Saturday, March 9, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 15

The legacy continues! Wow this first generation is getting super long! Anyway, last time we found out that Piper is pregnant with her second child! So excited to find out what it will be! Maybe this time I'll get a werewolf. :D

Although both Piper and Richard both rolled the wish to have a boy. Let's see if that happens this time. *crosses fingers*

So, I get back into the game, and the first thing I notice is that Inu isn't at home.

Why? I have no idea. No wonder his needs are almost all red...he's clear across town in the snow!

So then I heard a weird noise and turns out it was this:

Of course, Richard went to bed and Piper decided now was a great time to clean all the dishes on the lot, in her outerwear. Why? Because apparently someone left a huge plate of food outside in the snow.

Yeah, okay. That makes perfect sense. Moving on.

OMG Piper, stop rolling the wish to move in with Richard! You already live with him!!! God it's like a broken record. Makes me think...

Thanks to the release of Aurora Skies, we have so many cute new baby items! No room for a playpen, but I did invest in a walker. Hopefully Lana can teach herself to walk while her parents are busy being weird.

OH MY GOD! Stop asking Lana to go to Egypt! ffs I'm not sending her!!!

After that, Piper and Richard both wanted to read a pregnancy book, so I got a stroller and had Piper walk to the bookstore to buy some. That way they don't have to keep going to the library. :D

Or at least that was the plan...they do all that walking and apparently the book store doesn't sell pregnancy books. Uh...what?

Ugh, one thing I really don't like about winter in this game is that it makes everything so darn dark!

So I ended up sending Piper to the library anyway, and what does she do? Her belly expands more and she sets her kid down on the floor. Her kid who happens to be starving apparently...

Parenting. You're doing it wrong.

...Brilliant Piper, brilliant. Give your kid a bottle on the floor and then go outside and sleep on a bench, IN THE SNOW!!!


Okay, what is this, and why is it here?

I don't even know what's going on there.

Richard got a promotion at work! Yay!!! He's now a Report Processor! He also rolled the wish to build an igloo, then go skinny-dipping in a pool. Okay then.

We've got two igloos on the lot and a dog sleeping UNDERNEATH the snow. What's with this family? Are they reincarnations of Jack Frost or something?

Richard, I don't care how tired you are. You broke the tub and your wife's hygiene is depleting, so fix it!

D'aww, look at how Inu is sleeping! Adorable!!!

At least he came out of the snow!

I officially love this walker even more! Lana learned to walk all on her own! Hooray!!!

Look at her go!

So cute!!!

Speaking of cute, I had Piper dig out a children's book and read it to Lana. Awww!!!

Okay, so then I had Richard train Inu how to hunt for gems. Too bad I just got the notification that Inu will become an elder in a couple of days. I should have done this sooner.

I then realized the snow was melting and spring has arrived. Yay!!!!! Another festival to check out! :D

I had Inu go out and sniff for collectibles. So cute! And he found a gem!!! Good boy!!!

He found a Septarian Nodule. Okay, nothing I'm familiar with, but I've never touched gems in this game to be honest. I guess I should considering I can get some badges, but...yeah.

So then the full moon showed up and of course Richard transformed into a werewolf. I couldn't resist - I had  to try some of the new werewolf interactions, including "sniff inappropriately". Hilarious!

Richard: "You smell delicious!"

Piper: "Uh...thanks? That might not be the best choice of words right now considering you eat raw meat like this."

Hmm...I guess that awkwardness caused Piper's water to break! Zahra invited her to a party, she went, and she went into labor right outside her house!!!

Piper: "Hey, I'm here for the party...OH GOD! No it's okay, I'm tonight's entertainment!"

Whatever, Piper. Get your ass to the hospital!

Of course, Richard couldn't be with her because he couldn't leave Lana alone. By the time the baby-sitter showed up, I'm sure Piper would have already given birth, so I just made him stay at home.

So finally Piper comes out of the hospital with...

Drumroll again please!!!

Baby Girl #2!

So they didn't get the boy they wished for but that's okay. I named this one Darian, and her random traits are Heavy Sleeper and Loner. Her favorites are R&B, spaghetti with veggie sauce, and sea foam. Okay then.

And that's where I'll end this chapter! Baby Number Two has arrived and maybe Piper and Richard will get their wish and have a boy...I might be able to pull off a third one! hehe Stay tuned and thanks for reading and commenting!

As soon as one of the parents reaches Elder status, I'll put a poll up for who you guys want the next torch holder to be. Right now it's between the two girls, but more could be coming! Hooray!!!

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