Sunday, January 13, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 2

Welcome back to my first legacy! I left off last time with Piper desperately trying to find a male mate so she can reproduce, which is kind of the point of a legacy.


She went to bed, and after sleeping until about 5 a.m., Piper woke up and I sent her to the casino since she can now actually play the slots! I'm not entirely sure what to do with the lucky coin; I guess just sell it through the inventory because it obviously has no other use considering there were no options for it in the casino.

But anyway, win big Piper! You need it!

YES!!!! She won $51! lol

After I sent her to the bathroom since she was about to pee her pants, I put her on a different machine (though the interactions are the same). JACKPOT!

$1,000 jackpot! And how appropriate, as soon as I get that, I get a popup saying bills have been delivered to the house.

Yeah, that would be the bills chasing me. I can't escape them in real life or in a simulated game of real life. O_O

After that, I sent Piper over to the blackjack table. It's funny, I'm playing this, and I realize I have all this stuff but I've never actually played with it; I've decorated with it or written a story with it, but never actually used it while simply playing. hehe

*robot barfs up cards*

Piper: "I'm starving but I have to stay here and keep playing; I could win big at any moment!"

Great, she's addicted to gambling. What have I done?!

I trapped her. :D

Turns out she won $30 from blackjack, so that's some good news. At this point, her hygiene was failing, so I sent her home to take a shower (which is cheap so she got the Cold Shower moodlet).

You can't escape the green trail of stink!

How nice, while taking a shower she was late for work. Lovely...When she got off work, even though she was tired, I sent her back to the library to create a profile for online dating.

I hope she doesn't wear her work outfit for the picture...

Oh good, she didn't. So then I had her browse some profiles. That's another fun little feature I haven't used yet. :D And as she's browsing profiles, females are the first page to pop up.

At least I can change that. Good grief! Found a few good-looking guys in there that I wouldn't mind having an heir with (or rather letting Piper have an heir with), so I sent them messages. We'll see what happens...

Never mind that it's 11 at night and you have to work in the morning; there's always time for fetch! Oh, and I just love how Piper's hair miraculously gets cut and grows back in a second every time she puts on her work outfit.

Sorry about any of the night-time shots looking weird. They were horribly dark so I had to lighten them up, and in some cases, the contrast was way off, so I had to alter it enough to not look horrible but still not make the image too dark regardless of its bright settings.

Anyway, I sent Piper and Inu to bed, and suddenly I heard a weird noise. I paused the game and looked around to see what the heck was going on, my first thought being a burglar. Nope, turns out to be my very first (in any game, not just this legacy) alien sighting!

His name is Mixxuchoo Xoxxaw. Weird name, indeed. But wait! Could this be the male mate I've been waiting for?! I wonder...and there is an achievement for marrying an alien and having an alien baby...awesome!

So of course, knowing that, I had to wake Piper up and have her meet the guy. But the only option for her was, well, nothing. Thankfully, Inu had an option to beg for a treat, so he proceeded to do so. And the out-of-this-world visitor gave him one! Awww!

Unfortunately, that was the extent of the alien's stay. He got into his flying saucer and flew out of there. I'll laugh if he shows up again, abducts Piper, and gets her pregnant. hehehe

Breakfast time! Have some waffles. :D

Hmm...waffle pan going through the wall instead of into the oven. That makes perfect sense. Ah, glitches. Where would we be without them?

D'awww I couldn't resist! It's so darn cute!

I don't know about you, but I get bored of a Sim wearing the same outfit all the time. So I made Piper some new clothes and I may use different ones for each chapter (for all generations, if I could ever get her a mate!). Blah :p

Oh, and as I was picking a new outfit, I have to ask myself, as I do every time I see this one - is EA into BDSM or something? I think someone has been reading Fifty Shades of Grey because honestly, I can't think of any use for this outfit except a dominatrix:

And this one looks like a cross between a dominatrix and a motorcycle-loving chick.

Anyway, the first thing I had Piper do with her new wardrobe (okay so I only changed the shirt for this outfit, sue me) is go to the library to see if anyone had replied to her flirtatious online dating profile.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that lamp looks blood-stained?

Oh piss...well, I went to take a picture of my replies, but it won't let me do that, and apparently the PrintScreen key hates full screen games - it turns them into black images. I need to get the hang of that.

But long story short, two of the cute guys Piper messaged wrote back saying she wasn't their type; there were, however, three messages for her from interested parties. Two of them were from women.

Alas, the one male that messaged her looked pretty cute and decent, so I had Piper accept his request to meet. *crosses fingers*

Also, at this point, my good friend jorghahaq sent me a present in-game. I went to send her one back only to get a message saying the game must be registered. Uh...I'm logged into the game on my only account. I'm pretty sure it's registered. Jorg has been having lots of issues with EA as of late, so allow me to share a picture she made that summarizes both our feelings:

After work, I thought it would be a good idea for Piper to invite her potential mate over for a little chat. Unfortunately, a vampire was in the vicinity, and it really scared her. The funniest part? The colored box around her potential mate (his name is Richard Irwin) is brown, meaning he's a werewolf. :D

Yeah, OMG it's a vampire! Scary!

(I seriously hope everyone gets that above reference...who hasn't seen Twilight?! And yes, I'm a fan. Deal with it. :p)

Unfortunately, the jerk was like, "Nah, I don't feel like coming over now." Well, eat my shorts!

Piper's dog is a pervert. O.o

And yes, I have the decensor mod. Sheesh, it's like looking at a Barbie and Ken doll. This isn't one of my 18+ stories!

I just can't get enough of this pooch! I just hope he's dreaming of tearing up someone else's garbage instead of Piper's.

Apparently going to work is stressful, so Piper wanted to have some fun. Well, she has no gaming system, no computer, and no radio. That left the TV. Watch it and shut up.

I don't know what she's watching, but if I didn't know better, I'd say it looked like an introduction to a porno.

Oh, and she wanted to have fun and the only way is to watch TV. But what does she do? She gets -10 mood because of the bad reception on the TV.

Yeah, that's what the TV thinks of her complaining about it. She's also mad about her cheap stove. She's obviously still mad that I won't use cheats on her when I do everyone else. QQ moar.

The summer festival is now in town, so I figured I might as well check it out. And what better way to check it out than with a potential mate? Piper called Richard and asked him out to the festival. He agreed! The mating ritual may finally happen!

Okay, so Piper shows up to the festival but Wolf Boy isn't there yet. So, instead of spending $50 on getting her face painted, Piper decides to roller-skate while she waits for him. Come to find out, there's a person across the street getting out of a cab, and her name is also Piper.

First someone steals my pants, now my name. Geez!

She's like, "OMG why am I doing this?" Thankfully, at that point Richard showed up.

And that's where I'll end this chapter - I shall leave you all in suspense!

Until next time!


  1. Nooo! We want to know what happened! Where's Richard? What does he look like? I suppose I can be patient...
    No I can't! More, please!
    (Oh, love the picture of Salem.)

    1. hehehehehe I am so evil! Well, since my laptop is running this game so well (knock on wood) I may start posting twice a week rather than just once. I'm working on taking pictures for Kenzie's next story but I do have a lot of chapter 3 written for this legacy. My usual schedule is to post chapters on Sundays and Wednesdays. Perhaps I'll go back to it. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!