Sunday, May 19, 2013

Generation 1, Chapter 27

Welcome back to my legacy! Last time, everyone in the house except Darian aged up. Piper and Richard are now elders, Lana is a young adult, and the triplets are children. Who will be the next torch holder? The poll is still up!!!

Thanks to the triplets aging up, I put all the toddler stuff in the family inventory apart from the playpen and baby swing (the room is too empty hopefully I'll have more heirs relatively soon!). The girls already had a bedroom, but Derrick's room was full of cribs. Not anymore! Behold!

Better, right?

In other news, Piper still has her lucky coin from the first chapter...I think it's time to put it to use, and apparently it can be used at the casino. Let's go!

LOL I had to get a shot of her with the cane. Great addition to the game if you ask me!

She finally made it to the slot machine - I thought she was going to die before she hobbled over there to it (even though she walked up the stairs without using a cane).

Piper: "Okay you coin, I've had you for most of my life, so you better give me something good before I die."

No kidding. It cost $150 for one cane! And that was the cheapest cane! I had to get two of them! Good grief, no wonder people are in poverty these days!!!

HOORAY!!! Piper hit the jackpot of $7,500 by using the lucky coin! Good, this family has some more money now!

Hey! Who fried the computer?!

Grrr...I'll need that to get Lana a job. Right now the poll is tied between her and Derrick for the heir. I guess I should be the deciding factor but I may just extend the deadline another week. I don't know why but the votes keep randomly disappearing, so I'm keeping a record of them on another post. So if you vote, please tell me who you vote for so I can keep track of it. Thanks!

Clara, all on her own, decided to check under the bed for monsters. How did that work out for her?

Not well. Two hideous hands were apparently underneath. Funny, I thought only scary eyes were under the bed. Okay then.

Awww, what a good sister Carly is!

She's hugging her sister because she's scared of the monsters. How sweet!

Derrick rolled the wish to wear a costume, and since I got the kids a costume trunk, why not?

OH...MY...GOD...I didn't think this was possible. I know you can make Sims marry the same gender, but this? I wonder if it's a glitch...

Derrick is wearing a princess dress. Dear God.

Okay, in other news...It's graduation day for Lana! Hooray!!!

Oh come on Lana, stop it! You're no longer a teen, and you aren't grounded, so you don't have to sneak around everywhere!

And Derrick, you're creeping me the hell out.

Oh, look what I found in Lana's inventory! A music club participation trophy. Something else to add to the dresser!

So anyway, it's graduation day. What does Piper do during her first born child's most important accomplishment thus far?

She passes out on the courthouse steps.

Less than two minutes later, Lana comes out graduated, voted Most Popular by her classmates.

Hooray! Graduating and tossing your diploma with an empty stomach is awesome!

Here's one way for the proud sibling to celebrate - Carly starts an evil water balloon fight with her mother. Well, serves her right for passing out during her daughter's graduation!

I then got a notification that Piper's carpool will arrive in an hour. She rolled the wish to retire, and considering how slow she wobbles on that cane, I think it's time to fulfill that wish.

And after that, her pension pay is $60 per day. No wonder old people can't afford to retire these days...

And here is Lana's diploma and Most Popular ribbon!

Go Lana!

And now that she's graduated high school, I fulfilled her wish of joining the Singer career (thanks to Richard fixing the computer). Her randomized stage name? Cherry Flame.

Okay then...

And that seems like a good place to leave this chapter off (after pondering why Richard won't use his cane; the only option he has is to give it as a gift). I may extend the next torch holder deadline by another week due to the tie, but hopefully that'll fix the error of the disappearing votes. I may just start it all over, so please feel free to vote again and tell me who you voted for. Thank you! Until next time!


  1. Great post! LOL at Derrick in a princess costume and Piper passing out on Lana's graduation. :D

    I tried voting again but I think it's still not working. :( So I'm voting for Lana.
    Though Derrick would also be a great heir. In a PRINCESS COSTUME! :D Sorry it's just so funny! XD

    Lots of Love,


    1. LOL I know, I almost fell over laughing at Derrick in a princess costume. :D Thanks for voting and letting me know who you voted for! The winning heir will be revealed later this week. Thank you for reading and commenting! :)