Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 14

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, Richard had a birthday and I wrongly thought he'd turn into an elder. Nope, he just aged up to a regular adult. Turns out that he did indeed just have cake at his party but he hadn't aged up yet. Epic fail on my part.

So anyway, as soon as Richard became an adult, he started having a midlife crisis. Another feature of the game I haven't played through yet...woot! Or perhaps I should say, yikes!

So during all this, Lana was suffering from a dirty diaper and exhaustion, so I had Piper take care of that. Then, I tried once more to get these two to conceive!!!

So after this, Richard had the wish to move to a new house. Oh, fabulous. Like you guys can afford that! Do you think money grows on trees?!

Very funny. On the plus side, I finally heard the baby chime after woohoo, so they should hopefully be expecting again. YES!

Now here's something you don't see every day - a stray dog sleeping outside in the knee-deep snow dreaming of turkey.

Okay then. Also, I think Piper is insane. She wants to move in with Richard even though they're already married and living together, and now she wants to meet a werewolf. Uh...she's married to one!

Snowflake Day has arrived! Why not throw a party?! :D Like I've said before, one of the best things about this legacy is that I get to actually play the game and experience things I normally don't because the other stories I write are completely under my control. :p

Awesome, Piper and Richard both got holiday bonuses! Sweet!!! They're up to $3,868! :D

Here you go Richard, fulfill your wish of making a snow angel.

Richard: "Am I getting too old for this?"

Inu: "No, just stupid. Why the hell are you willingly laying out in the snow in just a light jacket? Humans..."

Okay, so both of them had wishes to read certain books, so I got them a bookshelf. How did they not have one before? O.o

Also, I completely forgot there were some awesome things in the family inventory, including some wall decorations! Time to pimp the place out!

Funny, she had to change out of her outerwear and into her nightgown to throw up. I wonder why she's sick...


I just noticed, an Evil Mr. Gnome somehow appeared in Piper's inventory. I wonder how that happened. Maybe it has something to do with her asking Richard to leave his wife for her? I don't know but it's funny!

Since Piper wanted to build an igloo, I sent her outside to do so, even thought she was slightly hungry, dirty, and feeling under the weather. :D

*gasp* What's this? Presents!!!

Yay for Snowflake Day! People sent presents to the family, awesome!

It's party time!!!

Or so I thought...I had everyone invited to MY party and someone else invites Piper and Richard to their feast party! Good grief I hope they don't start at the same time...

Well, that's not nice. The guests show up and start heckling the poor old man who happens to be a fairy. How rude!

Look at this! It's none other than Heidi, the female werewolf so desperate to be Piper's mate! She's now an old woman!

HAHAHAHA! Vengeance is mine! :D

Piper's turn to get a gift! And what did she receive...? A video game player!!! That's awesome!

Omar: "Here, have even more yellow flowers to add to your collection! I know how much you love them!"

Piper: "WTF? You're old, a fairy, and you're giving me MORE yellow flowers? Who the hell invited you?"

That would be your husband, Piper...

Heidi: "Good luck, buddy. I've been barking up that tree forever."

Omar: "Damn it, I struck out again! I thought I still had it!"

In your dreams.

I have a hunch Richard's ghost chili was way too spicy.

Richard: "OMG too hot! My tongue is on fire!"

Piper: "Wuss."

Yeah, he got down to the floor and went through the cabinet, trying to get some relief I guess.

Okay then. Of course, we are talking about a werewolf who couldn't stomach any eating contest, yet he can eat raw fish...

Wow old man, take a hint! She's not interested!

Omar: "Would you prefer purple flowers instead?"

Piper: "NO! I've already said no! GTFO!"

Good God what is with Piper attracting all the senior citizens?! It's insane!!!

Richard then got a call from someone saying that their dog had given birth and they want him to adopt one. That's nice, but they can hardly take care of Inu!

So finally the party ended, everyone got good gifts (at least that's what I saw), and after they left...


And last but not least...Piper is pregnant again (officially)!!! YES!!! I shall leave this chapter off there! Stay tuned!

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