Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 8

Welcome back to my very interesting (to say the least) legacy! I hope you're enjoying it, and I want to thank everyone who's stayed with me so far.

Piper should now be pregnant since I heard the lullaby during the "try for baby" option. So I'm now well on my way to the second generation of this family. Spooky Day is right around the corner, so I figured my founder should carve the pumpkins in her inventory.

Sure, carve it in your nightgown in your bedroom. Whatever.

Richard: "Oh yeah, I just got lucky!"

Inu: "I still hate you."

Seriously, Richard had that bubble over his head and he did this studly strut to the bathroom, like he knows he's good.

Inu: "I'm going to kill you in your sleep. I'll teach you to deflower and impregnate my master, then strut around bragging about it like some high school jock."

Richard: "Uh...this is awkward. But I'm still so awesome I can use the toilet with my pants ON."

Nice, Richard, nice.

Richard: "This sink is mocking me by mimicking what I just did to Piper!"

That's a Fifty Shades of Grey reference, FYI. No, Richard didn't dominate her, but he did something close to what Christian Grey does to Ana! *shifty eyes*

I bet he also slobbered all over her since he's part dog (in more ways than one)...Ahem.

There he goes doing that walk again! And yes, Piper carved a kitten jack-o-lantern. But I'm making her carve one of each kind. :D

Carving another pumpkin in your nightgown? Okay, that's cool. Get the pumpkin guts off the floor, please.

Here are the other pumpkins she carved:

I then realized that Piper and Richard don't have any specific relationship, so she proposed going steady with him. Yay, he accepted!

She's a major horn dog now...she wants to woohoo with Richard again. Okay, part of a legacy is completing rolled wishes so here I go!

That completely tired them both out, so they fell asleep (Piper asked Richard to sleep over again; that's probably safer than going home and incurring the wrath of his now ex-wife) while yet another thunderstorm hit. Oh, and as she was sleeping, Piper got the nauseous moodlet, from unknown causes. I wonder what that means...

2:16 in the morning...

Piper: "Why do I have to look at the broken sink while I'm praying to the porcelain god?"

Because your idiot sperm donor broke it and didn't fix it.

Spooky Day then arrived (with a very funny noise to indicate its arrival)...if only I had some kids to enjoy the Trick or Treating with!!! At least not yet...

I love that wiener dog. :)

It's now almost 4 a.m. and Piper is still awake. First she took a bath since the green stink cloud was following her, then she put on her very formal purple dress to fix the sink. Oh joy.

Oh look back there, the tub is also broke. Fabulous...

And yes, I am too cheap to hire a repair technician. Hopefully Piper and Richard can get married and he can bring some funds into the house...especially if there will be a little one to support. Surprisingly I have more than $1,000...how, I can't imagine.

Aww, thanks Richard for helping her mop up the mess. But you better not be staring at her butt that's very defined in that dress...

I think this bathroom was definitely sold as a set - if one of the items breaks, so do the other two. Look at the toilet!

Awesome! I don't have any heirs yet, but Piper did get invited to a costume party! That'll be fun. :D

Piper was driving to the party when she had to stop the car, get out, and throw up on the side of the road.

I didn't even realize Sims could do that when pregnant...I figured they'd get to their destination first and then use someone's toilet. lol Also, I guess she was thinking of how tired she was...who knew you could think of something like that (and a broken sink) while suffering from morning sickness? Then again, I've never been pregnant, so what do I know?

No idea why, but Piper gets to the party and some psycho chef just starts yelling at her for no reason. O.o

I think I found the problem - Emi is at the party. I bet she and that chef are friends or something.

Huh, last time I saw her, she didn't have wings. Just like real life - social cliques with BFFs that stick together. Ah, the drama.

So she finally gets inside and the host is literally fighting with everyone. She then says Piper is behaving inappropriately for getting ice cream out of the freezer and eating it. Well, she's hungry and you didn't put out any food of any kind for this party you psycho fairy.

That's right, bitch slap in slow motion!

Anyway, I then heard some weird music I hadn't heard before (probably because 98% of the time I play this game with no sound). The camera zapped to Piper, and it's official! She's pregnant!!!

Congratulations to me, I'm finally well on my way to really getting this legacy going!

And that's where I'll leave this one off. Next chapter you should see more of the baby bump. Stay tuned!

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