Saturday, March 2, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 13

Welcome back to my legacy! How to start off this chapter? How about the fact that I burst out laughing because Piper is in mourning because the creepy old lady named Chrystal, the one who came out of the well and kept hitting on her, died! A normal reaction to this would be:

But my reaction is like:

Does that make me a bad person? O.o

So anyway I get back to the game and, among finding Piper outside in the snow wearing her nightgown, I find this:

There's cake on the bathroom floor and Richard is taking a bath with it right there. Why? I have no idea. What the heck was going on in there during those birthday parties?!

Okay, what is with this game wanting to send Piper all over the world constantly?! She got another opportunity to go to Egypt! No!!!! Good God you'd think a psycho mummy was on the loose or something with how often she gets called to go to Egypt, and she was being called to stop it!

Wait, what's this? Richard's adult form of a werewolf looks different!!! And if you ask me, it's an improvement:

Okay, I guess that's only for his everyday wear when he's a werewolf considering he got his long shaggy hair back in his sleepwear. Meh...

Aww, look at Lana! She's so cute!!!

Well, I know I want more kids for this legacy, so why not get started? After Piper and Richard got enough sleep to shut them up, I made them get busy again. muhahahaha

Yes, it's 3:30 in the morning but get busy!!!

Richard: "Yes, feel my manly hair! I know it turns you on!"

Sheesh, what is with this game? It makes me try multiple times for Piper to get pregnant. And I couldn't try again because Richard had to go to work. Grrr...

Uh oh!

Me thinks someone better feed her.

That's better.

Whoa! Another notification! Piper's birthday is in a few days! Dear God I better get those babies coming!!! Otherwise I'll have no choice but to use Lana for the heir, though that's okay with me because she's cute. :D But it would be nice to have a poll so the readers can decide!

So I'm trying to get Piper to fulfill some of her wishes, which include teaching Lana to talk and potty-training her, but Inu keeps insisting on getting brushed! Finally he gave up.

Piper: "You like music. I can teach you to sing." *sings*

Lana: "Oh God please stop."

Okay, take two - try to potty-train her.

Okay, no idea why, but I have the decensor on and I still see the blurry mosaic. I swore it decensored everything, even little kids. Oh well, not a major deal, though it would have been funny considering all Sims use the toilet with their pants ON.

Oh here we go, this is nice. Teach your toddler to talk after they used the potty chair, while letting the contents of it stink up the whole house. Yuck.

Piper: "You want to grow up to be big, strong, and muscular. You'll attract more mates that way."

Lana: "Shallow is good. I'll remember that."

Inu: "It smells like shit in here...oh wait..."

Success!!! Lana learned to talk! It only took Piper sitting in her own filth (yes her hygiene was almost depleted) for several hours, not to mention the filth from the potty chair, to get it done! Of course, at this time, Richard showed up and it said HE taught Lana to talk. This guy has to take credit for everything!

Richard, if there was an award for sperm donor or playa, you'd get it. But you did nothing here, so shut up.

D'aww she crawled into the kitchen to play with a sheep. Adorable.

Inu: "Why aren't my toys that cool?"

Because EA didn't make them that cool. >.<

Okay! Time to get the baby making machine on the road! I want more babies, dang it!!!!

OH GOOD GOD! Really? The cell phone rings and the dog wants to be chased? Of all times, it has to be NOW?! I think not!!!

Whoa, who called on the cell phone? Richard's ex-wife, Emi! She wants Piper to fix her TV set! I think this is a trap...I don't like the sounds of this.

...Wow, another woohoo and no baby sound? Good grief, I think these two DO need that fertility treatment lifetime wish! Then Lana started crying to be put to bed...her energy and hygiene are practically zero but Piper's idea is to...

...give her a bottle.

Yeah, that'll shut her up, because clearly what she wants is food on top of a dirty diaper and exhaustion.

OMG...well, so much for that plan. The game zoomed in on Richard, and I see this:

Richard: "I'm about to become an old man! Yes!"

He JUST turned into an adult! I didn't alter the ages at all but now suddenly he's going to become an elder! That means no more babies for least, not with Richard. Perhaps Piper can have another mate...good God I hope it goes better than the last time she went searching for one.

Wait...what? Either this is a glitch or I wasn't paying enough attention, because Richard didn't age up to an elder...he just became a regular adult! I guess when I had the party, he blew out the cake candles, but he didn't actually age up. That would explain why there was only one cake eaten rather than two...ugh, confusion!

Thankfully there's still time to try for more babies! But I'll leave this chapter off here, making all my readers, as well as myself, wonder if my efforts for reproduction will be in vain again...toodles!

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