Saturday, January 26, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 4

I'm back! I started this chapter by placing all my built Lucky Palms lots down. Or rather, I attempted to - the place where I'd built the consignment store had the weather stone in it, so I deleted it and tried to put the consignment store there (not realizing you can't buy the weather stone and place it where you want for some dumb reason), but it still wouldn't place. So I had to put it somewhere else on the map entirely.

Darn you EA!!!

Anyway, we left off at Piper returning home after seeing Richard's wife and daughter. I sent her home to get some sleep, as she does have to work today. Oh yay...While she was asleep, Inu gained the adventurous trait! Congrats, puppy!

Unfortunately, the poor little guy was feeling lonely, so I woke Piper up to teach him a trick.

Piper: "Sit!"

Inu: "Dafuq is wrong with her?"

But alas, he did it! Good job, Inu!

Piper's bladder was about to burst at this time, but she kept teaching him to sit even though he already learned...I made her go use the toilet. Then I sent her back to bed considering I woke her up to teach the dog a trick.

That's not a trick, but it would be an awesome one. ;)

Or rather, I tried to send Piper to bed, but this is what awaited me:

Well, Inu moved, but then Piper decided to eat more hot dogs even though her energy is almost depleted.

I guess this is the first of many /facepalm chapters...

What the...what is that on the floor? I sent her to the bathroom...INU!!!

Thankfully Piper doesn't have to go into work until 3, so she has more time to sleep.

One thing about this legacy, with all these promised wishes, I should hopefully get that "Cross My Heart, Hope to Die" badge relatively long as it keeps me connected. I couldn't send a gift to someone because apparently on my laptop, my game isn't registered. I call BS!

I guess this is also the rage chapter.

She had some time before work, so I had Piper walk Inu to one of the parks.

Oh, really, Inu? On the sidewalk! the neighbors are going to FUH-REEEAK!

So anyway, during work, I told her to suck up to her boss; hopefully she'll make some more money by doing that. I also got a notification that there's a contest; bring a group serving of any recipe to the local restaurant and win cash for first place. Piper better do that!

I checked out Inu's possible lifetime rewards, and the only one unlocked right now is Vomit Machine. Yeah, like I'm going to give him the ability to purge whenever he feels like it, giving Piper, and essentially me, more to clean up.

Piper has a few more options, but nothing really caught my eye yet. I'll wait for the more useful ones, like a steel bladder and so she won't get hungry as often. Things to make it easier on me. :D

After work, I immediately had Piper call Richard and invite him over. I want to get this legacy really going! No more dilly-dallying! Of course, it was like 9:30 by this point, so he didn't feel like coming over.

Yes, that is another picture of Damon from The Vampire Diaries. I love him. Shut up. There will probably be more. :p

Thankfully, Piper did get a promotion! She's now a Spice Runner. Yay!

The next day, Inu went outside to play in the rain and ended up getting fleas! Nooo!!!

So I had Piper give him a flea bath. Look, the fleas in this game are little black polka dots!

Also, why does Piper insist on running around in her nightgown all the time?

I then called Richard and invited him over again. The verdict? He'll come over! Yes!

And then a thunderstorm hit.


Richard then showed up and rummaged through my trash can. RICHARD! GET OUT OF THERE!

I swore I had a picture of this, but I guess I didn't. So I'll have to resort to a funny instead:

Yes, that is a pony turning up her nose in disgust.

Piper somehow thought it would be better to talk to Richard outside rather than inviting him inside...yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Makes about as much sense as a hacking rabbit, though not nearly as cute.

So anyway, Richard came in and I got right to it. Hold his hand, dang it!

Several things wrong with this picture...he's still a werewolf, there are rain puddles on the floor, the dog is looking at Richard because he's a werewolf, and there's autumn salad on the floor. Again, this is madness!

Yay, amorous hug!

Inu: "Whatchu doin' with mah woman?"

That hug automatically put them on a date, so of course I took full advantage of it. First, I asked Richard his sign. He is a Gemini. The two signs (Piper is also a Gemini) are compatible according to the game!

More and more puddles accumulated by then. I then got a notification that the carpool was coming in about an hour. I called in fake sick. :D

As soon as she hung up, Richard gave her more flowers!!! Aww!!!

Then I had a little more flirting and a flirtatious joke and finally got the interaction I was waiting for...

They got their first kiss!!!

Oh, and Piper apparently got a Naughty reputation.

Those women still haunt me!!!

So then I gave Richard a little massage. It seems there's an option for Piper to ask him to leave his wife. I think I should do that at one point because I doubt the game will let me have someone married to two people at once. It's as illegal in the game as it is in real life!

A few more hugs and kisses later, and I realized I need a double bed for woohoo to happen. So I sold the single and bought a double. And of course that put me right back in the hole. It also made me have to make the bedroom bigger because the damn thing wouldn't fit.

Yeah, that's about what would happen with a tiny room and a big bed.

To top all that off, I got a notification saying that people are starting to notice something going on between Piper and Richard, and that perhaps they should tone it down before someone got hurt.

I'll tell you who's going to get hurt - me, if I don't get an heir!

So, did I listen to that word of warning?


Richard: "Dear Lord woman, you weigh a ton!"

Piper: "No, that's just that huge wedding ring on your finger! Get rid of it!"

Richard then started to leave but I had Piper ask him if he wanted to stay over. And he said yes!

And that's where I'll leave this chapter off...we'll see how well the sleepover goes. muhahahahaha! Later!


  1. Yay for sleepovers! I think the werewolf in him brings out his sweet side.

    1. hehehe Yes, that sleepover is going to be interesting! I hope Richard stays in touch with his sweet side so I can really get this legacy started! :D Thanks again!