Sunday, August 5, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 1


IT'S HERE! I finally decided to break down and start this legacy!!! I've been wanting to for a while and I stopped procrastinating! Keep in mind I still have several other projects to do, including more Kenzie stories, builds for Monte Vista, and another 18+ story since Forbidden was such a big hit. I bet the only time I'll be playing this legacy will be on weekends, when I have my laptop and nothing else (which is funny considering it's a gaming laptop and running smoother than my desktop).

Oh, and pardon any typos; unlike my real stories, I'm going to type this into the blog as I go so I can easily add the pictures at the same time, so proofreading won't be as thorough (but Google Chrome has a spell checker at least).

Anyway, on with the story!

Meet the founder! Her name is Piper Plumbob.

Traits: Animal Lover, Lucky, Natural Cook, Proper, Supernatural Fan
Favorites: Cheese Tofu Steak, Classical, Green (for the plumbob!)
Sign: Gemini
Lifetime Wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef

I also gave her a tattoo to signify her namesake:

Because she's an animal lover (and so am I), I had to break down and make her a pet. This is a Japanese Shima Inu. So I named him Inu after InuYasha (Inu means dog in Japanese and I love Japanese culture and that particular anime) and of course his breed.

Traits: Playful, Non-Destructive, Hunter

Those should come in handy...I don't want him tearing up furniture I'll have to replace, plus if he finds valuables I can sell them!

This will be the first time I've played The Sims 3 without cheats. It's already very different. I started with an empty lot and placed blueprints, but the house looked like a boring square and if there's one type of build I hate it's boring. So I broke down and bought one of the EA-placed houses in Lucky Palms (the town won in the poll as to where the legacy should take place). It's some sort of mid-century modern home, though you wouldn't know it with all the store items we now have available.

That's home! Smaller than I'd hoped, but I am limited on funds. But this is on a nice-sized lot so it has room for expansion. I was able to put in one dining table, one dining chair, and a dog toy and food bowl before I was left with $66. So, what do I decide to do first? Go to the casino to win money, not realizing you had to HAVE money to begin with to gamble! Shows how often I engage in casino activity in real life.

Oh, and I know the poll results said the legacy should start in winter, but I was thinking Seasons would be like in The Sims 2 where you could control the order the seasons show up in. Turns out all you can do is activate or deactivate certain seasons and weather effects, so I just left it at summer. I was too excited to get started. :D

So, even though she was already all dressed up, I sent Piper to the library to use a computer (she can't afford her own) to find a job. Her lifetime wish is to be a Celebrated Five-Star Chef, so of course she joined the culinary career. I may have to sell the dog toy to buy her an alarm clock.

Yeah, she's almost saying, "You mean I actually have to WORK? You use motherlode for everyone else but not for me?"

Yes, sorry Piper, but no cheats for you.

During this time, Inu has found a way to occupy himself.

Dear God, don't get struck by lightning, I just put you in the house like five minutes ago!

I figured I might as well get the next part of the legacy underway, so I sent Piper to the wishing well so she could hopefully meet a man. Oh, and why drive to the wishing well when you can walk in the rain and high-heels?

I didn't realize you could steal coins from the wishing well, so three guesses what she did first.

She ended up finding a lucky coin, so here's to hoping wishing for true love works!

Oh, it worked, all right. Too bad this won't do me any good considering two females CAN'T REPRODUCE!!! Plus one is past MENOPAUSE!

Adopting doesn't count in a legacy! So I guess the founder is going to start off with a cheating reputation.

I threw another coin in to wish for love once more. The old granny started heckling me and then she fled like a startled fawn. I should have just told her to take a hike.

Piper is thinking, "If I get another woman for a mate, I'm going to consider a sex change."

OH...MY...GOD! What are the odds?! Are there no men in this town? Is this a clam fest (as opposed to a sausage fest)? Now Piper has the naughty reputation, and I have to try once again to get her a mate! First, I'm wishing for wealth. Good God...

Used another coin to wish for wealth, and nothing happened. I tried again and it said Piper found some keys. I check my inventory and guess what I got?

A CAR! I got a car for her without having to spend any money! She got a Yomoshoto Evasion, and here it is:

Apparently she still has her lucky coin so I may make another run to the casino. But first, one more time wishing for love.

"I may love animals but I'll gut you if you give me another female mate."

---One kiss later---

OMFG!!!! My thoughts exactly!

That's it! No more using that wishing well! I'm going to try out the online dating feature. After I break up with all these women who think they can provide me with an heir.

"It's not you, it', actually, it is you. You lack a certain male appendage required to give me an heir."

So I send Piper home and have her invite her two infatuated lady friends over to dump them. One shows up and what do I see? She's ripped off my pants! Seriously, she's stealing my style!

"Sheesh, take it easy! It's not my fault female frogs kept jumping out of the damn fountain!"

So then she also fled like a startled fawn, and despite me changing Piper's clothes into her everyday ones since her formal ones were soaked, she changed right back into them to watch TV.

The old biddy was taking forever to show up, so Piper began brushing Inu while waiting to rip her fragile old heart out. I'm so brutal.

So she finally shows up with a tag on her - she's now a paparazzi. Well, write about this you male-appendage-lacking-oaf!

Well, never mind that, the option to just be friends wasn't there; I guess she's just a love interest rather than a girlfriend. Whatever. So it's time for Piper to cook and eat (thank God she won't burn food or cause a fire, that would suck considering she still has only $60 some). Oh, and I guess placing that dining table and chair was a waste considering all she did was stomp her foot like she couldn't get her skinny butt in the corner. So I just sold them back and got some of my money back; she can stride into the living room and eat on the couch. It's an old stained couch anyway, it won't hurt anything.

Yeah, a little mac'n cheese won't hurt it. In fact, it would match the couch nicely.

I used some of my new funds to buy a dog bed for Inu, so that left me at like $240. At least I'll be able to gamble now, plus I do still have my lucky coin...

This seems legit. It's almost midnight and your energy bar is down, but you want to play. Okay then.

I'll leave off with that cute little image. Chapter 2 will be coming up soon! In fact, it was part of this chapter, but it was just getting too long. Plus, it's nearly 1 a.m. here so I better get to bed anyway. Stay tuned! And remember, this is my very first legacy, so I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. :D Tehe! I love the mixture of in-game photos and Gifs (I think that's what they're called) from real-life things that we can connect with. Poor Piper, all you want for her is a nice mate and all she gets is three now angry females. I never like it when the game doesn't go the way I want, but it usually turns out more interesting.
    Anywho, great start! Can't wait to see what will happen with the Casino and online dating!!!

    1. Hello Ckor!!! Thank you very much for reading and commenting! Ah yes, the joys of a game not going the way you want it to. *shakes head* But it definitely makes it more interesting. It makes me wonder, why in the world are things more interesting when I'm trying to play the game normally than when I'm writing a story and have to use cheats to make events happen? lol Thanks again! Chapter 2 will be up soon!