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Generation 1, Chapter 28

This is insane! I thought I'd have the second generation's first chapter up by now, but the poll is literally tied with votes for Lana and Derrick. I think I'll have to bring in my boyfriend to initiate a tie-breaker...something anyway. And if Derrick is the winner, he can't become the heir until he's a young adult, meaning Generation 2 won't start until then. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, Lana has joined the singer career, as she hopes to become a Vocal Legend (that was her first lifetime wish that popped up, so that's what she got). Her stage name is Cherry Flame. Funky...

And she got her first gig! Someone was so stressed that he passed out and needs a cheery sing-a-gram. Okay then.

How the heck is this guy stressed? Look at the size of his house!

Freezer Bunny makes everything better!

Although considering her outfit, I better change her career attire...

This guy seems okay enough, so I figured Lana could start chatting him up in the event that she wins the poll (and even if she doesn't, well, she can still breed and they can move out later hehe). He's a vampire in the culinary arts. Awesome. Of course, everything she says to him is boring so that lowers their relationship status. Too bad he also dislikes children...that won't bode too well for a legacy. Either that it or would be super interesting.

The guy's name is Lennon Sosa, and he shares Lana's alma mater. But that's all she got out of him. She tries to compliment him and this is what happens:

Lana: "You're super hot. We should hook up."

Lennon: "You're creepy. Get the hell out of here before I bite you."

Lana: "Ooo kinky."

So yeah, I don't think that's going to work.

Meanwhile, Richard is reading Clara a bedtime story.

Speaking of creepy, he still wants to woohoo with Piper. Are they even physically able to do that now?

Apparently so. Gross! Old people are having sex!

Now here's something you don't see very often - every single person in the house is asleep.

I didn't tell anyone to go to bed; they just went. Awesome!

Wow, what are the odds? The adults (this time it includes Lana) got another free vacation! I don't think Darian will throw a party though; if she gets caught, she'll start sneaking around like Lana and probably won't stop. And that's so annoying. She'll just watch the kids and call it good. :D

So at this point, literally everyone in the house stinks because the tub and shower are both broken. And Darian is the only one who can fix them, since the rest of the residents are all children. But she's too hungry to fix it, so I've got four or five people raging that they can't take a shower.

Wow, even the dog is dirty, and now he's eating off the floor for some reason. What the heck?!

Good God, now the sink is broken! Look at this:

Like every single mechanical item in the house is broken! Why?!

I finally just gave up and had Darian call the repairman. No way will she get all that fixed, especially now that she's having a buzz crash.

I then moved the butterfly rug out of Derrick's room and put it in the living room. It needed a rug, and it's already weird that Derrick was wearing a princess costume...he doesn't need a butterfly rug in his room too. Otherwise he might end up like Damien from Mean Girls.

Which, you know, nothing against it, but like I've said before, I can't have a legacy without a male and a female. :p

Speaking of Derrick, he put on another costume all by himself. What was it this time?

A knight! Or is that a prince? Regardless, it's a gender-appropriate costume! Yay!

Now I have suspicions:

He's either afraid of clowns or he's a pedophile because Carly is on her way inside that bathroom to take an evil shower...creepy! Clowns just scare the crap out of everyone.

Okay, almost everyone.

Carly: "OMG get out of the way so I can take my evil shower, in the shower that desperately needs cleaned!"

Repairman: "Now listen, don't end up like your sister. I just fixed all the busted things in this damn house and all she can do is yell at me about it. Don't be like her."


So he finally left and Carly jumped into the shower. I can't tell any difference between an evil shower and a regular one, though I think baths make the water purple or something. It's been a while so I don't quite remember. Guess I'll have to test it out later.

I guess Derrick has inherited his father's trait of Neat, though it isn't actually in his Simology panel. But yeah, good thing someone is finally cleaning up that filthy bathroom! Gross!

At this point, I turn the sound back on in my game (usually I always have it muted) and I hear the radio blaring. Actually, whatever song was playing was kind of catchy. Carly started doing an evil dance, which, just like the shower, looks like a regular dance. Okay then.

And this is what happens when anyone tries to learn anything chemistry-related in this family:

That would be Carly, who failed to discover a potion. I don't think I'll ever get an imaginary friend brought to life without cheats. But oh well.

So everyone was sound asleep when Clara randomly woke up to check under Lana's bed for monsters.

Nothing was under there, but why she felt compelled to check under her oldest sister's bed is beyond me. Especially with Darian sleeping in the next bed.

Also, Carly put a scary face on the computer, so Derrick fell into that trap.

That sucks.

Awww, how cute! But Inu, everyone is leaving for school and that's the old paper you're bringing in, not the new one. hehe

Okay Clara, yes, stand on the front steps of the school, tapping your foot and waiting for seemingly nothing while the rain pours down. Seems legit.

Darian met a new friend at school - meet Nancy Rogers!

What is up with that outfit? EA's random outfit generator seriously sucks. Honestly, a blind 10-year-old could pick out a better wardrobe.

What's this?! OMG what's this?!

Derrick is transforming into a werewolf! All by himself, as this isn't a full moon yet!

OMG he's so cute!

And his howl is adorable. I love it! Now if only I can get him to take a bath.

(Can you believe I couldn't find a single picture of that hilarious quote from the movie [Van Helsing]? I had to make that!)

And this is Darian's reaction:

Her little brother transforming into a werewolf terrified her into fainting. hahahahaha

Well she seemed to have recovered quickly enough considering she started dancing with Nancy.

At this point I was wondering where Piper, Lana, and Richard were. Usually the teens throw parties and get in trouble, so the adults end up coming home early to lecture them. But they've been gone for a while...I wonder if I have to throw a party to summon them back (and then get in trouble to where the Sim can't even go to school for being grounded, and then they get grounded for not going to school).

I think Clara is ready for the release of Dragon Valley.

I think I'll try to put some dragons into this legacy and see what happens. hehe

On that note, I'm going to end this chapter. I have no idea what will happen in the next one, but I do know that the triplets have birthdays that are coming up and Darian's young adult birthday will be one day after that. Hopefully by then I'll know who the next torch holder will be too. Stay tuned!

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