Saturday, February 2, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 5

Welcome back! The first thing I did after inviting Richard to spend the night was clean up that horrible mess in the house. There was rotten food, a dirty counter, bad food in the fridge, and rain puddles everywhere! Yuck!

But while doing so, Richard invited Piper to a formal party! Sweet! Now I'll get to see where he lives!

Meanwhile, while Piper was cleaning up the mess, Richard and Inu started playing. That's nice, but please move away from the fridge!

Finally he moved away from the fridge, so then I sent Piper to clean up the puddle. How nice, Richard beat her to it!

Piper: "Your butt is in the way, I want to clean up the puddle!"

Richard: "Oh yeah? Well now you're in my way!"

Although he made up for it by giving her more flowers!

I'm getting a good feeling about this couple.

And then...

Richard: "Oh my God, you changed clothes in front of me and I reverted back to a human!!!"

Piper: "You just got fur all over the floor you just cleaned (even though there are still puddles on it)."

Get the vacuum!

Inu, why are you sleeping outside? You have a bed, person bed, and couch inside!!! Poor thing...I had to bring him inside after that.

Although it appears I must have sold the dog bed for funds and to make room for the double bed...

Also, somehow Piper randomly got the Creeped Out moodlet. Uh...why in the world would she be creeped out after he gave her flowers and cleaned up her puddles?

So then Richard starts reading and Piper pets Inu. Cute, but that won't help me with this legacy. apparently Richard's party is starting in an hour, yet he's still at Piper's house. Hmm...Okay, well I'll send her to Richard's party anyway. I want to see his house!

Or won't let me go because Richard isn't there. But he's at Piper's house!!!

Yeah, Richard is in his formal wear already and Piper is watching TV. Makes sense.

Well since that party fizzled out, Piper and Richard should have their own! Time to watch the stars!

I finally got some lights outside so I can actually see what the heck is going on. Aww, look at them star-gazing!

Okay, so I guess we're past the point of shyness considering Piper needs a bath and Richard is using the toilet!

Richard: "Wow, you're naked in front of me and not for any perverted reason, you're just taking a bath. That's hot!"

Piper: "Yeah, you're hot too, flushing my toilet while I'm trying to bathe."


Oh, pardon the non-censor, I've got it shut off for when I take pictures for my other stories. :p

Piper: "Okay, that's enough. Get out!"

Richard: "WTF who put this wall here?! I can't go out through the door!"

He did that like three more times before leaving to read on the couch again. Okay Richard, let's make this evening more exciting.

That's better.

Oh, and I just realized, it's now fall in my game! So I'll have to check out the fall festival, woot!

Oh yay, then Richard flirted with Piper all on his own! Good feeling again!

Well, I need them to start getting busy making me some heirs, but of course in order to control Richard to get into bed with her (oh hush), they need to be living in the same house. That would probably imply that they get married as well. So I was about to take the plunge and have Piper ask Richard to break up with Emi.

But then I sent Piper to relax on the bed, and Richard followed her. Unfortunately, that didn't help me, considering they can't squeeze their skinny bodies between the bed and wall!

Piper and Richard: "Oh my God, we'll never fit in this bed! We can't possibly squeeze between it and the wall!!! We're so fat!!!"

I tried to make the room bigger but I got the wonderful "insufficient funds" thing. Damn no cheats!!!

But at last, I sold the giant picture in the living room for some money and got the room made a little bigger. Ran out of money to place a second lamp, but I got room for the bed!!!

Let's hope that of all the things that should happen in the bed, that isn't one of them.

Okay, take two on relaxing...except Richard apparently needs to bathe.

Richard: "Look at my sexy chest hair and Ken doll body!"

It's more like, you're hot but when you get naked it's like:

Tired of looking at that, Piper invited him to cuddle on the bed with her. Will he listen? I hope so...

At this point, I got a popup message saying Piper was missed at the party. Hello? Richard was at her house, so she couldn't attend!

At least they had their own little party...hehehe

Richard: *sleeping, dreaming about baby toys*

Piper: *relaxing with the light on, wishing there was something else she could be doing with the man in her bed*

So then she goes to sleep with him, while he dreams of not being in love. That's nice.

But on the plus side...

They're cuddling! Yay!

Well, I finally made Piper wake Richard up. I want some action! :p Though why she got the Rude Guest moodlet is beyond me...I guess it's weird that he fell asleep when I'm trying to make babies, but sheesh, no need to give me -10 mood for it!

HEY! What the crap?! You just spent the night with her and you don't want to kiss her because she woke you up?! What kind of man are you?!

Well at least he didn't turn away from her flirt. So once again I invited him to cuddle on the bed. What does he do? He drops his food on the floor and hurries in there.

Okay then. That works too.

Inu: "Dude, why are you still here and what are you doing with her again?"

Richard: "I'm so hungry but I must make out with this beautiful creature!"

Inu: "This guy is a bigger dog than I am...and much uglier."

Well then I tried to get them to make out. The interaction cancelled itself so Richard could yell at the wall.

Richard: "I hate you stupid wall! Quit looking at me as I try to get lucky!"

Um...what the crap?

Piper: "Cuddle time!"

Richard: "No! I want food!"

Dafuq? This guy has more mood swings than a woman with PMS. Yeah, men say women have mood swings. I beg to differ!!!

So I shall leave this chapter off at that very frustrating point. I may have to handcuff this guy to the bed at this rate. I need babies!!!

Until next time (and hopefully I'll have better luck!)!


  1. YAY! I mean, not really for Piper and Richards failed romantic exploits... that wasn't yay... but def for the update! I have noticed that Sims fall into love so quickly and can be married within a day of meeting someone until you label them a 'legacy' sim. Then it seems like your Sim becomes the leper in town or something. Can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. LOL Yes, that is very true! Plus it seems when I'm trying to force certain things to happen for an actual story rather than a legacy, that's when all the good stuff happens. When I play a legacy, the most exciting thing that happens is, well, someone yelling at a wall (most of the time). :D Thanks for reading and commenting! I plan to post the next chapter tomorrow! ;)

  2. Poor Piper. It must be awful to feel like cuddling all the time and no-one wants to..........
    I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Will Piper succeed?

    1. hehe Yeah, Piper isn't having any luck despite that one trait. Hopefully she'll succeed and at least get pregnant if not married...that's all I need for a legacy is heirs, spouses not required! :D Thanks for reading and commenting!