Sunday, March 31, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 20

Welcome back! I was beginning to fear that this first generation would consist of only two kids, both girls. Boy was I surprised! Thanks to that fertility treatment lifetime wish, Piper gave birth to triplets, and the last one to pop out was FINALLY a boy! Hooray!

Oh, and where was Richard during all this?

Yep, sleeping. Piper had those three kids by herself at the hospital (and got there on a flying vacuum).

So I guess I should introduce the new members of the family.

First up is Baby Girl #1, Clara.

Her random traits are Evil and Brave. Should be interesting...

Then came Baby Girl #4, convincing me I had twins. This is Carly.

Her random traits are Evil and Eccentric. Great, two evil twins, one of them a mad scientist. I fear for future

Okay, that's what I get for giving BOTH parents a fertility treatment! The only problem was that Richard was in his werewolf form! Geez! Had I figured that out sooner, I wouldn't have given them that. :D

Okay, well meet Baby Boy #1! YES! I GOT ONE!

Meet Derrick! His random traits are Friendly and Hates the Outdoors.

And there you have it, the triplets! These lovely new additions to the family mean I have to buy more cribs and baby stuff. Sweet. At least I can finally put that boy's room to use, but at this point, the girl's room is too crowded with a bunk bed and one crib. Until Darian ages up, I'll have to keep all three triplets in the boy's room, then move one into her crib while she takes the bunk bed. And I'm sure that'll remain the case with the teenagers, or I may add another level to the house. Yippee.

And then I went through and made all the baby stuff (except the cribs) unisex-colored. Greens and yellows, here I come!

And here is the final product for the kids' bedrooms:

I also threw in the new playpen. Woot!

So it's 7 in the morning and I get a notification that today is Darian's birthday! Oh wow, already? Hey, I won't complain! At least children can somewhat take care of themselves, unlike toddlers.

And at this point, Darian and Clara are both awake screaming, and they and the other two infants have their needs in yellow. Uh...GET TO WORK, PIPER! I don't care how dirty you are; your children need you! Get going or else...

Inu then investigated a "strange Sim" which was actually Derrick. And he got the werewolf icon over his head...

Does this mean Derrick is a werewolf like his daddy? I hope so! I want at least one of the kids to be werewolves!!!

AHA! He IS a werewolf!!! He was apparently in such a bad mood that he transformed into a werewolf (while he was an infant). He's apparently lonely and hungry. Okay then...but yay, werewolf!!! Can't wait to see him do the cute werewolf toddler animations. :D

Of course, Derrick's crying woke up his sisters. This is madness (again)!

I really need to get some more Sparta pictures...

And here I was worried there wouldn't be any more babies in the house. O.o

Darian then learned to walk thanks to the walker, so yay! There's some good news. She'll be aging up soon anyway. :)

Richard got invited to his boss's party. In fact, his boss is a vampire and he's a werewolf. I'm surprised he's standing for that.

Oh, this is nice...

Piper: "How can I possibly get my kid out of her walker to have a birthday if there's a table in the way?!"

Uh...go around the table and get to her from the other side maybe?

Well she finally got her, walked her through the living room, put her in the playpen, and on the way she sniffed Richard and groaned. I think that means he should take a bath.

Richard: "I can't possibly take a bath! There's a bunny gnome in my way!"

What is with random crap getting in the way of everything else in this house? And where do all these spring gnomes keep coming from?! Good grief!

Darian: "I hope this stuff isn't toxic."

I then got an opportunity pop up for Lana to send a rainbow gem in regarding her invisible friend. Cool! I'll do it!

Of course, I had to research that. The easiest method seems to be via the chemistry table as opposed to the rainbow gem...lovely. Better build up her skill! Sure, it can be bought at the consignment store (randomly), but...yeah. No luck.

At this point, Richard runs off to his boss's party while Piper stays home and takes care of five kids...awesome. She's done that all day while he's been at work, and now he's going out to party.

And I caved and bought the chemistry table. *crosses fingers* That would be funny, if the imaginary friend turned into a guy and Lana, if she's chosen as torch holder, starts her legacy with him. roflmao


He's napping in someone else's bed, at a PARTY! Thrown by his BOSS!

Yeah, the guests look thrilled, especially his boss (the vampire in the front with the red and black dress). Talk about rude!

God Richard, I hope none of your kids get your weird tendencies, especially when it comes to relationships. Go home!

It's time for Darian's birthday anyway!

Behold! She's now a child! :D

Apparently she didn't have a very good upbringing, so I didn't get to choose her trait. She got Night Owl. Okay then...well, better than some at least.

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off. The next one may even result in the triplets aging up to toddlers. It's almost time to vote for the second generation's torch holder; that will happen as soon as Richard or Piper reaches elder status. Hooray!!! Until next time!

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