Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 12

Welcome back to this crazy legacy! Last time Richard got bit by a zombie, and the chapter left off with his hairy body apart from his butt. Who would have thought that, with all the fur on his body, he actually manscaped part of it?

After his bath (I think this game should have Draino considering how much hair Richard undoubtedly leaves in the tub every time he bathes), Richard picked up Lana. Cute, but kind of creepy when he's transformed.

Lana: "Daddy, what hairy boobies you have."

Richard: "All the better to feed you with, my dear. Wait...that's your mother's job."

Yes, I'm a pervert. Sue me.

So uh...about that whole werewolf/zombie thing. I guess it's possible for a werewolf to turn into a zombie too because here's Heidi, the werewolf from chapter 1 who came out of the well as one of Piper's potential mates, and she's obviously been infected.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! Run for your lives!!!

Well, Piper and Richard both rolled the woohoo wish, so have at it!

The funniest part here is that right as they started that, the carpool for Richard arrived outside and honked. Sorry driver, you have to wait until Richard's finished. In more than one way.

I really need to stop making everything so dirty.

Of course, where was Lana during all this? Richard changed her dirty diaper and put her on the living room floor.

Lana: "The big orange diamond is scary! My parents are ignoring me to get it on and maybe make another one of me! Nooo!!!"

OMG how cute! I didn't even tell Inu to do this, but he did it anyway! Good dog!

I had to have Piper give him a treat after that.

The winter festival then arrived, and I'm very excited to play around with that too. Best part about this legacy is that I'm actually getting to play the game rather than taking pictures for a story I'm writing. :D

I had Piper call a baby-sitter so she could check out the festival. Of course, when I saw the baby-sitter, I was like...what?

Seriously, why is this kid not in school? I doubt it's winter break already. Inu, keep a close eye on him.

Not quite that close...

It's 27 degrees outside, and while Richard was sucking up to his boss at work, I sent Piper to try her hand at snowboarding.

Surprisingly it went much better than expected.

Of course, then the expected part happened:

Next up: ice skating!

While this was going on, I got a notification that Richard had befriended a vampire. Well that's awesome, maybe there won't be any stereotypical feuds going on. :D

Unfortunately, while Piper was having her fun, I got a notification that the carpool for her would show up in about an hour. It appears her maternity leave is over. Still, she had time to complete her wish of making a snow angel before then.

Oh, and also, whoever that werewolf is, that is NOT how you ice skate.

Uh...well, I thought Piper was going back to work, but I tried to send her and it said it wasn't her work day and to come back in five days. Odd...oh well, at least she's getting paid. :D I'd laugh if that was a glitch where it kept counting it as paid time off so you could actually play the game but still get paid from your job. Awesome!

One last thing to do at the winter festival - snowball fight! Unfortunately, Richard was too tired to participate, so he went on home and Piper challenged a random patron.

So after much fighting, Piper finally put Lana into her crib after dumping her on the floor several times. I got a notification that Richard and his teenage daughter, Cricket, are no longer friends. Well, I wouldn't want to be friends with my dad either if he was a major player.

I then got another notification that it was Richard's and Lana's birthdays!!! Hooray! I had Piper plan a party for both of them. So excited to see how Lana looks as a toddler!

Okay now here's an awesome picture. The party starts and Piper's first female mate (Miriam) presents her with flowers, all while Lana is crying in the background. Classy.

Miriam: Here you go, have some beautiful pink flowers! I'll always love you!"

Piper: "Oh, that's so sweet and they're gorgeous!"

Lana: "No one is taking care of me! I have the worst parents on the planet!"

Yeah, her life will become like this at this rate:

So finally I got the party started. Richard blew out his candles first.

Oh, and see in the background? That would be two of Piper's female well mates, one giving flowers to the other. I think every female in this town is attracted to another female, even if they have a male mate...

That's quite the crowd behind Richard, too. His human wife, a vampire, and a fairy are all blowing noise makers in his honor. Nice.

Then it was Lana's turn. Unfortunately, half the guests had to leave by that point, and the ones that remained decided to argue with each other.

Piper: "God I'm tired."

Richard: *blows loud noise maker in tiny infant's ear*

Two vampires: *fight*

The candles were then blown out (though why they didn't age up automatically I don't know), and Piper carried Lana to the living room, where it was revealed that the guests broke the TV. Piper's solution? Put Lana on the floor.

Right...Well, then she aged up!!! And the result:

Awww!!! So cute!!! No idea how she ended up with blonde hair since her dad has dark hair and her mom has red hair, but she did get her mother's blue eyes. She's adorable!!!!!!! *melts*

I then got a notification that there were gifts in the mailbox, so I checked it out. I got some wall decor, yay! Also included was an ice cream maker and a love letter to Richard from a vampire named Marissa. Wonderful...the dog strikes again!

At least my walls won't be so darn empty now. I hate empty walls!

Here's one more shot of the little squirt, playing with her invisible friend doll whose name is Peaches. And that's where this chapter shall end! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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