Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 6

The last chapter left off with Richard having some major mood swings. Both he and Piper were starving by this point so I got Piper out of bed to make them some food. How typical...

And then Piper prepares food while Richard fetches his own from the fridge, thus rendering her work useless.

Richard: "This room is disgusting with all the food on the floor."

Inu: "You just put a second plate on the floor, you dumbass! My owner is cooking you a nice brunch and this is what you do, after rejecting her advances! Imma bite your ankles!"

Even though Richard is hungry and tired, he still has time to play with Inu. At least he's giving into his canine instincts. Of course, Inu really hates this guy considering he's giving mixed signals to his owner and acting like a total dog.

Who's in the dog house now? And then we have this:

Richard: "Sorry for being a walking hormonal mass of testosterone, please accept these flowers as an apology."

Piper: "Oh my God of course! Any woman can be swayed with gifts from a guy, even if he behaves like a total jerk!"

By the way, I checked Piper's inventory and all the flowers she's been given are yellow except for one set of white ones. Last time I checked, yellow roses mean "everlasting friendship" or something like that. Promising...

Piper then had to go to work and Richard, after raging that he had to go to the bathroom (while sitting on the couch), took off. Lovely...now I have to fight to get him back so I can get some baby-making action going on. I think I'm going to skip the wedding part and jump right to trying for a baby.

While working, Piper got an opportunity to go to China and learn to make stir-fry to suck up to her boss. Sure, I'll get right on that...it won't take more than the $126 I have to my name! Maybe I can conjure up a magic trick to make some more money!

Also, if someone doesn't get that reference...just, no. :D

Inu, really? You couldn't find something better to do than destroy the newspaper?

Piper went home, exhausted, so went to bed. As dawn approached, I heard the wind really pick up. Turns out it was storming...though I still can't tell the difference between rain and hail. Give me time. :p

There's a picture of it. I must admit it does look cool.

As I was thinking this, the game did something that literally scared me enough to jump. I've never had that happen with this game before. What was it? THUNDER!!! I was like:

Good grief, that has never happened to me with this game! Note to self: turn down the damn volume!

Yes Inu, it's perfectly fine to go outside and play in a puddle during a THUNDERSTORM!

I saw a geode outside so I sent Piper to collect it. I then promptly sold the uncut bloodstone for $59. Yay! Well, at that point, she gained a cooking skill and still had the opportunity to turn in a dish for prize money. So I entered some waffles. And yay, she won!!! I got some prize money!!!

Of course, here's her reaction:

Piper: "Awesome. Now feed me, I'm starving after cooking all that food."

Uh huh...also, a huge lightning strike hit outside the diner during this, but like an idiot I had everything on super speed so I wasn't able to get a picture of it. I would have laughed if someone got struck though. Because I'm evil like that.

I got the notice that the carpool for Piper would arrive in an hour, so I sent her on to work to make some more money. Of course, the idiot driver (why is she getting a ride anyway; the wishing well gave her a car!) parked outside her house honking incessantly.

Oh, and see the mailbox? Yeah, I just get a little bit ahead, and the bills arrive. Then of course her wish list keeps popping up with things she wants to buy with no money. Makes me feel like...

Awesome, it's another full moon! I don't care, I want Richard over here. Say it with me - I. NEED. BABIES.

NO, NO, NO, that is NOT how you properly do it (pardon the pun)!!!

So then what happens? Well...


I have now officially seen everything...zombies driving cars? Lovely.

I then heard a weird noise after Piper came home and went to bed. I was greeted with a flash of light:

And then it turns out to have been another zombie. Oh joy...time to practice my Left 4 Dead skills!

Okay there's a zombie on my lawn and a raccoon in my trash. Dare I ask what's next?

Plus, that zombie is making a horrible racket this whole time. *shudders*

Inu then got the bright idea to go investigate that zombie...nice. And yes, I did put a light outside just to take that picture so it wouldn't be so horribly dark.

After he had enough of that, he went to play with the raccoon. I still heard that zombie, and he kept making this weird groaning noise. It got to the point where I wanted to go:

Finally, day broke and Piper asked Richard out on a date to the fall festival. And that is where I'll leave this chapter off, because I'm so evil I leave cliffhangers in every story I write. muhahahaha

Stay tuned!

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