Thursday, March 28, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 19

Welcome back! So, last time I witnessed domestic violence on the part of Richard. Here's the aftermath shot:

One thing I hate about the full moon in this game is the weird greenish-blue glow it casts on everything? Plus it makes everything painfully bright. Just look at the bed!

Piper looks like she's in pain to me. She's pregnant and in the mood, and that's how he behaves. I knew I should have let him die in that fire...

And apparently he's so NOT in the mood that he goes to sleep with his DAUGHTER in her bunk bed rather than his WIFE in the double bed!


Yeah, that's not creepy at all.

Up side - Richard's midlife crisis ended. He didn't complete any wishes but that's okay. He's such a jerk he doesn't deserve any wishes! muhahahaha

Although speaking of wishes, I figured I should check out the lifetime rewards at this point. Richard didn't have too many but 3,000 more for Piper and I can get the family no more bills! Yes!!! And eventually I think I'll get the flying vacuum too, just because that would be awesome, and then maybe Simmunity and other helpful objects. Perhaps eventually a genie to get some more money in the darn house...

Now, this is what you get for sleeping in your daughters' room instead of with your wife:

The toddler wakes up, which wakes up the child, which wakes up you. Serves you right!

I think this is a legacy rule: When a lifetime wish pops up for a child or teen, you have to take it. Lana had one pop up. What was it? Vocal legend.

Well, that might be interesting for this legacy. Even more so if she's chosen as the torch holder for the second generation (which I'm beginning to think is going to be too far down the road; I may turn off the defaults and just do a set number of chapters or something and force them to age up via the birthday cake; or I may lower the defaults to something more time-friendly). What do you guys think? I'm adding a poll about it, so be sure to vote!

Lana then rolled the wish to go on a submarine adventure. Hooray...I did figure out how to reset the Decensor so nothing is censored. Good, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten this cute picture; it would have been all mosaic:

Now this is nice - Darian was hungry, so Richard fed her in her high chair. He then went upstairs to bed, leaving her there. So she finished eating, made a mess in her diaper, and is smiling about it.

Darian: "I'm stinky but it's awesome! Now someone come get me!"

Yeah okay.

Anyway, since this family is ridiculously low on funds (always) and they seem to take a taxi or carpool everywhere anyway, I sold the car that Piper received from the wishing well and that gave me $5,880. Yay!

I've also decided to break my own rules and lower the lifespan of all age groups. The first generation is like 20 chapters already and all others I've seen are like 10 at the most. I fear readers (and I) will get bored with seeing the same Sims at the same age for so long. Fast-paced legacies seem to be more my style. Now I can always reset these to default but for now I've lowered the ages to the following:

Baby: 3 days
Toddler: 3 days
Child: 4 days
Teenager: 5 days
Young Adult: 8 days
Adult: 8 days
Elder: 8 days

That should keep me plenty occupied, and still able to experience everything.

Now, back to the game! I'm surprised that Lana played with her invisible friend doll so much and yet I don't see an invisible friend. So I had her host a tea party with the doll.

Not sure how that counts as a tea party, but okay. Oh, and after I took that picture, I remembered to replace the fire-damaged stove.

Oh, and Piper now has enough lifetime reward points to get a flying vacuum! Yes!!!

And there she goes, zooming off toward the spring festival. Awesome!

At this point, I should probably bring in the University goodies the llama left...

Richard: "Dude, what kind of mascot is the llama? I should at least be able to be a Timberwolf."

Okay then.

Awesome movie by the way. If you don't know it, you're deprived. :p

So Lana was actually doing her homework by herself, and I cancelled it. Why? Because apparently Peaches, her invisible friend, wanted to come out and play. It said that in a notification, so what the heck?

And behold!

Peaches: "I'm a real boy! Or whatever the hell I am."

Lana: "What have I done?"

Okay, so then I checked on Richard and it said he was sleeping until fully rested. So why in the world did I find him outside like this:

I have no idea. He's looking upstairs, cross-eyed, like he wants to get in the bed but can' makes no sense. Ah, the joys of glitches.

Yes, there's a major glitch in the Matrix.

At this point, it started snowing again. In spring. In fact, my game is mocking me, because that's exactly what it did here a few days ago...

Okay, I have no idea what is going on now. I haven't changed the architecture or interior of the house at all and for some reason, no one can go upstairs. That's why Richard was just staring into space. And yet when I tell them to just use the stairs, they do it.

Crazy. And then the psycho werewolf mate that won't leave Piper alone wants her to fix her TV for her. Uh...I'd say no but it's worth money. So whatever.

Also, who the hell left the tired toddler outside in the snow?!

Dear God...this is madness! And I'm a true gamer - I've got this going on my laptop and Guild Wars 2 going on my desktop. Oh yeah!


Piper: "Ugh, I'm too tired for this! I don't have the strength to push this kid out of my crotch! I'll never make it to the hospital on a vacuum and a cab will take too long! HELP! It's about to burst through!"

What's the verdict?

Fly to the hospital on a vacuum in a sleeveless dress in the snow, smiling the whole time.

Have I used that picture before? I don't know but I don't care; Damon is awesome. Besides, it's getting hard to tell which ones I've used and which ones I haven't. :p

Hey look, the deer is heading inside to wish her luck!

It seriously looks like he's about to jump into the side of the hospital...

Piper has given birth! And the verdict is (God knows with the fertility treatments)...


Two girls came out first. At this point, I was thinking to myself, "Good God I don't think this generation is capable of breeding males. Richard's kid from his first wife was also a girl. I guess his seeds hate the Y chromosome."

And then, BOOM! Out pops a boy!!! Two girls and one boy! Hooray!!!

Piper's face is like, "God that was exhausting. NEVER AGAIN."

Well, this legacy just got A LOT more interesting. No more kids for these guys!!! I just hope one of these new ones is a werewolf...

Oh, and FYI, all Sims will live in this house until they become young adults, but only one will be the torch holder that remains. The others will move out when they reach the proper age.

And that's definitely a good way to end a chapter. Until next time!


  1. Yay! I'm finally caught up. Five kiddos - can't imagine that (actually... I want five - quadruplet boys and a girl a few years later... but that's real life. I can hardly keep a head count on a three sim household in game!)

    1. Wow that's a lot of kids indeed! You're braver than I am. :D Awesome, you're caught up! I'll be working on another post later tonight after I upload my latest creation. Thank you for reading and commenting! :)