed the shot of the whoopee cushion; I was busy watching Richard and Heidi go at it. Wait...

Everyone, meet Snuggles! This is Darian's imaginary friend.

Oh, this looks safe:

I think a stroller would have been more sufficient, plus why are you carrying a baby to the consignment store to check for a rainbow gem? Sheesh.

Yeah, put the baby on the floor while you inquire about gems. Awesome.

Here we have Darian telling Snuggles a ghost the daytime.

Remember how a while back Piper rolled a wish to woohoo with Richard, and he kept shoving her off because he wasn't in the mood? Well, he now rolled a wish to woohoo with Piper. Get to it!

How they found time to do that with five kids in the house, three of them infants, I can't imagine.

Okay, first of all, why is Piper showering with overalls on? Darn glitches...second, HA! Blue hair!

And then...ZAP! It's Lana's birthday!!!

Even Peaches is getting in on it. :D

And apparently she had indifferent study habits, so again I didn't get to choose her teenage trait. She got Photographer's Eye.

Good grief, she looks like a bad version of Marilyn Monroe. Excuse me while I fix that.

Much better. And I shall now bid you farewell again! Stay tuned!!!


  1. Tehe. I love the random outfits they age up into.

    1. rofl Oh yes, that's part of the surprise. You never know what they'll look like or be wearing. :D