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Generation 1, Chapter 9

Yes! Piper is officially pregnant! It's about time!

After I sent her home from the costume party (which pretty much fizzled out after her costume was replaced by maternity wear), I was going to have Piper invite Richard over and ask him a very important question. But it appears someone with sticky fingers had other plans...

The weirdest part is that she rang the doorbell rather than coming in. Though I guess that should have been my first's Spooky Day. The "robber" is a teenage trick-or-treater.

I fail...

So yes, Piper is finally pregnant. Of course the downside is I don't have any darn money to make a nursery, and barely enough to buy a crib. I should have made Piper a computer whiz so she could hack and steal money that way...

But I decided to try a different approach and ask Richard a very important question, both for this legacy and for Piper's finances.

For some reason, while waiting for Richard to show up, Piper changed into a formal gown and let Inu sniff her hand. I'm more perplexed about the outfit, but whatever.

Piper also rolled a wish to have a girl. I'm not going to make her eat anything special or force the baby's gender at all; I want it to be a surprise. I'm looking forward to seeing it already!!!

The mailbox indicated something was inside, so I had Piper check it. What was inside? A love letter...from an old woman. In fact, I think it's the same old woman I met in chapter 1 at the wishing well thanks to some very unlucky frogs.

And it just kept getting better from there...

Anyway, Richard finally showed up but first Piper had another trick-or-treater, this time a cowgirl who apparently wanted fish.

Piper, I'm glad you like his fur, but could you guys maybe go inside, out of the rain and away from the zombie?

What did I just say?!

And yes, I had to play with photo effects to make some of these nighttime pictures brighter. Some were so dark they looked like a giant black box with nothing inside.

Now see, this is just funny even if it is completely inaccurate.

First I see a zombie driving, now one with an umbrella. I hope they don't start reproducing...

Piper then went to bed and for some reason I didn't have the option to invite Richard inside. He responded by howling at the moon.

Also, while that was paused, his head did this thing (courtesy of the official Sims 3 forums, in a thread entitled "You're Doing It Wrong"):

Just...what? It's like he's possessed or something (just like that child).

So anyway, Piper wanted to read a pregnancy book (probably a good idea) so I sent her to the library, even though it was super early in the morning.

Of course, at this point, her wish slots filled with things she wanted to buy for her upcoming bundle of joy. Yippee!!! More money she wants to spend that she doesn't have!

After she finished, she rolled the wish to propose marriage to Richard. That's what I was hoping to do anyway...if nothing else he'll hopefully bring some money into the household!!!

Um...her pregnant sleepwear is a swimsuit?

Yeah, okay...Let's go swimming in the bed.

I'm beginning to see what people mean about a zombie infestation (or should I say apocalypse?) in this game. Another one showed up on Piper's lawn while she was sleeping.

We don't want zombies on our lawn!

So finally morning broke and Piper invited Richard over...and the first thing he does after ringing the doorbell is rummage through the garbage.

Richard: "Yeah, no one will ever see me doing this. No one will suspect a thing."

Piper's stomach got a little bigger in those five minutes, and Richard had a surprise for her:

Richard: "Here you go, have even more yellow flowers!"

Piper: "Awesome! As if I don't have enough already!"

Seriously, what is with this guy and the yellow flowers? He's only given her that color and one white bouquet  and that's it.

Aww, how sweet!

The swimsuit Piper is still wearing is a nice touch...

So the option to propose marriage finally popped up. Let's see how Richard reacts...

Piper: "Richard, my dear dog man, I love you so much! You've impregnated me with your offspring, we've been through so much together, and you even left your wife for me! Now I kneel before you in my maternity swimsuit with a diamond ring. Please, be my husband!"

Richard: "Of course I'll marry you, mistress! This diamond will go perfectly with the other wedding ring I have that I still haven't taken off! Embrace me, my love!"

Well, after that very lovely announcement, Piper rolled two new wishes - to throw a bachelorette party (which I've never done before and look forward to doing) and become a werewolf. So let's get started!

How did Inu react to the engagement? Well...

He began chasing the future groom. O.o

I had Piper call all the females she knew (two of which were exes from the wishing well...) and invite them over for the bachelorette party. Of course, Piper has to work an hour later, but meh. I want the party, dang it!

Of course, that meant I had to spend money to get the necessary party items in order, but at least I can sell them back later.

Anyway, the first guest arrived and was there for a split second before leaving and saying the the party was "nice." Okay...well, then Ms. Granny (Chrystal is her name) shows up and immediately lays into Piper for being a cheater. That gave Piper the Cheater reputation as well as the Exploring Her Options one. Wonderful.

Shut up old lady, we've been over this. I needed a male appendage to make an heir, and not only are you lacking that, I highly doubt you could perform satisfactorily in bed anyway.

Chrystal: "I could have given you a baby if you had only given me a chance!"

Piper: "That's not possible!!!!!!!"

Uh...I thought she would be past menopause and its mood swings by this point.

Yeah, nothing awkward there at all...

Chrystal: "Why was I fighting with that pretty girl anyway? This is fun!"

Zahra: "Do you have anything to eat? So far the only food we've had is the beef you two have with each other."

There's food on the buffet table!

Plus, Inu must not have liked all the attention people were giving his pregnant engaged master, so he kept barking at and bothering everyone. And then I saw this glitch:

Chrystal: "I'm walking with a cane and my hand held up as though I'm carrying something or expecting to carry something."

Okay then. I guess she's been doing this the whole time and I just now noticed. Wonderful...

So anyway, they were dancing, all was going fine, until I heard a bad noise...


Fairy (her name is Zahra): "Sorry, my vegetarian diet has that effect on me."

Yeah, I'm sure the toilet just loves that and wants to be all:

At this point, I was wondering where my stripper was for this party...and he showed up! His name? Harry Chesterman.

Funny, he has no hair on his chest at all. And it looks like Granny may have new prey to pursue.

And then the room is so small he doesn't have a place to dance! NOOO!!! Now how are we supposed to enjoy the stripper?! This one fails because he won't dance!

Oh, and his dialog box popped up. If I knew how to take pictures of the interface (I found the video option but not the screenshot one), I'd just post that, but as it is all I get is a black screen...anyway, the box said:

"Atten-hut! Somebody here called the Party Dancer, and I'm launching a full-scale dance invasion!"

Okay so he didn't dance because he had no room; he stopped and watched TV. Right...

So I had to revert to the previously saved game (which was thankfully during that party) and I put the boombox elsewhere. And then the party really began!

Yeah, shake it baby.

So finally Harry Chesterman finished his dance, and then said, "Hoorah! Party Dancer time is over! This looks like a decent party, though - I might hang around for a minute or two."

Okay Mr. Stripper, do what you want, but Piper is going to bed. She missed work today (though I didn't get a notification about it) on account of the party, plus she's pregnant so she's extra tired. hehe

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off. I think it's long enough now. The next one should contain the wedding and hopefully the baby's birth! Stay tuned!

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