Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 16

Last time, Piper had her second baby, who turned out to also be her second girl. Maybe I can get her and Richard to have the boy they want next time...Of course, since Darian is also a girl, at least I don't have to CAS anything blue now. I can keep the pink! :D

Anyway, since the family is growing, I thought about buying a new house for them. But this lot is nice and big, so I can easily add playground items, a graveyard, etc. So I've decided to put my architecture and building expertise to use and upgrade the house. It now has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus the living and kitchen areas are bigger than before. Much better if you ask me!

As you can see, in addition to the second story, I've added a dining table and chairs (finally!), a desk with a computer, a chair, extra crib, and I decorated the third bedroom for a boy just in case. Right now it's got the extra baby girl items inside...of course, considering how much space that stuff takes up, I may just give each girl her own room. Although I guess the changing table isn't necessary, but it's cool. :p

And yes, that is Inu outside digging a hole. And of course this house isn't one of my best builds, but that's because it's for a legacy and a family with a budget. So blah.

Of course, that took away like all the funds the family had, so I went from about $5,000 down to like $100. Back to work!!!

I then got a notification that today is Piper's birthday, and Lana's birthday is in a few days. Hooray! So exciting!!!

Oh, and Uncle Riley sent Darian an invisible friend doll. Awesome! Lana is really enjoying hers; I think I'll actually get to play with that feature when she hits childhood! Sweet! there a reason Piper is running around in the snow (which still hasn't melted for spring) in her swimsuit? I doubt it.

I then noticed, for the first time, Richard's lifetime wish - Heartbreaker. He wants to break the hearts of 10 Sims and has accomplished two. Uh...yeah I doubt I'll be able to get that lifetime wish. Heck I hardly focus on those things anyway. Wishes yes, but lifetime ones? Rarely do I accomplish those without cheats.

Although be proud, I remodeled that whole house without using a single cheat! Oh I was so tempted, but I sold the wall art I'd been gifted from the other townsfolk, and that gave me quite a bit of money to work with. So here's a lesson - need cash? Sell the art! It's usually worth a lot! :D

So now we've got the big University expansion pack out, which includes smart phones and other new goodies. Awesome! More badges for me! But back to the legacy.

Speaking of University though, my camera suddenly zapped to the front of the house, and I see this:

The school mascot has arrived! I doubt I'll be sending Piper or Richard to college, but maybe one of the girls when they get older. I guess I should research how legacies work now that University has been released.


Richard, really? Your toddler is crying, you have a green stink cloud following you, and you're going to take a NAP? In the clean bed? Gross!

Oh, and that's just part of it - Piper checked the mail and Richard got a love letter from Marissa Ross. It never ceases to amaze me what a player this guy is.


Now here's a good picture - Lana was successfully potty trained, she wants picked up by her mom, and she's just walking away while the toilet stinks up the house.

Lana: "Mommy, hold me! I did it!"

Piper: "That was exhausting. Just let the mess mellow."

So then Darian started crying, Piper picked her up for a split second, then put her back in her crib, despite her having the lonely moodlet, to...

...get licked by the dog.

Yeah, neither do I.

Now that's cute but I think she's taking the phrase "pampered pet" to a new level. Her energy bar is red and super close to being depleted, but she doesn't go to bed. Instead, she plays with the dog AND takes care of the hungry Lana while Richard just sleeps in his own filth.

Okay, call me crazy, but I thought maybe, just maybe, I'd let Piper and Richard try for yet another baby. Hopefully this time they get the boy they want...and I even threw in a shower so they can try in there. :D

Of course, before they do that, they have to make out in the nursery...and this is a picture worthy of a Christmas card and family photo above the mantle, don't you think?

We've got Mom and Dad making out, Lana sleeping, Darian crying because her diaper needs changed, and Inu watching it play out like a movie.

So finally the two get their butts into the shower. And as is customary, no baby lullaby sound...

I guess the decensor doesn't work for shower woohoo. Meh, not like we'd really see anything. Again, it's like watching a Barbie and Ken doll go at it.

Oh, and while I'm at it, dafuq is this and how did it get in the house?

Guess that's one of the Seasons gnomes. Nice. Maybe I'll get that badge yet. I don't know how I got it though, considering I didn't use tickets. Oh well.

So anyway, I was going to have them keep trying in the shower until I heard the nursery rhyme. The bed seems to keep giving me girls, so maybe the shower will be different.

Of course, they had to stop before try #2 because Piper is having a birthday!

Now that looks like a real party. The two of them celebrating in the bathroom with noise makers, Piper looking drunk. I guess she's not taking kindly to adulthood, and she hasn't even transformed yet.

Ah, and then she did, and her reaction is the same:

Piper: "Ugh, I have lines around my mouth now. Menopause is just around the corner. God help me."

You? I'm the one that will have to put up with it!

But she still celebrated her birthday with continuing to try for a baby in the shower!

Of course, even after getting her and Richard the fertility treatment, I still didn't hear the lullaby! WTF?!?!

Well, turns out, I guess trying for a baby doesn't work, or it has a much smaller chance of working, if one of the parents is transformed into a werewolf, which Richard was...So I transformed him back into a human and heard the lullaby on the first try. Hooray!!!

My camera then zoomed outside and landed on Inu. It's his birthday!!!!! Poor thing is now an elder dog.

He's still cute though. :) I can't tell that he looks any different.

Okay, I'm going to leave this chapter off here. Normally I'm at least three or four chapters ahead, but this time I'm behind because I'm working on Kenzie's next story. But I'll have an update as planned later this weekend! Stay tuned!!!

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