Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 10

Welcome back to the legacy that's finally getting somewhere! Last time, Piper proposed to Richard, who accepted, and then she threw a bachelorette party. After going to bed, the guests still loitered, and one in particular didn't want to leave. Inu wasn't pleased.

Inu: "Bitch, get out of Piper's room. She didn't want you when you popped out of the well, and she doesn't want you now either! GTFO!"

Heidi: "Oh how I long for her. She could learn to love me. I think she'd find my watching her sleeping attractive."


Lady, you're not Edward Cullen and she isn't Bella Swan. And no, that is not an insult to Twilight. It's simply a statement. :p


GET OUT! It's bad enough that the old lady gave her a cheating reputation! You don't just jump into bed with her! She isn't interested!!!!

God it's like...

OMG and then she passes out on my floor when I wake her up to tell her to leave!

This woman is psycho and obsessed! Aaaahhh!!! And what the hell is up with that sleepwear?! She looks like a drunk hooker!

And you two! Quit loitering and arguing on my lawn! Zahra, I realize he's a stripper, but he obviously isn't interested! Probably because you rage at everyone you talk to, case in point your costume party!!!

It's 35 degrees out but I sent Piper outside to shoo them off. Her maternity sleepwear is more appropriate now at least.

Wow, so the werewolf (Heidi) falls asleep in my bed, then passes out twice on my floor, and when Piper asks her to leave, she's all, "Nice party. NOT! I'm out of here!"

Well up yours too, bitch!

Piper even got an opportunity to cook hot dogs and take them to Heidi in exchange for payment. I deleted that because I won't do anything for her. *growls*

And of course Piper got the Threw a Lame Party and Bridal Monster moodlets because the party wasn't good. Well, for one, there isn't a lot of room to throw a party, and two, funds are limited. This is what I get for not using cheats.

Oh well, they can deal with it. At least I can say I've seen a bachelorette party in the game now (though I haven't seen them spray champagne on anyone, which is apparently an option considering one of Piper's wishes).

So anyway, Piper then invited Richard over and I figured now is as good a time as any to get the wedding underway.

I did have to change her formal attire to a more wedding-appropriate one. The Romanza bridal gowns aren't available for pregnant Sims. I guess EA frowns on that or something.

Richard took this opportunity to give Piper more flowers...but, OMG, what is this? They're not yellow this time!!!

Heidi: "Victory will still be mine."

Other lady guests: "This is the biggest clam fest on Earth as opposed to a sausage fest."

I love how the party specified formal wear and everyone shows up looking like they just rolled out of bed. If that actually is their formal clothes, they need a stylist.

Now, is it just me, or does this look like a big redneck wedding?

You've got the very hairy groom, pregnant bride, and it's outside in a desert wasteland. Oh joy...*shudder*

At least they actually went under the arch...half the time Sims don't seem to do that (unless EA fixed that glitch, which would sure surprise me).

Hooray, the wedding is official! Richard has now moved in with Piper and they're one household. He brought in another $1,025 in gifts and tax benefits. :D

Oh, and apparently another of Richard's traits is Schmoozer. Figures, he always did appear to be a suck-up. How else could he stay married to Emi while having an affair with Piper until she convinced him to break that off?

Here are some more pictures of the wedding (and yes, even Inu came outside to witness it; and I guess those weird clothes ARE those ladies' formal attire, wonderful...):

Piper and Richard were about to cut the cake when something happened that I was thinking would be hilarious if it actually did become a reality. What was it? I could make you loyal readers wait until the next update to find out, but I won't be that mean this time. ;)

Piper went into labor!!!

Yes, right there in the middle of the WEDDING, Piper goes into labor to have the BABY! That kid was like...

Yes, ready to burst out of Piper's uterus during her wedding. I can't make this shit up. Funny, I know I said that before.

So of course all the formerly excited guests are now panicking because the bride is about to pop out a kid during the ceremony and no one even got cake yet! The horror!

Yes, yes it is. Because no one can have cake at a wedding when the bride is about to push out a kid. And let me tell you, all those people freaking out? You wouldn't believe the noise.

So anyway, great job being a new husband, Richard. Your wife is driving herself to the hospital and you stay behind to watch TV. Awesome.

On the plus side, at least Piper threw a great party this time (which I still don't have the badge for but let's not get into that). I'm also wondering what Richard is looking at that gave him such a weird expression...

Oh good, as soon as all the guests left, Richard went to be with Piper. That's better.

So Piper goes into the hospital and comes out with...

Drum roll, please!

Lana Plumbob!!!

I did no cheats here, but Piper and Richard both got the girl they wished for! She was born with the Virtuoso trait and the randomly generated second one came out to be Couch Potato. Oh goodie, this is looking more and more like a redneck family.

Also, I didn't get a notification about a werewolf, so I think she was born human. However, since Piper wants to become a werewolf, the next offspring should also be a werewolf. :D

Oh, and Lana's favorites? Red, roots music, and cheesesteak.

And that is where I'll end this chapter! The heritage has begun!!! Now hopefully I'll have more babies so you guys can vote on who you want the next torch holder to be when they reach young adult status. Stay tuned!


  1. Roots music? Definite redneck, :D

  2. LOL I know right? That was all purely coincidental but definitely entertaining. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!