Saturday, January 19, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 3

I suppose I've kept you all in suspense long enough. I'm sure you're all dying to know how the meeting with Piper and Richard turned out. Well, let's see.

Here's a picture of Richard. Not bad, huh? :D

A dialog box popped up saying, "It's been great meeting you, maybe we can go on a real date sometime!"

Finally, I'm getting somewhere!

Not to be deterred, I kept the fun going. Piper challenged Richard to a hot dog eating contest. I bet he can literally "wolf" down those things...See what I did there? I'm so clever.

Oh, and I happened to notice that tonight is the full moon in the game. I hoped Piper would be able to spend the entire day with Richard and maybe even see his transformation...I hope he, unlike a lot of werewolves in this game, gets a decent transformed face.

Uh, Richard? You're a werewolf, not a vampire. You don't have to be afraid of the sun.


Eat up!!!

Yes, pretty much!

Awww, nasty! Richard, as a werewolf, you can eat fish right out of the pond, but you can't handle a hot dog?!

And allow me to say that the sound effect that came with that was horribly grotesque.

Oh God Piper, you too?! Ick! I'll never be able to look at hot dogs the same way again. And I'm sure it will be a while before I even go near one.

But still...


Okay, so I guess Piper and Richard were just choking, because the third contestant literally couldn't stomach this contest:

Well, I have heard that it's easy to choke on hot dogs. And that is what it sounded like with Piper and Richard. Still, ugh.

Okay, I'm seriously starting to think that was a bad batch of hot dogs. I participated in those eating contests before for badges and never once saw anyone barf.

Sheesh, you'd think werewolves would have much stronger stomachs.

Piper decided to make a snow cone all on her own. It matches her shirt...if she doesn't angle that right, it might look like, to some poor bystander, she's eating her own boob.

I know, I have such a dirty mind. I blame Fifty Shades of Grey (yes, I bought the trilogy and got hooked though before I was like, "I'll never in a million years read that trash.").

Anyway...I wanted Piper to skate with Richard, but he latched onto this guy instead:

Whoa now, that's not cool! Allow me to break that up!

HA! That's what you get!

Of course, Piper's luck is no better. Her first time using a public toilet and she clogs it. Damn those hot dogs!

I was trying to get Piper to talk to Richard to help their relationship grow, and that darn Heidi (one of the three female wishing well mates from chapter 1) called wanting to chat.

I already explained this! You need a certain appendage to give me an heir, and you're lacking one! Not interested!

I asked Richard what people thought about Piper ,and he replied that the rumor was that Piper is very into "Exploring His Options" (yes, it said HIS in the game...good going, EA) when it comes to romance, regardless of who "he" is currently seeing.

Now see, that's not cool. That's the fault of that damn wishing well!

Sorry Piper, paper covers rock!

HOLY CRAP! I guess Rock, Paper, Scissors is serious business to Richard! Let him win!

He literally growled in that picture too. I was like...

Minus the KFC part. By the way, as for those pictures...

But still funny. :D Anyway, at that instant, I heard a weird noise and a howl, then a message said the full moon is rising.

YES! Unfortunately, Piper's energy was almost down to nothing...I didn't know if she'd be able to stay awake or not to see Richard's transformation.

I did manage to get some pretty shots of the moon rising though:

Well, here we go! Here's Richard as a werewolf! Not as hideous as some I've seen, though I think he better get that itch checked out...I suspect it's fleas.

Still, what is with EA and werewolves having huge noses? I think not! If anything, their entire face would grow longer to create a snout/muzzle. Of course, that's like a real wolf as opposed to these things we ended up with. Yes, I'm still disappointed that the werewolves in this game are hairy Sims as opposed to actual wolves. Grr...

Whoa...Richard's voice is much deeper as a werewolf. I much prefer it to his regular voice, which sounds like he should be a lead singer in the soprano.

Now this has to be the funniest method of foreplay I've ever seen...

