Saturday, February 9, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 7

Last time, Piper invited Richard out to the fall festival for a date. How did that go? Let's find out.

Piper arrived and I began looking for Richard. I found him, still in werewolf form from last night's full moon.

Richard: "So maybe we should get our own house."

Piper: "God I'm hungry."

What is it with these two and the food eating contests? Piper usually always wins and Richard ends up puking up what little he could stomach. Lovely...Oh well, Piper was hungry, so this should shut her up for a while.

Though that did remind me to check her lifetime happiness points and see what I could get her. I couldn't get her the never hungry one yet, so I got her steel bladder. That'll help me out! I could have gotten her fertility treatment, but I have to get Richard to actually SLEEP with her for that to be effective...

Anyway, back to the contest.

Piper: "Rawr I look like a psycho clown with a blueberry pie fetish!"

OH...MY...GOD...she's eating pie and yet she's starving...literally, TO DEATH!

Wow, this is why I've never played a legacy. I knew something bad was bound to happen.

Yes Richard, keep eating while Piper perishes in front of you and her head goes inside the tablecloth.

Yeah, that's right, Piper was eating pie in a contest and ended up starving to death. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Seems legit.

So of course here comes the Grim Reaper, whom I've never seen in this game before until now (at least, not by accident; on purpose he was summoned for badges, but never like this).

And what does Piper do in ghost form? She shakes the Reaper's hand like she's excited about it.

Then she jumps into her tombstone all happy, while Richard mourns the loss of the mistress he never even slept with.

Jesus...well, normal rules of a legacy state that you can't use death flowers or bring dead Sims back to life. But it says nothing about previous saved games. :p So yes, I cheated. I went to my previously saved game and started from that point. And the first thing I did was get Piper some damn food!

The plus side of this? I can't say nothing exciting ever happened during this legacy now. But that's a little too much. My FOUNDER died, of starvation, while EATING, without ever even having woohoo, let alone getting pregnant to give me heirs. I couldn't make this shit up.

And I'm not going to both start and end this legacy with the FOUNDER. Dear Lord, that's pathetic! I can only think of one thing to summarize this event:

Since those eating contests seem to produce nothing but bad luck (seriously, where is Piper's lucky trait and why is it not helping me?), I sent Piper into the haunted house this time instead (after she ate, good God!)

I'd say it was pretty scary based on her reaction.

Piper, you're so full of fail...

I then decided to give the apple bobbing contest a try. Also, I hovered over the fall leaf, and it's like 75 degrees in my game. I guess global warming is affecting even the virtual world.

Spooky Day is coming so I had Piper harvest a few pumpkins. Awesome, even though the pumpkin is to her side, she still manages to harvest it by reaching straight out in front of her. Gotta love those weird EA physics.

All too soon, Piper then had to go to work. Thankfully she's off tomorrow and the next day, and I have some big plans for her! Yes!!!

Also, yay, PDA!

I then sent Piper to work but I left the screen trained on the festival. And look, Richard the dog started talking about marriage to a random fairy. That better not have been a proposal...

Piper met a vampire at work, then got another opportunity to travel somewhere for a recipe, this time to France.

NO!!! I don't have enough money!!!

So Piper then came out of the diner when her shift ended and everyone got her face in their thought bubble. I thought it was because they were grossed out thanks to her hygiene being depleted, but it turns out they were cheering for her because she got a promotion!

Yay, more money for me!!!

While making breakfast, Piper got yet ANOTHER opportunity to go to France for some exotic recipe. READ MY LIPS - NO!!!

Yes, I also love InuYasha. It's my favorite anime of all time. :p Of course, I think I already said that when I introduced Piper's dog.

Okay I'm more serious than ever to get this dang legacy going. I've said that since the first chapter, but it's go time. If I have to pull a Christian Grey to get some heirs, so be it. Richard, get your butt in that bed so I can tie you up in it.

Also, another thunderstorm hit, and Inu thinks this is a great time to dig a hole in the yard.

Inu, that's great, but unless you're digging up buried treasure, get in the house!

Yes Richard, while it's pouring down rain, feel free to stand outside in it, even with an umbrella, and stare at the dog while the neighbor across the street creeps on you. Sounds good to me.

Hmm...I used festival tickets to get Piper an umbrella, but I don't remember paying for a broken one!

That's about as useful as birth control after you're pregnant. Sorry, that was the best comparison I could come up with, especially since I could use a pregnancy in this game right about now!

Richard then came inside and gave Piper a compliment.

Richard: "You make the best sandwiches."

Piper: *swoon*

So, I finally took the plunge. Piper asked Richard to leave Emi. It didn't go well...for Emi, that is. Richard agreed that Piper was right and he and Emi were over (though one of his traits is Commitment Issues...great). This turned Piper and Emi into enemies, but hey, that should make the story more interesting!

Okay, here we go...crossing my fingers!

And of course there's Inu spying on them again. Good grief.

It's getting hot in here...

So take off all your clothes!


Except...the bad part? I didn't hear the lullaby to indicate a pregnancy.

Sigh...guess I'll just keep trying until their genitals fall off.

Oh good, I only had to do it one more time...and I heard the lullaby! So Piper should now be pregnant!

And I shall leave this chapter off with that time, hopefully we'll see a baby bump! HOORAY!!! Stay tuned!

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