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Generation 1, Chapter 11

Quick note: I'm not 100% sure how legacies work, but I define each generation as when the torch holder becomes a young adult, and therefore the heir who will provide future generations. So in this case, generation two won't begin until Lana or one of her siblings (should she get any, and whoever wins the poll) becomes a young adult so they can begin their own generation. Make sense? I hope so.

Anyway, Piper and Richard are now the proud parents of a girl, Lana! Here they are coming home from the hospital:

The bundle of joy required me to purchase some baby items, and since Richard is unemployed, I better change that so he can help bring in some money. The first thing I did? Changed the structure of the house to add a nursery. No way would a crib fit in the master bedroom.

Here's the final product:

Yes I know, this house isn't built as good or with as much detail as most things I make, but this is a legacy family with a budget so of course the house won't look as good.

While I was at it, I thought some other things could use some changes as well. I gave Piper a makeover:

I also changed a few things around in the house like the living room couch (that orange was hideous) and the master bedroom and bathroom. I still have to add a dining table and chairs but that'll have to wait until I get some more money.

Richard rolled the wish to get a job in the business field, so I let him do that by sending him to the library to apply on the computer. Now I'll have two incomes (though I'll probably have to hire a baby-sitter to take care of Lana).

And while he was doing that, he started thinking about the nearby vampire. Oh great, the supernatural feud begins!!!

Oh, and then I saw this running around in the library:

*shudder* I can't get over how hideous EA made these werewolves. Just...gah, what's wrong with the shape-shifter kind, seriously?

Anyway, I also noticed that Piper had 25,000 lifetime reward points, so I got her Hardly Hungry. That left me with only about 600, but at least that'll help me out with her needs.

I then heard a baby crying...Lana was hungry so I had Piper feed her a bottle. Awww!

So glad they fixed that horrible glitch where half the baby's head was this weird caved-in thing. That was creepy...

Hmm, I guess she wants more than a bottle.

Piper: "OMG this kid just won't stop crying! I just fed her, what does she want now?!"

Get used to it, because I plan on you having more than one baby.

Well, I figured I might as well get a use of the baby swing I was so excited to get and haven't had a chance to see in action yet. I know, I'm horrible. This is what I get for always writing stories. At this point, with all the projects I have in my head to do, I'll be like:

But yeah, isn't she just so cute in that swing?! Oh I can't wait to see her as a toddler (all the infants look the same in this game so I don't know who she'll look like more)!

A stray dog showed up, prompting Inu to bark at it. Richard decided the best course of action would be to attempt to feed the dogs through the wall...being a responsible pet owner - you're doing it wrong.

Richard then got hungry and decided to feed himself. He actually baked himself a cookie all on his own! Bravo!

Also, see the new couch? Looks so much better than that horrible orange if you ask me.

Speaking of Richard, I hovered inside his relationships panel and saw a disliked male, a witch ex-girlfriend, a fairy ex-wife (I just looked at the first picture I took of Emi, and she doesn't have wings there, so she must have gotten an elixir or something to turn into a fairy), and a fairy romantic interest. He literally IS a dog. Makes me feel like...

Speaking of things turning into supernatural creatures, Piper rolled the wish to become a werewolf. I was going to do it, but I wasn't sure if I should; I want her to have at least one more kid, but if she turns into a werewolf, every single one after that will for sure be a werewolf rather than a surprise. So I don't know if I should do that or not. What do you guys think? I'll have to put up a poll before deciding I suppose.

Anyway, back to the story - it's still only fall but it looks like there is some snow on the ground, or at least frost.

This makes a lot of sense - it's 10 at night, she's cooking in her outerwear, and the counter is filthy. Seems legit.

Lana then woke up and Richard rolled the wish to snuggle her, so how could I not give in? Isn't that just so adorable!!!

I notice he isn't wearing his wedding ring now...wonderful. Guess I'll have to fix that. I want them to have wedding rings, dang it!

I sure hope I get that Cross My Heart badge considering all the promised wishes I'm fulfilling in this legacy. Thankfully the online gifting thing is working again, even on the laptop, so that's hopefully a good sign.

Piper and Richard then went to bed and cuddled, and just like that, winter arrived!!!

I'm like:

I could hear the wind blowing in my game and of course the snow was falling. Can't wait to check out the winter festival!!!

Here are some shots of Lucky Palms in the winter (which I find funny that an arid town would get snow, but I want to experience all seasons in this legacy so darn it, it's getting snow!)

And of course a unicorn and a witch both spawned:

For some odd reason, Richard wished to transform into a werewolf. Fine, but you're going right back into a human because your wolf form is hideous. This coming from a fierce wolf lover.

Yes, that is another Vampire Diaries reference. So I love the show. Allow me to swoon (though not for Klaus, only Damon is worthy of this fan girl).

Yes, that's me watching Ian Somerhalder.

Shutting up now.

Okay, so Richard also rolled the wish to buy and kiss under the mistletoe. Yay for winter interactions!

And since it's winter, what the heck? Buy some decor! I forgot to do that for Halloween like an idiot...

Here are some of the goodies:

And then...

At this rate, Lana may become a daddy's girl. Might not be the best idea for this particular story considering Richard's relationship reputation.

Uh...dude, your kid's diaper needs changed and the table is right there. How about you stop panicking about her shrieks and, oh, I don't know, do something about it?


I told you to change her diaper, not put her back in the crib! And of course he gets the Disgusted moodlet for encountering a smelly Sim. Well what do you expect considering she's just a baby who isn't potty-trained and you won't change her diaper!

Well here's a nice picture:

Yes, Richard is mad that his infant daughter is crying because she needs her diaper changed, but he won't move so his wife can do it because he won't. These two are turning out to be horrible parents, and this is only the first baby.

Richard: "OMG shut that kid up!"

Piper: "Get your ass out of the way so I can!"

And what is Richard doing that he won't move out of the way? Being sniffed by the dog. O_O

Speaking of Richard, I just got a notification that it'll be his birthday in a few days. Hmm...I didn't know that. Thankfully he'll just be an adult rather than an elder, so I still have time to create more babies!

Magic powder!

Lana doesn't look too happy about her first bath.

What is it about pictures of babies getting their first bath? lol

I then got a popup notification saying that Grandma's second cousin Bertha sent Lana a special present. What is it? The invisible friend! Wow I completely forgot about that thing! How did I do that?!

Yeah, I guess I did it the same way InuYasha got caught in that fire - not paying attention, unlike his brother Sesshomaru who was like "GTFO!"

Time for that mistletoe kiss! they did that, then Piper rolls the wish to move in with Richard. Uh...last time I checked, they were already living together. That makes no sense!

There's Damon! *swoons*

Oh, right. The legacy.

So then Chrystal, the evil old lady, called with an opportunity for Piper to go to Egypt. OMG this old hag just won't take a hint!!!

OMG what have I told you about going outside with a zombie on the property?! What did I say?! I knew this would happen!

Zombie: "Mmm, brains..."

Richard: "OMG don't hurt me! Just kiss me if you must but that's it!"

Well, that happened three times until at last...

Richard: "OMG WTF! Dude, I don't swing that way! Get off me!"

Zombie: "Mmm, tastes like sleeve."

Oddly enough, Richard didn't get a moodlet from it, and I'm not sure that bite will do anything considering he was a werewolf at the time. I haven't played much with zombies so I'm not sure.

But anyway, after that, Richard went to take a bath. And I'll leave this (seemingly very long) chapter off there, with this one last picture to be burned into your memories:


Until next time! Thanks again to all my avid readers and fans!

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