Rub the belly! Rub it!!! Good boy. :D And now play fetch!

My boyfriend was asleep while this was going on, and here was my reaction the whole time:

Glad I didn't wake him up...O.O

Piper then lit some fireworks since that was one of her wishes, and then she headed home because she was about ready to pass out. I think the meeting with Richard went well...I'm going to work hard to ensure that these two get together!

In the meantime, here's the one rocket firework Piper shot off before heading home to sleep:

At this point, Piper was exhausted so I sent her home. She was so tired she fell asleep in her outerwear instead of her pajamas.

Hmmm...taking a shower with clothes on. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

I then realized that Inu's hygiene was very low, but unfortunately I only have a shower. So I had to sell that to get a tub in order to bathe the dog.

And of course that took me down to like $100. Grrr...

Scrub a dub-dub, there's a dog in the tub!

I then called Richard and invited him over. Piper went outside to greet him, but it turns out he was still in his werewolf form.

Here's a close-up:

Then I saw that I had to pay the bills...that left me with a total of $52. I NEED MONEY!!!

So I figured I better get this show on the road to REALLY start this legacy, so I had Piper flirt with Richard.

Piper: "You're as decadent as fruits and veggies!"


And then, Richard surprised both of us by presenting Piper with flowers!!!

Awww!!! And then Piper decided to rub his belly again!

At this point, Piper learned a couple of things about Richard. First, he is flirty. Second, I learned he's IN A RELATIONSHIP! With someone named Emi!!! Hovering over his portrait in the Relationships panel, I saw that this partner is his WIFE!


Oh well, I'm not going to search for another mate; I want a werewolf anyway, plus I bet this will make the story even funnier if it works out. :D So I asked Richard out on a date, and he agreed.

Piper (with hesitant face): "Want to go out?"

Richard: "Sure! I need a wife AND a mistress!"

That would be the male brain...:p

It's Leisure Day, so I sent the two down to the park to partake in the summer festival.

Piper: "OMG a crazy thing is chasing me!"

Richard: "I'm gonna getcha!"

At this point, they decided it would be a good time to participate in ANOTHER eating contest. As if the last one didn't make Richard sick enough.

Hmm...a werewolf, Piper, an elder vampire named Endora Kravitz (anyone get that reference? No? It's from Bewitched ;)), and a little kid? This should be interesting.

Turns out the contest wasn't what was interesting...Richard's actions were. He started leaving the table, and I thought he was going to go barf again. Nope, he stalked toward a picnic table where an UNDERAGE TEENAGE GIRL was sitting and sat down with her!!!

Richard: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

YOU ARE LITERALLY A DOG! You're on a date with one woman and sit at a table with an underage girl!

Meanwhile, Piper won the eating contest again. Whoopee.

Well, then I got a good look at the name of the girl, and her mother, who joined the two. The last name? Irwin. The first name of the woman? Emi.

He's not only married, he has a teenage daughter!!!

Cricket: "Mom, why is Dad with that redhead?"

Emi: "Your father has needs because of his animalistic nature. I don't try to understand it, I just endure it."

Anyway...then I sent them to play horseshoes together.

Piper: "If you don't leave your wife, I'll be doing this to your favorite appendage, and it will be with something more lethal than a horseshoe."

Richard: "I'm having a hard time with ALL my tools!"

Piper: *cracks up*

I know, I'm perverted. Sue me.

Eventually, Piper got tired and headed home to sleep, since she does have to work the next day (though I did get a notification that Richard enjoyed the date and would love to do it again, and Piper got the Great Date moodlet as well as a wish to kiss Richard for the first time). And that's where I'll leave this chapter off. Who knows what will happen next time...? This is madness!


  1. :D Nice! Too bad about his teenage daughter - although half-siblings do make for an interesting legacy! On to read mas!!!

    1. Yeah, I was surprised he had a daughter too. He didn't look like he was old enough to have a teenage daughter. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!